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  • This small form factor PC has a very powerful Intel Core i7 processor.
  • The users can connect a 4K monitor with this device.
  • Advanced connectivity features are present in this SFF desktop.
  • The processing speed of this product is very fast.
  • Being a compact device it can be placed in a very small space.


  • This PC is not always available at the stores.
  • The users can face heating issues very frequently, in this device.
  • The initial storage capacity of this PC is not up to the mark for the users of this era.
  • There is no dedicated GPU in this compact PC.
  • The PC doesn't have any advanced liquid cooling system.


This small form factor PC has a very strong processor. So, the users can experience a very strong performance from it. The absence of advanced cooling and dedicated GPU are the Achilles heel of this device. But, for casual users, this PC is one of the very smart options from Dell’s end.

Dell OptiPlex 5080 SFF Desktop & Variants Price


Dell OptiPlex 5080 SFF Desktop

Nowadays small form factor PCs are in high demand.

Almost all the reputed PC manufacturers have started to offer such type of PCs. Dell, as an international PC manufacturer, has a wide range of SFFs.

These PCs are available with different configurations and prices. So, if anyone dreams of an SFF in this house, then he can easily choose one from these devices.

This type of desktop is mainly made to serve casual users, who don’t need to run high-end tasks, regularly.

Most of the casual users only want an efficient and speedy device, which this PC is.

This Dell OptiPlex 5080 SFF desktop is one of the best-selling SFF systems of Dell. For this reason, it has a very high demand in the market.

This PC ensures quality performance in any situation. Even by attaching a 4K monitor with this device, the users can enjoy 4K videos very easily.

But, as there is no dedicated graphics card, the users can’t get their desired performance from it, while playing 4K games.

Buy for: This is a very compact device which is very productive and one of the best options for business places. Up to three display units can be attached with this SFF PC.

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Beware of: This device can’t satisfy the gamers with its performance, as it doesn’t have any dedicated GPU. The users have to upgrade the storage section of this SFF desktop to make it more efficient and productive.

Best uses for: Small business, shops, casual users and other purposes.

Design & Build

Small Form Factor PCs are quite compact in comparison to regular tower desktops. This type of PC can be placed in very little space.

For this reason, in most of the billing desks or any busy business place or office, we can easily locate SSF systems.

In most of the commercial banks, we can easily locate this type of system. SFF PCs are made to serve at such places where space is a major concern.

Besides that, such compact systems offer a very smart look to the entire setup.

For this reason, many casual users prefer to buy this type of PC rather than the bulky regular tower desktops.

This device from Dell has a very decent and sturdy design. The overall design of this SFF PC is very simple.

It doesn’t have any exaggerating RGB lights or transparent glasses.

Instead of giving this PC a fancy outfit, the developers choose to make a strong outfit for it.

So, they have used a black-colored metallic case here.

Just at the center of the bottom section of the front panel, there is the branding of the company and it is in white and just at the middle section of the front panel, the model name has been mentioned.

At the upper right side of the front panel, there are some USB ports, which can be frequently used.

The side panels of the case are plain metallic plates.

There are no air vents or any cut-outs. Air ventilation holes are present at the rear section of this black chassis.

The developers have made a smart decision to save some space inside the case.

They have transferred the PSU section to the bottom side of the case.

To get access to the internals section of the chassis, the users just need to untie the screws which are located at the rear portion, by using a simple screwdriver.

After that, they can easily remove the side panel of the product.

After getting access to the main hardware section, they can modify, replace or upgrade the configurations of this PC.

As this is a compact PC, the space inside the case is very limited. For this reason, this product has limited upgradation facilities.

As the space inside the case is very limited, things inside it are very congested. So, cable management is a consideration in this product.

So, it is good to access the internal section of it, only in the presence of an expert; or the entire setup will be a big mesh.


Performance is the major consideration in any PC. Design, USB ports, and others are secondary considerations; but the performance of a PC is the major one.

To cope with the speed and workloads of this era, a PC must have great processing speed.

This processing speed has a great impact on the productivity of a computer.

Any businessman or content creator wants such a PC that can process the data very fast and can give the output in a fraction of a second.

This processing speed and the capability of a PC are mainly dependent upon the processor that is installed on the PC.

Day by day updated and stronger processors are getting launched by Intel and AMD. So, there are plenty of options for the users.

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This PC of Dell comes with a 10th Gen processor of Intel. Intel i7-10700 is present in this device and it is an octa-core processor.

It has 16 MB of cache memory. By using this cache memory, the CPU can launch any software at a glance and this cache memory also helps the device to offer very fast processing.

The base clocking speed of this Intel i7 processor is 2.9 GHz, which is more than sufficient for casual day-to-day works.

And when this processor processes any heavy database, then it can run at a speed of 4.8 GHz, and this is the maximum clocking frequency of this processor.

To reach this maximum clocking speed this processor used Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0. This PC can smoothly tackle down any huge PDF or excel sheet.

As this device has great processing speed, the content creators, scriptwriters, online teachers, and students prefer to use it.

The high-end software users, the programmers, the gamers will not be satisfied by using this SFF PC of Dell, because of the GPU section of this device.

There is no dedicated graphics card; it comes with an integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics chip.

This integrated GPU can fulfill the demands of casual users, but it is not able to offer satisfying performance to the gamers.

The installed GPU chip can generate quite strong performance; even it can run 4K videos.

But, to run these 4K contents smoothly most of the experts of this field, suggest to install a dedicated GPU of NVIDIA in this device.

According to them, by investing some more dollars in this device, they can easily increase its capability and productivity.

Even by attaching a good VR glass with this device, they can enjoy 3D content too.

If we compare the performance of this device with its rivals, then we can see that this PC’s performance is far better than the others.

Windows 10 Pro is the operating system that is pre-installed in this compact PC but the company is trying its best to offer Windows 11 to the buyers of this device as early as possible.

And to upgrade the OS to Windows 11 they do not need to pay any extra money from their pocket; they will get a free upgrade notification on their device.

Storage & RAM

Besides Processor and GPU, the processing speed of a PC is also dependent upon the capacity of the RAM and storage type.

In this era, DDR4 Rams are the most common and this PC of Dell also comes with a DDR4 RAM of 16 GB.

But the users can upgrade the section. They can increase its Ram capacity up to 128 GB which is a good thing about this PC.

An SSD can generate a more speedy and efficient outcome. So, SSDs are very common in the computers of this generation.

This device also has an SSD and its capacity is 256 GB.

If the users need more storage capacity, then he has to invest more dollars from his pocket and has to purchase an additional SSD depending upon his requirements or he can simply use an external storage drive to store his important data.

Ports & Connectivity

Updated ports and connectivity features can turn any device into a user-friendly system.

In most of the products of Dell, we can notice that these two sections are quite updated and this product is not an exception.

There are two USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port.

The USB 3.2 gen 2 type-c port of this PC helps the users a lot to transfer various data with lightning-fast speed. 2 USB 2.0 and 4 USB 3.2 gen 1 Type-A ports are also present in this SFF desktop.

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It has a set of universal audio jacks, which can produce a very clear sound of HD quality.

Along with an HDMI port, there are two additional display ports in this PC.

Such users, who want to attach a 4K monitor with this device, have to use one of these two additional display ports. Rj45 LAN port is also present there so the users do not need to worry about Ethernet connectivity.

This PC also supports advanced wireless connectivity features; like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity of version 802.11 AC and Bluetooth of version 4.2.

So such users who have serious space issues can attach wireless peripherals to this device.

By doing so, they can easily fit the entire setup in a very clumsy space.

Additional Features

DVD players are very rarely found in the products of this time. But, Dell has attached an optical drive to this PC.

For cooling purposes, this PC has a cooling fan that is placed just above the processor and there are a lot of vents present at the rear section of the chassis to offer proper air ventilation, inside the case.

A conditional and limited warranty of one year has been attached with this PC. The frequency of the installed primary memory is 3200 MHz.

There is an additional storage slot to install an additional HDD of 1 x 3.5 inches. The PSU of this product is 200 Watt.

This particular SFF desktop of Dell comes with a regular USB keyboard-mouse set and obviously, these are of Dell.


  • Storage: 256 GB
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage Type: SSD
  • RAM TypeDDR4
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10700
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Processor Speed2.9 GHz (base clocking frequency), 4.8 GHz (maximum clocking frequency)
  • Processor BrandIntel
  • Product Dimensions: ‎11.4 inches x 3.7 inches x 11.5 inches
  • Operating System: ‎Windows 10 Pro

What Do Users Think About Dell OptiPlex 5080?

Such users, who need to perform various multitasking jobs regularly and those businessmen who search for a compact device with great productivity and responsiveness, are very satisfied with the performance and price tag of this product.

As the specifications of this device are upgradable, many buyers choose to go with this product.

But initially, as there is no dedicated GPU, some of the buyers also avoid this one.

The heating issue is the most common complaint against this product.

We have already mentioned that this PC can run high-end tasks. But its cooling section is too weak.

So if you need to run high-end software regularly, then you have to avoid this deal.

Else, you have to face lagging and hanging issues very frequently.

Many users, who use this device in their office or workplace, love its compact design.

They have said that they were in search of such a compact system as their office desks are very clumsy, and by using this PC, they have managed to figure out a lot of space on their desk.