Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop Review: Pros, Cons & More

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Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop


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  • High end game can be played in this device.
  • This device comes with Intel boost technology
  • In this product, optical drive is used.
  • This product is best for using Internet Surfing and it is able to run casual software smoothly.
  • Good performance.


  • No USB-2.0 ports are attached at front side of the PC.
  • Weight of it, is a little bit heavy.
  • Sometime it creates a little noise while running for a long period.
  • Availability issue sometime
  • The device only supports single language operating system.


The user can discover a world of possibilities through this device, which comes with all important specification that moderate to high-end users needed. Improved design, packed with impressive power, make the product more reliable.

This versatile PC has high price tag but according to its specification that is reasonable. The user who can afford it can never be get dissatisfied.

Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop & Variants Price


This product of Dell is one of the most favourite one to normal users.

One of the most attractive parts of this edition of Dell Desktop is that its processor has faster processing speed. Material which is used here is of good quality and this product is able to run various software very smoothly.

High end gamer can get satisfactory performance from this device and the performance of the PC gets enhanced by its integrated graphics card. This desktop of Dell can also be used for video editing purposes.

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The chips of this motherboard are made of silicon which is shock free and the technology which is used here is Nano technology which is ultra-modern technology.

This Inspiron Desktop of Dell offers powerful and reliable performance, which is perfect for the living rooms as the users can easily get connected to the internet, by using this PC.

From all aspect this device is very reliable and if the user can afford it, then it is ready to serve the users for a long time.

Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop

Buy for: There are several points which will attract buyers towards this desktop, but one of them is its performance, which is as smooth as butter and the user can easily use the PC to surfing on the internet.

Beware of: The performance of product is undoubtedly great but the only drawback of this product is its RAM. The PC has sufficient RAM capacity, but it does not allow the users to extend the memory as it has single slot for RAM.

Best uses for: coding, treading, multitasking, educational institutions, etc.

The alternatives:

Design and Build

This updated version of Dell Inspiron PC has regular, contemporary design.

Besides its stylish design, this black coloured desktop, is made of great, durable material.

Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop Interior View

Its compact design helps the users to save their precious space at various commercial places.


This desktop is packed with 9th Gen Intel Core i7 9700 processors with Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU.

The processor has 12 MB cache memory which enables the device to boost up its performance.

The product has a processor count of 8. This Dell desktop can easily run any 4K videos smoothly.

The graphic performance of this product is also smooth and it can easily satisfy any moderate user.

It is able to run any high-end games or software smoothly. One of the modern technologies from Intel is used in this device that is Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which can boost up the performance of the PC.

Windows 10 Home 64 bit is pre-installed as the operating system of this desktop of Dell.

This desktop can run multiple apps faster and the user can enjoy sharp, high-quality visuals on everything from PowerPoint presentations to video edits.

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Daily work like surfing on internet, moderate office work and playing game can also be smoothly run by it.

Storage & RAM

Dell has made this PC with solid state drive that provides snappier and more stable performance.

This unique and classy, updated desktop of Dell comes with 12 GB DDR4 RAM which is more than enough for running any regular applications.

Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop RAM

This desktop offers a great storage capacity to the users.

Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop Hard Drive

It comes with not only 256 Solid State Drive it also offers 2 TB SATA hard disk that can dissolve the needs of the users who want to store large amount of data and the SSD provides faster processing and data transferring speed to the users.

The RAM is sufficient to handle such huge amount of storage capacity. Check out best brands for desktop computers.

Ports & Connectivity

Ports and connectivity are one of the most important aspects that every desktop buyer has to concern.

This updated and classified product of Dell comes with 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A type ports.

Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop Front Ports

1 HDMI ports along with 4 USB 2.0 ports are available in this product.

Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop Rear Ports

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity is attached with this product. Wireless connectivity of 802.11 a/c with gigabit Ethernet is also present in this classified product of Dell.

Dell Inspiron 3671 Desktop Wi-Fi Adapter

In this device the users can also get 5-in-1 Multi-Card Reader slot with Security-cable slots and Padlock rings.

At front side of the PC only 3.5 mm audio port available but at the back side three different 3.5mm port are attached which can be used for audio and microphone.

Additional Features

This Dell model comes with 1-year’s warranty, and there are no peripherals such as mouse or keyboard attached here.

Optical drive for DVD and RW drives is also available in this product. The shipping weight of this desktop is around 15.2 pounds.


  • Brand: Dell
  • Storage: 256 GB SSD + 2 TB Hard Disk
  • RAM: 12 GB DDR3
  • Storage Type:  SSD and HDD
  • RAM Type: DDR3 SDRAM
  • Processor: 9th Gen Intel Core i7 9700 Series
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Processor Speed: 3.0 GHz
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 6.3 x 14.7 inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home

What Do Users Think about Dell Inspiron 3671?

This device has very good configuration which every high end user needed and its low power consumption facility helps the users a lot.

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Another good point of this PC is its storage capacity, which is best in the class but when it comes to graphics it only offers Intel integrated graphics that mean there is no option for external graphics and the user can not extend it.

Several ports are used here but USB 3.0 port is missing in it. Besides its attractive performance, this PC provides great performance to its users. Check out Dell Inspiron 3671 Manual.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

We utilized the Dell Inspiron 3671 for the purpose of fixing software bugs. We ran various programming languages, including Python, Java, and C++.

The computer efficiently processed and executed our code, enabling us to quickly debug and identify errors. The PC’s fast processing power greatly assisted us in this endeavor.

Additionally, we employed this desktop for trading purposes. It served as a platform for monitoring the stock market and executing trades.

The computer smoothly handled multiple Chrome tabs and concurrent applications, allowing us to execute trades seamlessly.

During multitasking scenarios, this device delivered impressive performance. However, the main drawback was the 256 GB SSD, which limited storage capacity.

To address this, we attached a 1TB HDD and utilized the device. Even when working with multiple applications simultaneously, the PC did not experience any hang-ups.

We browsed the web, checked email, and worked on documents concurrently without any issues. The computer effortlessly handled all of these tasks.

To assess the true processing capabilities of this device, we deployed it in an educational institute in our locality. Here, the PC was utilized to run applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, MATLAB, and more.

Users did not encounter any significant technical glitches while running these applications, accessing online educational resources, or completing assignments.

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