Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Desktop Review

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Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Desktop


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  • Design
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  • Saves space
  • Powerful processor


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  • Little bit expensive
  • Not easily repairable
  • Internal expansion is not possible


According to the experts and critics, the OptiPlex 9020 is undeniably a powerful PC because it is the home to efficient i5 dual core chipset, 16GB of onboard memory and massive 2TB space of HDD.

The PC allows you to work with dual 19-inch LCD monitors at a single time to maintain strict vigilance over everything related to your business.

Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Desktop & Variants Price

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In the light of hardware configuration and connectivity options, the Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Desktop can be considered a monster to regulate your day to day business activities.

The Optiplex 9020 is equipped with a group of advanced features which you may not expect in a general workstation PC. On this ground, it is truly an extra-ordinary performer.

With 16GB RAM, the Optiplex 9020 SFF houses an Intel Core i5 processor and an integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics card to provide top notch performance and remarkable computing experience for several years.

The desktop features 2TB hard disk drive to offer plenty of space and keep innumerable business documents & presentations secured for the days to come.

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The desktop has good connectivity features, offering more than sufficient accessibility for all sorts of devices you need to connect to the system. It also comes with Windows 10 Pro installed to provide you the benefits of working on latest operating system.

Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Desktop

Dell has shown the expertise of creating desktop PCs that are easy & convenient to centrally operate and manage, and the Optiplex 9020 is no exception to Dell’s ideology.

Buy for: Small size, design, performance.

Beware of: Thermal issues, price, difficulty in repairing, lack of expandability.

Best uses for: Home computing, office use, businesses, data handling and collaboration, network management.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:

  •     Brand: Dell
  •     Hard Drive: 2 TB HDD
  •     RAM: 16 GB
  •     Hard Drive Type: Solid State
  •     RAM Type: DDR3 SDRAM
  •     Processor: Intel Core i5
  •     Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz
  •     Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600
  •     Processor Brand: Intel
  •     Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 11.4 x 12.3 inches
  •     Weight: 13.2 lbs
  •     Operating System: Windows 10 Pro


Dell Optiplex business desktops are the ones to occupy a strong position in the list of trusted and recognized workstation PCs available across the globe.

The Optiplex computers are completely enterprise-level, helping you to expand your business productivity to a great extent.

They appear in versatile forms along with customized configuration and Intel Core CPU in its upgraded version.

Dell’s OptiPlex desktops are wisely engineered to take hold of a wide assortment of business tasks, from collaboration to data handling to network management.

Similarly Dell OptiPlex 9020 desktop PC is ideal for any kind of organization. It is just because of fast & advanced processor, rich graphical power, unique vPro extensions, upgradability, decent connectivity features and more others.

With one of these SFF PCs, you can expect top notch performance and good control. They involve several integrated features for brilliant manageability.

The computers pack everything needed to keep your business smoothly running. Check out best desktop PC according to needs.


At the core of hardware of the Optiplex 9020, you will find Intel Core i5 CPU which is a high performance processor to handle day to day workloads. The chipset clocks at the speed of 3.2GHz.

Dell Optiplex 9020 Desktop CPU

This is a dual core processor which has 6MB cache and a Turbo clock-speed up to 3.4GHz.

Although this is not the latest upgrade of CPU from Intel, the chipset is able to deliver almost lag-free performance even during the busy hours.

Moreover, the Optiplex 9020 SFF accommodates an integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics processor to efficiently manage various creative activities and provide unforgettable entertainment.

With such standard graphics card, the desktop encourages you in streaming of favourite videos, light editing of images, light gaming and more other creative tasks.

The processor packed in this office PC is incredibly capable of managing significant multitasking as well as data-intensive activities with utmost perfection.

The 4th Gen i5 chipset coupled with Intel HD graphical power and 16GB of onboard RAM easily boosts your workstation productivity and takes your business dealing immediately to the next level.


The Optiplex 9020 desktop involves the similar space-saving and smaller design introduced by Dell. This particular PC variant has a small form factor (SFF) design to suit your workplace environment without any compromise to its features.

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The SFF desktop models have emerged as the favourite choice among worldwide business owners and office employees.

The Optiplex 9020 SFF PC includes an elegant, versatile and adjustable design to easily fit in your smaller cabin or desk and add to the professional ambience all around.

The system measures dimensionally about 3.7 x 11.4 x 12.3 inches and weighs just 13.2 pounds. As far as its build quality is concerned, the desktop feels sturdy enough to withstand gentle strokes or sudden spillage.

Composed of recycled plastic material along with other quality materials, the system assures long durability as well.


The system comes equipped with 16GB DDR3 SDRAM to deliver you fluid multi-tasking convenience at times you work on the device. The Optiplex 9020 SFF has enough capacity to support up to 32GB of RAM if required in future.

Dell Optiplex 9020 Desktop RAM

The present size of memory is brilliant for an office desktop. It allows you to multitask with maximum three separate displays without any discernible lag and the system can easily load heavy software with multiple browsers open.

Another striking feature of the desktop is its massive storage space. The system packs 2TB hard disk drive (HDD) to offer you ample space for storing innumerable documents, media files, videos, music, movies & necessary software.

Dell Optiplex 9020 Desktop Storage

You can also store several games and apps on the PC for absolute entertainment during free times. The HDD also contributes to the overall system performance, ensuring a good control over your business.

In a nutshell, the Optiplex 9020 SFF model has got an excellent & powerful hardware configuration to keep you on the move every time.

Additional Features

Connectivity: The system houses a decent number of essential ports and connectivity slots to help you connect the PC to other electronic devices for faster & hassle-free transfer of files.

Dell Optiplex 9020 Desktop Ports

The rear and front panels of the PC accommodate 6 USB 2.0 ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports, VGA port, DisplayPort, headphone jack, microphone jack, dual audio (line-in & line-out) ports and essential expansion slots.

Ports: This wide selection of USB ports is highly essential to connect to varied external devices like scanners, printers, flash drives, card readers etc.

Most of the electronic gadgets connect to a PC via USB port. Although USB 2.0 is the widely used USB port, USB 3.0 provides the advantage of fastest connection and quick file transfer.

As A Workstation

The OptiPlex 9020 SFF is a perfect workstation-level desktop PC where you will find the hardware components in their latest and larger forms.

16GB of RAM is more than sufficient for a business desktop and day to day handling of multiple activities whereas you can easily upgrade the PC memory up to 32GB if required in future.

On the other hand, 2TB hard disk space enables you to create your own library of business files and important videos along with numerous apps & games.

Moreover, the PC accommodates a wide selection of ports and I/O connectivity slots to get connected to several computer peripherals and facilitate quick file transfer.

The business computers launched by Dell are all seamlessly designed to provide utmost security and unparalleled work efficiency for multiple years.

Similarly, the OptiPlex 9020 SFF easily manages everyday official workloads and keeps you on the go with its extraordinary manageability features.

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With the help of latest Intel vPro technology, you can update and manage the system anytime you want.

Powered by Dell Data Protection technology, the PC also secures every confidential data and prevents unauthorized access to your stored files.

On these grounds, the OptiPlex 9020 desktop can be a favourite choice for several business personnel and employees.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts have talked to Dell Optiplex 9020 users and this is a compiled data of various users. Various users have found it excellent to work on the OptiPlex 9020 SFF computer for their business purposes.

According to them, the PC looks great and works outstandingly well, even during the busy hours. It comes with everything you want included in the system to reduce your effort of additional installation.

The PC is designed and well equipped with up-to-the-minute features and advanced technologies to cater to the needs of several personal users and college goers apart from office employees. Check out Dell OptiPlex 9020 Manual.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

On testing the CPU of our Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF review model we found that it achieved a relatively high score of over 3000 points on the PCMark 8 Work Conventional test.

According to the PCMark Rating for Performance Test 10.2, its overall PassMark Rating was found to be almost 1500 points.

Its CPU Mark value was found to be over 5000 points, 2D Graphics Mark value to be about 168 points, 3D Graphics Mark value to be nearly 750 points, Memory Mark value to be well above 1250 points, and Disk Mark value to be almost 4000 points.

All these values are quite impressive and competitive enough to beat some of the closest mini-PC in terms of specs.

When we tested the CPU on the Cinebench R15 benchmark, we found that the multi-thread performance score to be above 500 points and nearly 90 points for its single thread performance.

On the other hand, on the Cinebench R20 benchmark, the same was found to be over 1200 points and more than 110 points for multi-thread and single-core performances respectively.

Both these scores were comparatively close when we tested the performance of the CPU on the Cinebench R23 benchmark.

As for the graphics, it does not support high-end games with a frame render timing of nearly 1:30 minutes on Handbrake and almost 4:30 on Adobe Photoshop CS6.

So, we played some casual games and others like GTA V, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hitman and Fortnite on low settings. We found it could hit 50 to 60 fps at 720p resolution, and lower than that at 1080p.

 We also performed some basic and moderate computing tasks such as streaming videos, light editing at low settings, document processing, spreadsheet calculations, internet surfing with much ease.

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