Dell Inspiron i3451-1001BLK Laptop Review – Price & Specs

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  • Good storage amount
  • Facial recognition
  • Media card reader
  • Good audio
  • Decent battery life


  • Very low RAM
  • No separate 10-key numeric keypad
  • Thick bezel
  • HDD storage
  • No optical drive

Read Dell Inspiron i3451-1001BLK Laptop Review and see the price. Whether you work in your office or from your home, or whether you travel a lot for your business needs or are an electrical engineering student, if you want a good enough laptop on a budget, then you can use this system and expect to get a reliable performance.

The Dell Inspiron i3451-1001BLK laptop, belonging to the 3000 series, comes with all the essential hardware components and software and apps inside it, in spite of its thin and small design. This will provide you with a consistent performance.

You can carry this system in your bag due to its high portability and use it on the go.

You will be connected to your office or even attend an online lecture on the latest in electrical engineering, thanks to its strong, fast and reliable wireless connections which will keep the discussion going due to its notable range.

The battery life, the screen quality, the audio output, the keyboard, the trackpad, everything seems to be just perfect to make this computer most reliable to the users.

The durability and reliability of this computer is tested by Dell in ways more than one. It can survive harsh heat conditions, for a short time, of up to 65°C and still perform well.

The hinge is strong and does not seem to become loose even after opening and closing the lid more than 20,000 times. Check out top 10 laptop brands.

As for the keyboard, in spite of its strong built, each individual key is designed to endure 10 million keystrokes. Even the multimedia buttons are also tested so that it can last even after 40,000 strokes.

The same goes for the touchpad buttons which will not fail even if it is used for one million times. The strong case also protects the innards from damage.

Therefore, this laptop will provide you with the best bang for the money, which is little, in both durability and performance, making this device one of the most reliable ones available out there on the market.

Dell Inspiron i3451-1001BLK Laptop & Variants Price

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Dell Inspiron i3451-1001BLK Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron i3451-1001BLK

Buy for: Better heat management, solid build, lightweight, good keyboard feel, silent operation.

Beware of: Integrated graphics, low-end processor, low HD resolution, non-backlit small keyboard, average battery life.

Best uses for: Electrical engineering students, normal use, elderly parents and other purposes


This Dell Inspiron i3451-1001BLK laptop is good for personal use, business use, as well as for studying, for example by the electrical engineering students who are looking for a good enough laptop, but on a budget. It is good in performance but a better processor and operating system could have made it a real winner.

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Design and Build

The design of this computer is pretty simple, due to the low cost factor, but that does not take away anything from its performance.

The 14-inch display of the device delivers images at 1366 x 768 pixels or HD resolution. The thick bezel all around it makes it look smaller though.

Since it is LED-lit, it saves a considerable amount of battery power while in use. However, the images exhibited are good and clear enough to view them with all minute details, thanks to the True-Life technology.

The keyboard included in this system is small and comes without backlights. However, it is built strong to endure even the strongest of fingers and maximum number of keystrokes at a faster rate.

The keys are large enough and well-spaced. They have decent key travel and tactile feedback to provide a better typing experience.

The trackpad, on the other hand, is built pretty small, but the good thing is that it is placed right at the center of the palm rest. However, the trackpad is quite responsive to the touches.


Much unlike other laptops available on the market today, this system comes with an Intel Celeron N2840 processor and not anything belonging to the Intel Core family.

This processor has an operating speed ranging between 2.16 GHz and 2.58 GHz. It also has just 1 MB of cache as well as comes with a low TDP ranging between 4.5 W and 7.5 W.

However, in spite of its low-end features, its dual cores and two threads will however deal with most of the basic computing tasks most efficiently.

The Intel HD graphics chip integrated in the system will do just what it is meant to do.

It will produce the graphics at quite a fast rate and pretty decent color accuracy to make them look seamless and beautiful on the screen.

However, it will be unable to handle any graphics intensive tasks because it is integrated and not a dedicated graphics card.

This model comes with Windows 8.1 operating system preinstalled in it, which is sufficient enough for your day-to-day computing tasks, limited to the basics.

This version of Windows operating system comes with a 64-bit architecture and will provide you with all the reliable features and security that you can expect along with some enhancements in apps, search, cloud connectivity, Windows Store, and personalization.

If you want a better performance, you can however upgrade it to higher versions of Windows operating system.

If you install Windows 10, you will get to use some amazing features such as your personal digital secretary Cortana, an expanded Start Menu, Microsoft Edge which will allow writing and typing directly on the webpage, and more.

RAM & Storage

The 2 GB amount of RAM that this device is equipped with, is much less than today’s standards, when even 8 GB is considered to be half of the norm, but it is just good enough for basic computing.

However, this single channel memory has a bandwidth of 1600 MHz and will support multitasking as well due to its DDR3 feature.

If you want some more, you can upgrade this memory, but up to 4 GB only, which is still far from today’s standards.

The storage of the system, on the other hand, amounts to 500 GB, which offers quite adequate space to store a large number of files and folders containing images, texts and some music and videos.

However, this is an HDD and not an SSD, and therefore you should not expect a performance of that high a level because the rotational speed is also quite low, which is 5400 rpm and not 7200 rpm.

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The system however allows you to upgrade the HDD to an SSD if you want to get a boost in its performance.

Ports & Connectivity

You will get an adequate number of ports and slots to connect quite a few external devices to the system. This includes an HDMI 1.4a port, one USB 3.0 port, and two USB 2.0 ports.

There is also a 3-in-1 media card reader slot for faster file and data transfer along with a Kensington lock slot and a headphone/microphone combo jack on its sides.

For a strong and reliable internet connection, the system offers wireless connectivity which is compatible with the 802.11bgn standard of IEEE or The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, though it does so in only a single stream and at the rate of 2.4 GHz.

If you want to add Bluetooth enabled devices to this device, you can do so because the device supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology which is typically tied to the wireless card.

Battery Life

The 40-watt-hour, 4-cell battery life of this system is pretty average and lasts for only 6 hours on a single charge.

Therefore, unless you are out for a long time, you can expect to complete your day’s work even on the go.

However, the good news about this lithium-ion integrated battery is that it is quite durable and you will not need to remove or replace it very soon.

Additional Features

The audio quality of this device is quite good. The stereo speakers will stimulate your senses with the thrilling and immersive sound that it provides.

The Waves MaxxAudio 4 technology and HD Audio Solution to ensure a better sound clarity and loud volume to enhance your listening pleasure when you watch a movie, listen to music, or simply chat with your friend on a video call.

There is a built-in webcam in this laptop. It can take clear pictures.

For enhanced security, it also supports biometrics login through facial recognition and faster and safer access to the system. You can even make a 720p HD video using this webcam.

You will get a limited warranty for a year on the hardware of the system from the manufacturer.


What Do Users Think about Dell Inspiron i3451-1001BLK?

This is a good PC for cheap, admitted a lot of users. The performance level of this laptop is really high, albeit within its limitations.

They said that the processor and operating system, which they feel could have been much better, is good enough to handle simple day to day tasks such as checking emails, web browsing, working on Word documents, and more.

This has paid them well in return for the price with its satisfactory performance.

Some other users pointed out both the good and the bad stuff in this laptop.

They said that the battery life of this system is pretty decent and the keyboard, though very small and without backlights, feels good and has got a decent key travel distance.

It is easy and comfortable to type on it with an assurance of high level of accuracy. The device is also very light and thin to carry all around.

The simple design of the trackpad does not take anything away which works better, just as the integrated Bluetooth and wireless networking.

However, the lack of status lights is something Dell should have considered, they said.

The system operates silently and does not get hot easily, said a few other users, knowing that this is not designed for performing graphics intensive tasks on it.

However, there are a few specific things that they did not like about this device. First, the plastic material seems to be a fingerprint magnet and even creates some ugly looking dark spots by absorbing the body oils.

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Though this can be wiped off easily with a piece of cloth, the crappy software programs cannot be removed easily.

They said, software such as Dell update, Digital distribution software, and Face recognition causes the system to freeze and they were much better off when they removed these programs.

This also helped in saving the memory, which is already very low.

There were a few users who found an easy way to make this system perform even better. They said that with two simple upgrades they made their simple computer perform at a much higher level.

Upgrading the memory up to 4 GB and replacing the HDD storage with an SSD made theirs a much better laptop.

However, they also warned those people who are looking for a high-end and high-performing PC at this price, because that is not going to happen, no matter how much upgrading is done on this system.

People with very minimal computing needs should go for this budget laptop because they will not find another which is similar to this, said a few specific users.

They said that other budget laptops will have their CPU maxed out constantly even during simple web browsing but that is not the case with this computer.

A good enough PC for cost savings, a full HD screen in it would have been nice, they said. If someone wants a laptop that is well-made then this is the one, they said.

The laptop seems to work just fine without needing to load additional drivers on it, said some other users.

The touchpad, the wi-fi, the volume buttons, even the fans seem to work well and quietly.

Though Linux Mint will not work well on this PC, neither any high-end games, this is still a good laptop for daily users, students and professionals who do need to use high power and graphics hungry apps and software.

However, they said that the battery should have lasted a bit longer, at least for another hour, to make it a really good and productive laptop.

Otherwise, this is a very good laptop at a low cost for basic computing and not heavy media editing by any average student and professional.

This is a great computer out of the box, said a few students as well as a few average home users. They said it is good to write papers, check mails and browse the internet.

It boots up fast, the CPU is good enough to handle all the tasks thrown at it, the screen is quite good though it could have been much better to deliver crispier images, and the keyboard is strong, tactile and easy to type on.

Most importantly it is lightweight and portable. However, the 2 GB of RAM is pathetic, and the touchpad seems to be of very low quality and less durable. 

Other Expert Views

This is a good laptop for students and professionals alike but is certainly not meant for high-end computing, feels IT Pro. The performance would have been really high if the processor and operating system were better, they felt.

NotebookCheck feels that this laptop is a reliable one. Apart from the affordable price and its small size, it boots up pretty fast and comes with a lot of storage. However, it still has got a lot to do to compete with the other major brands, they said.

This laptop is quite well balanced as far as its price and performance is concerned, said PC Mag. However, they felt that it needs a better battery with a much longer life.

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