Dell Latitude 7390 Laptop Review: Pros, Cons & More

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Dell Latitude 7390 Laptop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


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  • Vibrant display
  • Speedy SSD
  • Thunderbolt 3 port
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Sturdy chassis


  • Data protection hardware
  • Bit heavy
  • Side button
  • Design is bland
  • High internal temperatures


The Dell Latitude 7390 is too much for the office works. With battery power on an excellent level, we can safely say that more power won’t create problems. With all the punches packed inside and sophistication cleverly disguised in overall simplicity, it is highly recommended for a purchase.

Despite whatever can be said against it, the notebook is an excellent performer in many aspects.

Dell Latitude 7390 & Variant Laptops Price


The spec chart raises the bar of expectation. Dell has incorporated some best-in-class elements in different slots to offer a compact device that is convenient to convert.

Look at the model; it looks clean and plain. The Dell Latitude 7390 2 in 1 Laptop model strikes the right balance between design and durability and price and performance.

Dell Latitude 7390

Powered by Intel and graphics co-processor, it handles a number of high-end works simultaneously and with optimized efficiency.

Its versatility is eye-catching and so is its speed and storage solution.

Display quality is amazing. At high resolution offered by Dell, crisp and clear display is not surprising.

The amount of details offered by the Dell Latitude convertible device is amazing.

The device is fitted with the right kind of high-end accessories to take performance to the next level.

The keyboard feels perfect for speedy typing and the number of ports is enough to accessorize the notebook as per your preferences.

Dell Latitude 7390 Laptop Ports

Buy for: This laptop is easily carryable. One USB Type-C port is present in it.

Beware of: There is no dedicated graphics card. So you can’t expect it to process 4K contents smoothly.

Best uses for: Office computing tasks, day-to-day home computing, basic gameplay, and entertainment.

The alternatives:



Dell – the name is synonymous with amazing innovation, extraordinary performance and hig reliability.

The brand is the mastermind of a number of classic, catchy, durable and high-end machines across different price segments to meet diverse needs of the target customers.

The maker has integrated Intel processor to ensure high speed and versatility. In addition, a graphics co-processor has been tossed inside to handle the graphics works.

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The maker has adhered to simplicity while designing the device. Despite overall simplicity, it underlines sophistication with subtlety.

Performance – Processing Power

The Intel i5-8350U quad-core processor offers a basic clock speed of 1.7GHz that can be enhanced up to 3.6GHz.

The processor makes room for Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU and a DDR4 storage controller under the lid.

As per the claims by Intel, the performance will go up by 40% compared to 1st generation Kaby Lake chips.

The Intel CPU incorporated into the Dell device is developed around vPro technology.

The daily office chores don’t demand much of CPU’s time and potentials. However, if you need to work with the latest memory-hungry software apps, the Intel CPU won’t disappoint.

With all the chores performing to their full potentials, the processor reaches its TDP limit instantly.

Every program runs smoothly. The system takes off quickly and won’t stutter at any point of time while dealing with escalating multitasking.

A powerful combination of speedy processor, graphics co-processor and DDR4 RAM makes it a perfect piece for a purchase.

An important point to be mentioned in the context is the device is not designed for graphically demanding 3D gaming.

Therefore, you can use the laptop to do low-level computing works and run highly demanding software apps.

But the hardcore gamers should switch to other options for self-entertainment.



1. On CPU Benchmarks, the Intel Core i5-8350U has got an average CPU mark of 6267. Its single thread rating is 2025. After analyzing 906 samples, the experts of this website have found that the margin of error of this processor i5 is low. 1051, is the overall ranking of this chip.

Based on the single thread ratings, we can say that this processor performs better than the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U that has scored 1979. On the other hand, the Intel Core i7-7700HQ which has a rating of 2,073 is a better processor than the Intel Core i5-8350U.

Acer Aspire 3 that has AMD Ryzen 5 3500U can’t deliver as smooth performance that the Dell Latitude 7390 can. In the same sense, we can say ASUS ZenBook Pro is a better option than this Dell laptop.

2. There is an average bench score of 63.3% for the Intel Core i5-8350U processor on UserBenchmark. This processor has been ranked in 484th place out of 1357 processors of its class that were tested.


1. Based on 3DMark, Intel HD Graphics 620 is ranked 194. On the 3DMark Time Spy Graphics Test, it scores 337.

2. UserBenchmark’s ‘Average Benchmark’ score for Intel HD Graphics 620 is 4.6%, which places it in 391st place out of 681 GPUs that they have tested.

3. reports an average G3D score of 923 for Intel HD Graphics 620. In comparison to other integrated GPUs, we can say this one is well above average.

Among all integrated graphics cards in its class, this one ranks 903rd. You won’t get a very powerful performance from an integrated GPU when compared to an external GPU.

You will not be able to get satisfactory performance from it when it comes to gaming. This GPU is listed last on this website’s performance list.

Design & Build

The almost matte black case tapers towards the front. The case appears smart in its elegant simplicity.

Dell Latitude 7390 Exterior View

The rubberized surfaces and the back of the case offer a non-slip texture. Though the fingerprints were easy to spot, still those were not clear.

By exerting a little force, you can twist the device to a certain extent. However, you may hear almost inaudible sound of quiet creaking.

The robust lid is resistant to pressure. In fact, you are likely to find it difficult to open the lid with a single hand. The lid, on the contrary, wobbles little and for a brief period.

From the perspective of workmanship, the 7930 offers full justice to its exorbitant price. The device seems solid and striking despite its simplicity.

The Latitude 7380 does not differ much from its predecessors in terms of weight and footprint. The only marked difference is trimmed thickness in the 7930 model.

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Dell has used a matte IPS panel packed with a full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels).

Dell Latitude 7390 Display

It means even the users, who boast of their sharp sights, will fail to spot pixelated images even from a close quarter.

The device offers bright images but that brightness is overshadowed by Asus and even Toshiba.

More than 90% of brightness distribution is excellent and looks best in the black images that offer overall saturation and homogeneity.

If the image contents appear dark, the bleeding screen towards the edges will look inconsistent with the clear starting.

If it comes to panels, the computer manufacturers have successfully improved the black values over the last few years.

However, this Dell device offers a top value, which coupled with outstanding brightness, produces a very good contrast ratio measuring 1316:1.

In the display segment, we want to make a special mention of accuracy in colours.

In spite of amazing brightness level, the matte display comes with multiple problems, especially the display area points towards the bright sky.

We recommend that you should look for shades while viewing the screen even in sunny days for some ergonomic contrast.


The Dell Latitude 7390 notebook has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 card.

In this Dell notebook, the maximum clock speed rises up to 1100MHz. Intel’s HD graphics draws benefits from speedy dual-channel RAM.

Though the built-in storage has good speed, it uses a single-channel model for running.


Dell Latitude 7390 Storage

In the system, Dell has used hard drive with capacity of 256GB. That means, it is a good solution for your long-term storage needs. Check out dell latitude 7390 user manual.

Reading small 4K blocks and sequential reads force the SATA-III to reach the limit of 500MB. The speed for less important writing lags behind many comparable SSDs.

In a word, we can tell that performance is not extraordinary. The primary memory area features an 8GB DDR4 RAM and the amount is okay for a quick start and restart.

Battery Life

Dell Latitude 7390 Battery

We performed a few tests to understand staying power of its battery in different conditions.

During the idle test, the Latitude 7390 delivered an unexpectedly good result by surviving for 28 hours. On this ground, it is as powerful as its predecessor.

When working under loads, the battery life turns out significantly shorter than what we experienced in many of its dual-core competitors.

From the test results, it can be said without any hesitation that WLAN runtime should exceed 10 hours. With that much capacity, the users can easily get through their working hours.

Additional Specifications

Lenovo has created a benchmark by introducing high-end ThinkPad keyboards, therefore throwing a challenge for many competitors to come up with a better model.

With this Latitude Notebook, Dell has partially succeeded in making something that – though cannot be compared with ThinkPad keyboard – comes with some high-quality features.

Dell Latitude 7390 Keyboard

The keyboard looks smaller in width if compared with any standard desktop model.

You will notice it while hitting the return key as it is small in size. You may feel little discomfort while making movements with 10 fingers.

We found no peculiarities in the layout, except the Page Up and Page Down keys that are now anchored with the half-sized arrow keys in the key blocks.

Regular keys are slightly concave in shape but other keys are flat in appearance. The slightly cushioned keys offer an easy and comfortable typing experience.

The touchpad is conventional type and large enough. The keys are physically separated. The minimally roughened surface makes the fingers slide easily.

Dell Latitude 7390 Trackpad

At the extreme top edge, the touchpad is not responsive to initial inputs. Pixel accuracy moves the mouse pointer and ensures fast movement.

Windows Configuration setting allows you to configure gestures of four fingers (the highest limit). Unfortunately, the two replacement keys don’t feel impressive due to unacceptable pressure points.

The notebook comes with Bluetooth technology that will enable the users to connect other compatible peripherals without wires. Both wired and wireless networking is supported on the system.

Dell Latitude 7390 Wi-Fi

Use the infrared camera to activate Windows Hello to make sure facial recognition.

Dell Latitude 7390 Webcam

The feature facilitates access to the system. These things are simply offering the best support while you are giving up a new ways to fulfill the demands.

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In fact the usual concept of using a perfect laptop is simply coming up to your hands. Now it is the time when you can really enjoy with it.

What Do Other Experts and Users Think?

There are multiple reasons for the users and PC MAG geeks to be extremely happy with the system. Obviously, display feels satisfying for them but it is not of extraordinary quality.

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

From the customers’ feedbacks, it is clear that they appreciate its design.

The modern-day buyers are more in love with simple and uncluttered look and this Dell Latitude notebook sports a design that appeals to them.

On the ground of durability, the device won’t be a disappointment. The convertible notebook feels heavy and strong, thereby ensuring long-time service for the buyers.

The Intel processor shares its burden with an integrated graphics co-processor, thereby offering brighter images and speedy performance.

The users admire versatility and the Dell notebook is designed to fulfill their needs of running multiple apps simultaneously without having to worry about sluggish performance.

This notebook is not for the hardcore gamers as performance suffers significantly if 3D games are run on it. However, it is perfect for simple computation and high-end professional works.

The users, as we have come to know from their feedbacks, are getting a satisfying typing feel with the Dell keyboard. The same words of appreciation are heard about touchpad.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

We tested the processor of the Dell Latitude 7390 laptop on CPU Benchmarks. It scored an average of 6267 on the CPU mark with its single thread rating of 2025 points. We also found that the average bench score of this CPU on UserBenchmark is 3.3%.

On the other hand, on testing the integrated GPU of the system on 3DMark Time Spy Graphics Test, it scored 337 points.

The average benchmark score of it on UserBenchmark is 4.6% and on the average G3D score was 923.

Considering these facts of both the CPU and GPU we concluded that it is a laptop that is good for basic computing and games.

We also verified it by performing a few tasks on it. We found that it could copy a 5 GB file in about 16 seconds, at the rate of 318.1 megabytes per second.

While playing high-end games, the system showed significant lags but was quite okay while handling the basic games.

The display of the system was also tested by our team. They found that it showed some faint blue and red flushes on the images, almost unnoticeable to any ordinary user.

Our colorimeter found that it covered about 132% of the sRGB color gamut, which is reasonably good in comparison to the average 108% of any premium laptop and others in our database such as the EliteBook (109%), the X1 Carbon (129%), and the XPS 13 (118%).

The brightness of the screen was about 286 nits, which is not exceptionally good but better than the luminosity of the aforementioned models.

The keyboard is also just okay with average key travel and 111 words per minute typing score on the typing test. It also needed more than 75 grams of actuation force to register a keypress.

Questions & Answers:

Does the Dell Latitude 7390 have a touch screen?

There is a matte touch-screen panel on this laptop.

Does Dell Latitude 7390 have Bluetooth?

Yes, in this Dell laptop you will get integrated Bluetooth connectivity.

Is the Dell Latitude 7390 good for gaming?

The Dell Latitude 7390 laptop is not a gaming device. There is no dedicated graphics card. On the other hand, the cooling system of this product is not promising. If we run any HD game on this laptop then there is a high chance of facing lagging in this product.

Does Dell Latitude 7390 have an inbuilt webcam?

Yes, there is an inbuilt infrared camera. So you can easily use Windows Hello on this laptop.

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