Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO Review: Specs, Pros, Cons & More

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Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO


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  • This desktop of Dell is able to provide crisp 4K display.
  • This product comes with a flexible stand, for which the display of this desktop can be used in vertically as well as horizontally.
  • It comes with portrait-orientation option.
  • In this product, the users can experience dynamic audio quality.
  • The speed of the processor of this product can be enhanced up to 5.0 GHz by using the turbo boost facility.


  • The performance of the GPU of this product is limited.
  • Hyper-Threading is not supported in the processor of this desktop.
  • The user can enjoy 4K resolution or touch screen; not the both.
  • Purchasing price of this product is high.
  • The quality of the webcam, which is attached with this product, could have been better.


This Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO is a highly classified AIO of Dell which is made for running any complex applications easily and the compressed design of this product also attracts the users.

This product is the perfect choice to video editors as it comes with huge 64 GB RAM, and it provides a huge storage capacity. The latest Intel i9 processor also enhances the processing speed of this classified AIO of Dell.

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO & Variants Price


This product of Dell is one of the best selling products of the company mainly because of its ability to provide high performance.

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This AIO of Dell provides a high processing speed. The Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO comes with latest 9th generation processor and the graphical performance of this product is also promising.

This product has great Power, speed, and video playback ability which attract the video editors a lot.

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO

Buy for: This Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO desktop provides great performance, with great graphical performance. Its unique design consumes very little space.

Beware of: The product has very limited graphic option available and the price is also one of the major issues to this product.

Best uses for: corporate sector, coding, stock treading, content creators, students, etc.

The alternatives:

Design and Build

This Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO has very unique and classy design.

For its compressed design this product consumes very less space, which helps the users a lot, especially in commercial places.

27″ brilliant infinity edge full HD display is attached with this AIO desktop of dell.

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO Display

The display of this product has a regular resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is more than sufficient for running ay casual games and HD movies with great colour and clarity.

Anti-glare technology which is used in the monitor of this product reduces glare and mirror-like reflections from the display.

The flexible stand of this product makes it more unique as the users can use the product both horizontally and vertically. This product is commonly available in silver colour.


This Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO has with 9th Gen Intel 8-Core i9-9900K processor with a GPU of 6GB.

By using the turbo booster facility the frequency of the product could have been boosted up to 5.00GHz.

The processor of this desktop has a processor count of 8. One can run HD videos in this product smoothly but while running 4K videos it faces lagging.

Video editors can go with this product as this desktop provides great processing speed. Casual games can also be played in this desktop Dell.

Windows 10 professional is the pre installed OS of this system. Overall the performance of this product is average.

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Storage and RAM

While buying any desktop the buyer has to consider first the storage and RAM of the system as these two are directly related to the speed and quality that the desktop will provide.

This classy AIO of Dell has huge amount of RAM capacity.

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO Ram

This product of Dell has 64 GB RAM for providing ultimate performance.

These huge amounts of RAM help the product to run any software smoothly, without being hanged. Huge amount of storage is attached with this product.

It has 2 TB SSD memory and 2 TB HDD hard disks.

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO Hard Drive

This product is very much suitable for casual users as it provides huge amount of storage which helps the users to store movies, games, other important documents and data.

To maintain such huge amount of data smoothly the product needs huge amount of RAM, for which Dell has provided 64 GB RAM with this classy product.

Ports and Connectivity

Ports and connectivity are the very important things that a buyer should consider before buying any desktop of any company.

Dell has provided plenty of ports in this product for which the user cannot face in connectivity problem while using this desktop.

It comes with Bluetooth 5 version and wireless connectivity of 802.11ac (2×2) available in this product.

HDMI input and output ports are also attached in it.

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO Rear Ports

3 USB 3.1 ports of generation 1 and one USB type C port of generation 2 are present in this device.

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO Side Ports

Besides these ports, it also has 2 USB 3.1 sports of generation 2. Display port and 3 in 1 SD memory card reader are also available in this product as most of the products of Dell.

So, Dell has provided plenty of features in this system for which the user cannot face any regular connectivity problem in it.

Additional Features

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO has HD True Vision webcam and mic.

Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO Webcam

Keyboard and mouse are also attached with this classy desktop.

The shipping weight of this product lies around 40 pound. Check out Best Desktop Computers.


What Do Users Think about Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO?

The users have given moral less positive reviews on this product. Check out Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO Manual.

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They have used it on working places, for playing games, streaming internet and for other internet surfing and they has got and satisfactory performance.

Most products of Dell are made for providing high performance and this product is not an exceptional one.

There are mixed opinions for users. Some of the users are not happy with its graphic ability as it is not able to run 4K videos very smoothly. While some users praise for video editing works.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

To assess the processing power of the Dell OptiPlex 7770 AIO, we placed the device in a small corporate office.

In this environment, the device efficiently processed large amounts of data and successfully handled multiple applications running simultaneously in the background. The main applications utilized were Microsoft Office Suite, Salesforce, and SAP.

Considering the device’s configuration, we decided to utilize this PC for coding, and it met our expectations with its smooth and efficient processing.

We employed Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, and Eclipse for code development and testing. The device demonstrated highly responsive processing throughout our work.

Additionally, we utilized this AIO for stock trading activities. We monitored charts, purchased stocks, and managed our existing stock holdings.

Thanks to the device’s high responsiveness, we encountered no issues during these real-time tasks.

To analyze market data and execute trades, we employed applications such as E-Trade, Thinkorswim, and TD Ameritrade, and the PC seamlessly processed these activities.

Some team members also used this device for content creation, primarily for blog-related tasks.

They created logos, edited photos, and developed basic animated videos. Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, and DaVinci Resolve were the main applications utilized, and according to their experience, this AIO proved to be an excellent choice for multitasking in this domain.

Furthermore, this versatile AIO is highly recommended for students. It delivers smooth performance while working with Microsoft Office Suite, MATLAB, and R Studio.

We also ran these software applications for testing purposes and obtained satisfactory performance.

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