Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO Review: Pros, Cons & More


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  • Slim and compact design.
  • The display quality is satisfying.
  • There is a good array of ports.
  • It comes at an affordable price range.
  • There are good security options so that you can store your data with peace of mind.


  • The placement of the ports is not very convenient.
  • The PC has a very small storage capacity.
  • Graphics is average and there is no provision to add a GPU.
  • The 4K variant is not available everywhere.
  • Runs hot some times


The Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO stands up to the expectations of an average user, be it smooth functioning or reliability. Though it faces tough competition from other brands, it has been able to hold its position and continues to provide a decent service to the buyers.

It also allows you enough expansion so that you can make more use of the PC for quite some time. 

Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO & Variants Price


Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO

For someone who needs to have a precise and efficient PC to work in an office or some other place of business daily, PCs like the one we have here come to play.

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Now there are different models of this device, for example, an i7 variant, with SSD type storage and with touch support and even those with 4K resolution.

But the one we will be reviewing today has a 6th gen i5 processor, 8 gigs of RAM, and a 500 GB hard drive. This is not a touch screen display, but there is no difference in most of its characteristics than other variants with a touch screen.

The graphics are integrated with a native Intel chip being used. The Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO thus packs the necessary features that make it a useful machine for commercial purposes, unless of course, your work is with graphics.

Buy For: Stable Performance│ Ample Security

Beware Of: Limited storage capacity and graphics 

Design and Build

As an AIO, the PC stores all the primary components in its compact frame, and plastic has been used to design the exterior shell.

The compactness is why there only little space inside for expansion. But, you may not have a very good impression about it if you judge it on its looks.

There are other AIOs from Dell itself that have bezel-free displays, but sadly you will see thick borders on this one.

But this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t like the 23 inch WLED FHD 1920*1080p screen.

Moreover, there is also a 4K option that comes at a higher cost. Check out best desktop brands.


The Dell OptiPlex 7440 has an i5-6500 processor that is a decent mid-range CPU, suitable for most office dwellers.

It has a speed of 3.2 GHz that goes up to 3.6 GHz at most and there is 8 GB of RAM for smooth operations as well.

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For graphics you have an Intel 530 Graphics chip integrated and there isn’t any provision for adding a GPU.

The PC will provide you enough power for most business-related software, including MS Office, G suite and various desktop virtualization ones.

Windows 10 OS comes installed in it already.

Storage and RAM

The user gets access to 500 GB storage in the hard disk. Check out Dell Optiplex 9010 AIO Review.

There is also a 256 GB SSD version that you may choose if speed is more important to you rather than capacity.

The RAM is of 8 GB working at 2133 MHz, and you may expand it more.

Ports and Connectivity

The ports present on this device are all at the back. To start with there are 6 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

Then you have HDMI in and out ports, a display port, line out port, an RJ-45 slot for Ethernet, and an SD card reader too.

There is a DVD drive as well and all that’s missing is a Type-C port.

This and some more accessibility to the ports would have made sure that no complaints were made about this aspect.

You also get 802.11 ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0.Check out Dell OptiPlex 5260 AIO Review.

Additional Features

There are plenty of security features available on the computer so that your work is safe and sound.

There is also a 2 MP web cam that can be hidden manually.

You get a keyboard and mouse along with the AIO, and the standard Dell warranty of 3 years.

There are 2 M.2 slots that you may use as per your needs, to add an SSD drive or a WIFI card.


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What Do Users Think about Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO?

The users are sated with the performance the device gives along with the other features.

The loved both the 4K and FHD displays and appreciated the fast boot ups.

The limited storage was managed using an external hard drive. Check out OptiPlex 7440 AIO Manual.

However, they were not as satisfied with the quality of hardware used and a slightly lower price tag would have made it more popular. 

Other Expert Views

The experts at PC Mag have reviewed the 4K variant of the OptiPlex 7440 and they think that although with a heavy price tag, it should be worth buying because of the features it has being a business-oriented PC. They think that it outdoes most of its competition, but is slightly hindered in the graphics.

The authors of ZDNet think that although the PC lacks attractive looks, it is not the champion among its competitors and is also behind most AIOs in terms of graphical strength. But it is still a decent computer available today when looked at from a professional viewpoint.

As per Tech Radar, the Dell OptiPlex 7440 is a solid AIO in which focus has been given mainly on the necessities so that it can become a truly reliable professional-class desktop. It has all the required security arrangements as well.