Dell Inspiron i5676 Gaming PC Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • Design wise common
  • Upgrading makes it expensive

In terms of reliability the Dell Inspiron Gaming PC Desktop AMD lives up to the great reputation that Dell has as a very trustworthy brand that manufactures some of the most innovative gaming PCs. Check out Dell Inspiron i5676 Gaming PC Review & Best Price.

Even professional gamers would find this Gaming PC from Dell truly exciting on every front.

It is what would make even the most advanced games come to life with the very realistic user experience it provides through its features. Check out Best Dell Desktop Computers.

Dell Inspiron i5676 Gaming PC & Variant Products Price

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Dell Inspiron i5676 Gaming PC Review by Expert

Dell Inspiron i5676 Gaming PC

Buy For: Boost Faster | Good Performance

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Beware Of: Upgrading makes it expensive


If you are looking for an ideal Gaming PC, this Desktop PC has the most advanced features which undoubtedly would provide users with the perfecting gaming experience. It is true it is slightly higher priced but worth investing in.

Design & Build

When it comes to design and build this Gaming Desktop PC has quite an attractive look. On the other hand with its unique features, it is ideal for a higher state of gaming.

The best part of this Dell PC is that it has been meticulously designed for upgrading the gameplay of the users. Check out best Dell gaming PC.

This PC has been provided with the Cinema Sound feature which gives users a thoroughly satisfying user experience.


This Dell PC delivers great performance especially in terms of gaming. It uses the fast and future-ready technology which enables it to maximize the gaming capacity.

The PC is powered by the powerful 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen 7 Processor. If you are into gaming you would realize that graphics are very important.

For Graphics with this PC users can avail the Radeon Graphics that is ready for Virtual Reality (VR) and you could have the NVIDIA Option.

This is what enables it to make it faster and smoother gameplay.

Storage and RAM  .

With this PC users have the 32 GB DDR4 RAM which helps it deliver Super-powered performance and also intensive multitasking as well.

For Storage, this Dell PC has been provided with the 2 TB Hard Disk Drive perfectly suitable for the latest PC games and other web applications.

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Ports & Connectivity

For Connectivity with this PC you can avail up to 6 easily accessible USB Ports, with which you could get connected to even the latest devices as well.

For connectivity, there is also the Bluetooth 4.1 Connectivity as well. Check out best desktops list.

Additional Features

The PC has the Liquid cooling options to keep it cool even it runs over a long time.

Apart from this, there is also the optimal airflow option as well. It also has a dynamic audio feature as well.

Specs Details

What Do Users Think about Dell Inspiron i5676?

The users who have bought the Dell Inspiron i5676 gaming PC have obviously liked the product for the reason that it packs a great combination of features that are made available in a decent price range.

It looks handsome and performs even more so. As can be noticed, it has got much positive reactions from the users.

Most have considered it to be one of the very value for money products. Check out Inspiron 5676 Manual.

However, the negative aspects include the most serious one that it is not always available for purchase and some basic features like a USB Type-C port are missing.

There are also complaints regarding the inefficiency of the cooling fan which makes noise occasionally and heating issues of the GPU.

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Other Expert Views

As per ConsumerTechCentral, the Dell i5676 is a brilliant mid-range gaming desktop that provides “beastly” performance. The experts here suggest this to users who are interested in playing mid-range games and would not like to spend a lot of money while doing so. They have praised the design and hardware as well.

The experts of Digital Trends consider the product to be a good one, not exceptional however when its price tag is concerned. They suggest the users may surely buy it, but there are some cons like a slower hard disk, high resolution (1440p) gaming and less than satisfying peripheral components that come with it which the users have to endure. They suggest the Acer Aspire GX-785-UR16, Asus G11DF Gaming Desktop and the XPS 8930 from Dell itself as alternatives that the buyers may look out for.

The experts at PCGameBenchmark think that this pre-built gaming PC is good enough for playing most mid-range games that are popular these days. Through their tests, they have found out that the PC performs quite well at handling games like Fortnite, PUBG, GTA V and such but it struggles with games that have a higher graphics requirement. All said, it has found a respectable spot in their list of the best budget gaming PCs.

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