Dell Optiplex 980 Desktop Review: Pros, Cons & More

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Dell Optiplex 980 Desktop


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  • Windows 10
  • Performance is good
  • Professional needs are met
  • DVD writer
  • Mid range cost


  • RAM could be better
  • Printer issues
  • Internet issues
  • VGA connection problem
  • Need to addin the graphics card


In a nutshell, Dell’s cleverly designed SFF desktop is not just easy to mange and upgrade anytime whenever required, but it also offers a set of highly impressive features to facilitate every kind of user or business personnel.

However, the professionals often being engaged in intensive graphics related jobs will be utterly disappointed with the lack of sufficient graphical power in the system.

The Optiplex 980 SFF desktop is available at low cost, without exceeding your budget limitation.

Dell Optiplex 980 Desktop & Variants Price


In terms of technical attributes, Dell Optiplex 980 is a fully-featured business desktop.

If you are in pursuit of powerful and efficient computing productivity, you can consider this business class machine without a second thought.

The Optiplex 980 appears in several form factors including small form factor, desktop and mini tower. Here we have chosen the SFF variant of Dell Optiplex 980 to make a review.

The desktop supports a wide variety of processors such as Intel Core, Celeron, Pentium etc.

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The currently discussed model is powered by Intel Core i5-650 chipset and an integrated Intel Graphics processor to handle your day to day official workloads in the fastest way.

The processing power is coupled with 8GB DDR3 RAM and 500GB SATA hard disk drive for ensuring top notch system performance.

This performance-driven business desktop offers a set of upgradable options. The small form factor desktop is wisely equipped with one 3.5” flex bay, one 5.25” bay, and dual 3.5” internal bays as well.

It houses eight USB 2.0 ports in total, having two at front and six ports on rear panel.

Dell Optiplex 980 Desktop

The desktop comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro operating system to bring advanced features and all-round productivity.

Specs Details:

  •     Brand: Dell
  •     Hard Drive: 500GB
  •     RAM: 8 GB
  •     Hard Drive Type: Serial ATA
  •     RAM Type: DDR3
  •     Processor: Intel core i5-650
  •     Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz
  •     Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  •     Processor Brand: Intel
  •     Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 15.4 x 4.4 inches
  •     Operating System: Windows 10 Pro


Dell Optiplex workstations or business desktops offer higher efficiency and trusted productivity for all end-users.

They are most secure and easy to operate business PCs, reducing both your time and efforts to a great extent.

The desktops appear in several innovative forms including mini tower, small form factor (SFF), micro, All-in-one stand etc.

The desktops under 3000 series are absolutely designed to offer all the essentials, advantages and flexibility for your official needs, in their special form factors.

The 5000 series desktops include enhanced features to make a promise of brilliant security, manageability and configurability as well.

The 7000 series products are the high end business desktops that deliver unprecedented performance in their compact and sleek design.

The OptiPlex SFF desktops are truly unique in terms of design.

They are the perfect space saver for your business or office cabin, giving ample space for a number of computer peripherals and assorted devices to connect to the system.

The Optiplex 980 has got such small form factor design to suit your workplace environment to the fullest. Check out best desktop PC according to needs.


The Optiplex 980 features an Intel Core i5-650 processor which has the clock speed of 3.2GHz.

The system derives its necessary power to perform well enough from this chipset situated at the core of system hardware.

The processor works faster and efficiently enough to deliver unmatched performance without any discernible lag.

The system is graphically significant to some extent. It packs an integrated Intel Graphics processor to allow you to stay engaged in various creative tasks related to multimedia and entertainment.

With such graphical power, the desktop provides you the facility of light gaming, occasional photo or video editing, loading of heavy software, watching movies with vivid colours & brightness etc.

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The Optiplex 980 SFF variant is one of the smaller systems that can easily suit an office ambience and its immediate needs on a daily basis.

It is solid and perfectly designed in its tiny form to occupy very little space on your table or desk. The desktop dimensionally measures about 13.7 x 15.4 x 4.4 inches and weighs 13 pounds.

In its space-saving appearance, you will find a sense of elegance to blow your mind at once. Its alluring design in black and silver colours includes all the essential ports and drives and removable side panels for hassle-free upgrades.

This imposing system appears great in terms of design. Its front panel is made of tough metallic substance while the removable parts of the desktop are built with black plastic material, having a glossy finish as well.

The entire chassis and side panels feel utmost solid to survive all sorts of gentle strokes or sudden spillage for multiple years.

You will find the same build quality in the desktops offered by the brand’s competitors in the market.


The Optiplex 980 SFF desktop features 8GB DDR3 SDRAM and 500 GB Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to form its storage section.

Both these features are undeniably brilliant and suitable for a business desktop.

The size of RAM here is more than sufficient to provide complete multitasking ease and handle an assortment of software at a time without any hassle.

500 GB HDD offers ample space to keep all crucial files and data safely.

The hard disk can store a large number of official documents, media files, videos, audio files, software and applications.

However, this HDD size is able to cater to the needs of only small business or home office.

In case of immense official workloads, the desktop will need to house hard disk drive in more quantity.

Additional Features

Port: The Optiplex 980 desktop comes with a decent array of port selection. The front and rear panels accommodate eight USB 2.0 ports in total. Other essential ports and I/O connectivity slots include Display port, serial input, RJ45 jack, universal audio jack etc. The USB outputs ensure faster and hassle-free transfer of files from the system to other devices and vice versa.

Addons: The system actually comes loaded with Windows 7 Professional – an older edition of operating system. However, the currently discussed model is pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro, the latest version of OS which brings all the trendy applications & cool features of Google as well as user-friendly interface.

As A Workstation

The Optiplex 980 SFF desktop PC has been typically designed to empower IT industry and facilitate all kinds of business and related transactions.

Regardless of your employees being global, national or local, the system offers top notch functionality and advanced management abilities that truly help to accomplish IT jobs with utmost perfection & efficiency.

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The advanced remote management ability introduced by Intel can reduce the demands for desk-side visits related to software.

The system also provides IT industry with the facilities to resolve several problems by remotely managing a user’s mouse, keyboard and video.

In addition to that, the tool-less chassis of the device allows easy access to essential internal hardware components.

On the grounds of security, the system is reliable too. With a couple of strong security options and the flexibility for extending the user coverage, the OptiPlex 980 assures uncompromised security in your business world.

The system sports a chassis intrusion switch and a lock slot for the purpose of security to offer complete on-site protection against theft.

What Do Users Think?

According to our survey, miscellaneous responses have come from the users of Dell OptiPlex 980.

To some of them, it is a great desktop for the beginners. While many others have recommended not to purchase this model for extensive business needs and productivity.

Surely, the system includes some of the noticeable drawbacks which have been the reasons of dissatisfaction to several users.

The casing and build quality of the desktop is appreciated by many. It comes at an amazing price rate to satisfy your wallet.

In terms of performance, the system is undeniably great for regular basic activities. It also caters to the needs of a newbie gamer as the system packs an integrated graphics processor.

For all beginners, the OptiPlex 980 can be an ideal choice. Check out Dell Optiplex 980 Manual.

Other Experts View

According to ALPHR is new review site which is taking Dell Optiplex 980 Desktop as one of the best for the large business houses. You can definitely think about the best aspects of this desktop which is no doubt giving you a great basic delivery for its work procedure.

Surely, the system includes some of the noticeable drawbacks which have been the reasons of dissatisfaction to several users.

ITPRO is space-saving appearance, you will find a sense of elegance to blow your mind at once. You can definitely think of earning a great aspect in making it a big hit. You will be getting a bigger response from this desktop.

You can definitely get the better performance level from this desktop. The entire chassis and side panels feel utmost solid to survive all sorts of gentle strokes or sudden spillage for multiple years. You will find the same build quality in the desktops offered by the brand’s competitors in the market.

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