Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO Review: Pros, Cons & More

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Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO


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  • This is equipped with a very good processor.
  • This product has good storage and RAM capacity.
  • Display panel of this product is equipped with Infinity display.
  • Processing speed of this AIO is also great.
  • It has a compact and classic design.


  • The quality of the camera which is attached with this product is not too good.
  • The camera doesn’t have infrared facility.
  • Portrait mode is not available in this all in one desktop.
  • Price of this product is also high.
  • The cooling fan of this desktop sometime creates noise.


This Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO is a complete PC which is loaded with latest technologies. This AIO of Dell has a compact design which fits in every workstation.

For its high performance report this product is the very first choice to every video editor. The design and built of it is flawless and very eye catchy.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO & Variants Price


Dell is a very renowned name in the industry of Electronics, mainly because of the quality that it delivers to its customers.

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This device is also very reliable and sturdy.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO Interior View

The performance of this desktop is also very good.This desktop is a lovable one to each and every video editor.

Most of the users are attracted to this product by its processing speed and its great graphical performance.

Video playback ability, design, performance and speed are the most promising aspects of this product of Dell.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO

Buy for: This is a good AIO system with robust performance and slick design.

Beware of: Check your desired configuration before buying.

Best uses for: students, graphics designers, photo editors, coading, bloggers, etc.

The alternatives:

Design and Build

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO has an elegant and gorgeous look. With a stylish stand, the overall design of this product is very stylish and eye-catching.

It takes very less space on the table. The design and build of the product is very premium type and this AIO setup comes with a nice looking 24 inch anti glare narrow border Infinity touch screen as its main display.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO Display

Below the display panel the sound bar is present there, where two small speakers are placed.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO Speaker

The PC weights around 5 Kg and the dimensions are 21 x 106 x 12.6 inches as L x W x H.

Silver and white are the most common colors of this product of Dell. Check out best desktop PC according to needs.

The display of this device provides 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution while running videos and games.


The Device is powered with one Intel Core i7 4.9 GHz processor.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO Processor

This processor has a processor count of 4. The processor is very powerful for which the device is able to reduce its processing speed.

That is why it is the most favorite product to every video editors and casual gamers.

This product supports graphics RAM up to 6 GB. This GPU helps this device to enhance its processing speed.

This all in one desktop of Dell runs on Windows 10 operating system. The user can change the operating system according to his needs and requirements later.

However, the performance of this product is undoubtedly great that’s why it is one of the best selling products of the company.

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Storage and RAM

The storage and RAM of any desktop is one of the vital components that a buyer has to look carefully before buying any product for him.

These two defines the quality and they are directly related to the processing speed of the desktop. Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO has 64 GB DDR3 RAM.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO RAM

That is always ready to provide ultimate performance to the users. Huge amount of storage is attached with this product of Dell.

It has 8 TB SSD drive especially king-size pure SSD.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO SSD Storage

That is why the user needs very little time to copy any data.

Processing speed of the storage is one of the positive aspects of this all in one desktop Dell.

Users are happy with this product has it provides a huge amount of storage to the users for storing important data, movies, games etc.

The RAM is the main cause behind the high processing speed of the product.

Ports and Connectivity

The updated device of Dell has several ports available for connectivity and connecting peripherals.

The device has SD card reader 3.0. Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port is also present in it.

Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO Rear Ports

3 USB 3.1 Type A ports, one USB 3.1 Type C and one HDMI in and out port are present in this classy product of Dell.

Additional Features

Wireless keyboard and mouse are attached with this all in one desktop. This product is very much suitable for running casual games, photo or video editing applications, and for multitasking jobs.

Huge amount of storage and RAM maximizes its performance. For its unique sleek and slim design this desktop takes very less space in any desk and is able to provide ultimate performance at any time.


What Do Users Think about Dell Inspiron 5490?

The users are satisfied with its satisfactory performance. Casual Gamers and video editors are the major target of this desktop.

Although the price of this product is a little bit high but the users are ready to pay the amount for search performance and configuration.

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Some users have provided critical reviews on its web cam. The webcam of this desktop is not too good it is just a 2MP webcam with Quad array microphone.

Some users are very much happy with the anti glare coating as it reduces the mirror effect of the display. Check out Dell Inspiron 5490 AIO.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

This AIO is an excellent choice for students. One of our family members utilized this device for remote learning, online collaboration, and other educational tasks.

He expressed high satisfaction with the product’s performance. The device was used for web browsing, document creation, and basic multimedia tasks. Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and Zoom were the main applications he ran on this AIO, and he experienced smooth and fast processing.

Furthermore, we employed this AIO for basic-level photo designing. The device’s superb display provided smooth rendering and excellent color accuracy.

We utilized popular applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro for image editing, and the device delivered smooth performance. However, due to the lack of a dedicated GPU, we did not edit 4K images on this device.

We also utilized this device for coding applications, specifically for bug fixing in our existing software. While working on this device, we received quick and responsive feedback.

The main applications utilized were Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, and Sublime Text, all of which performed smoothly on this AIO.

Additionally, we used this device for working on our blogs. The high-quality display enhanced our computing experience.

We utilized applications like WordPress, Canva, and Hootsuite to edit published articles and promote new ones. The AIO effortlessly handled these applications, providing a smooth user experience.

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