Dell OptiPlex 790 Ultra Small Desktop Review

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Dell OptiPlex 790 Ultra Small Desktop


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Reliability Score


Performance Score


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  • Awesome body
  • Perfect look
  • Great processor
  • Space saver
  • Business healthy


  • RAM little bit down graded
  • It is not good for assembling
  • Support issues
  • Not good for gaming
  • Not always available


Our verdict is not much different from the customers’ reviews. We strongly feel that the Dell business desktop sports a signature style with its smart simplicity and elegant matte finishing. To cut long story short, this device is a nice pick for the buyers with a low budget.

Dell OptiPlex 790 & Variants Price


On the surface, it looks lot like a toy but under the lid, it houses an array of high-end components.

As a result, the system delivers decent outputs up to the users’ expectation. Check out top 10 desktop brands.

It is incredibly powerful. Powered by Intel’s quad core i5 processor, the desktop integrates an 8GB RAM and 240GB SSD.

The basic composition (and it’s important as well) clearly indicates that the desktop is capable of delivering power-packed performance.

Dell OptiPlex 790

The processor runs at the lighting speed and the users can save loads of files as an ample amount of storage is provided.

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Buy for: Simplicity and elegance, space-saving design, versatility, and performance.

Beware of: Assembling issues, availability, and support.

Best uses for: Office use, home computing, light entertainment.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:


Dell is not a new name in the industry; it has forged its popularity on strength of its feature-rich and functional models in the market.

Dell has already amassed massive popularity with its OptiPlex series and this 790 Ultra Small Form Factor is a solid addition to their decorated profile.

The model features a good design and functions to meet your business-related requirements.

Performance – Processing Power

If you are wondering where its most touted blistering speed comes from, Dell reveals that the credit goes to Intel Core i5 processor. It is a top of the line processor from Intel.

Dell OptiPlex 790 Processor

The desktop is loaded with 8GB of DDR3 RAM. The combination of superfast processor and RAM size enables the machine to outperform its competitors in every situation.

Dell OptiPlex 790 RAM

Thanks to their duel, the desktop is capable of multitasking at a great speed. During our rigorous tests, we kept multiple tabs open and experienced no bumpy performance.

In fact, you can also start video streaming while doing other works and it will give you no reason to complain.

The desktop is characterized by versatility, which means, the system can easily deal with multiple types of works.

You will be able to upload professional apps, play games, watch movies and run multimedia programs without any hitch.

The system springs to action as soon as it is plugged in. Delayed booting and rebooting cause annoyance but that is not going to happen if you are using this ultra smart Dell OptiPlex PC.

Design & Build

Dell OptiPlex 790 Ultra Small Form Factor Desktop PC may look fragile but in reality, you will have a different experience.

It is really amazing that how a toy-like body can be so strong and can integrate so many powerful components in its belly.

Apart from the plastic façade, the desktop chassis is made of strong sheet metal. Its construction feels so solid that you will always be assured of its durability.

The desktop features matte finishing that again guarantees it is immune to knocks and scuffs at office. A combination of smart design and strong body is hard to ignore even if you have no hang of what lies within.

The Dell OptiPlex 700 Ultra Small Form Factor Desktop PC includes Intel HD Graphics Coprocessor. As a result, you can expect to watch crisp and colourful display.

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Our experts run a couple of professional apps, played games and watched movies on the desktop without experiencing any kind of haziness and distortion.

Colour reproduction is amazing and does not suffer whatever program you run on it.

No graphics card has been included into the desktop model. However, that does not produce much of effect on the graphics quality of the system.

With a high-end graphic coprocessor installed in the box, the machine is able to produce a decent amount of clarity for any image on the screen.

Storage Power

Dell OptiPlex 790 Ultra Small Form Factor Desktop PC is packed with a brand new solid state drive having capacity of 240GB.

Dell OptiPlex 790 Storage

Therefore, you see that the system incorporates good amount of storage space. What does that mean for you?

It clearly implies that you are able to go on storing file, photos, games, apps, movies and music. What is more, a large number of files on the SSD will not come on the way of a fast boot time.

This Dell system is a desktop and therefore, does not rely on battery power.

It comes to life as soon as you switch it on after plugging. Once the power goes off, all of your unsaved files are lost if you don’t have a UPS.

Additional Features

Connectivity: Additional features are a special attraction for the buyers. They make sure to take a look at the salient features but never ignore the additional attributes.

Dell OptiPlex 790 Ports

Let us see what Dell has revealed in this regard. The system supports Wi-Fi connectivity and therefore, features a USB Wi-Fi Adapter. You will also get a new mouse and keyboard that help you stay up and running.

The keyboard features an amazing design that allows your fingers to easily move on it. The keys are spacious as well as have the right amount of space between them.

Addons: The Company allows the potential buyers to choose from an array of additional accessories for customization.

Dell OptiPlex 790 Keyboard and Mouse

This Dell OptiPlex 790 model runs on Windows 10, which is the latest as well as best operating system until date from Microsoft. The OS will optimize utility and power of your new system.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts spoke to OptiPlex 790 user and this is a compiled data analysis.

The users have the last word about merits and demerits of a new launch. If they like a model, it will sell well. Let us now see what users think about Dell OptiPlex 790 Ultra Small Form Factor Desktop PC.

According to the users, appearance of this Dell desktop teases their eyes. It steals the show in the product-packed market.

The desktop resembles a toy but feels premium. Its chassis is strong enough to easily withstand heavy abuse and daily use for a long time.

If it comes to design, the buyers have words of appreciation for that. Smartness will not go unnoticed and the trick to tease lies in its overall elegant simplicity. Flawless matte finishing looks pretty nice and the customers like it a lot.

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Even though design plays a crucial role in influencing the potential buyers’ behavioural pattern, performance is the last word.

For the buyers, this Dell desktop is a solid performer. According to the users, the desktop ensures fast booting due to integration of 8GB of DDR3 RAM under the hood.

The desktop houses a lighting speed processor in form of Intel quad core i5 processor. The users think that choice of processor has resulted into rich and quick performance.

The processor along with RAM ensures multitasking and versatility, both of which are considered important to guarantee an incredibly excellent end-user experience.

Additional specs are also a big draw for them. Though it is a business desktop PC, the users can perform multiple activities on it. The users also like the fact that the machine never goes slow even if multiple tasks are thrown at it.

The users are happy with its display quality. They strongly feel that colour reproduction is good and images produce enough amount of clarity.

Without any graphics card installed, the system is reportedly delivering amazing results if it comes to display quality and characters. Check out Dell OptiPlex 790 user manual.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

Our technical experts performed quite a few benchmark tests to determine the performance of the processor and graphics of the Dell Optiplex 790.

For example, on the 3DMark Ice Storm and Ice Storm Extreme tests, we found that the performance score of the graphics card was reasonably high, touching nearly 20000 points, with an average score ranging between 7000 to 9000 points, depending on the games played on the desktop.

As for the processor, its single-core and multi-core performance on Geekbench 5 and Cinebench R15 was reasonably good but nothing exceptional to handle high-end photo or video editing tasks or play modern Triple-A titles.

We also tested its performance by running a few professional apps and software for document processing, working on spreadsheets, watching movies, and playing games. We found that the performance was pretty steady and reasonably fast.

The integrated graphics card of the desktop also supported the overall performance of the system quite well and we did not notice any lags or distortion in the images while playing games.

Based on all the facts and figures, our expert team concluded that the processor, graphics card, and the system overall are good for basic to moderate computing tasks and gaming, both in offices and at home.

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