Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF Desktop PC Review

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Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF Desktop PC


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  • Quite & Cool
  • Internal Power supply
  • Very solid, very small
  • Nice design
  • Portable


  • CPU not so worthy
  • Not good for high end
  • Wi fi
  • Not always available
  • Upgrade make its costly


For business, corporate and industry needs, Dell has launched a number of powerful SFF desktop variants among which the OptiPlex 990 SFF can be a notable star.

This giant desktop manufacturer has succeeded in introducing such a space-saving sturdy design which can easily fit into a small desk or cabin in a workplace and empower an industry.

If you are on a limited budget to create your own business start-up, you can opt for this SFF desktop from Dell.

Dell OptiPlex 990 & Variants Price


Being a flagship product line of world-leading brand, Dell, the OptiPlex has introduced a variety of SFF desktops which can be distinguished on the basis of hardware configuration, storage specs and some additional features.

Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF is one of those popular workstation-level PCs, excellently equipped with added features and high-end internal components.

It is typically designed to manage basic workloads in order to meet day-to-day corporate needs and suit the environment of business premises.

All the premium quality hardware components are packed in the device to ensure unmatched performance and speed without any interruption.

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The system derives necessary processing power from its Intel Core i7 2600 CPU which is coupled with 4GB RAM and 1TB hard disk drive.

The desktop accommodates a large number of USB 2.0 ports and other connectivity slots but lacks high-speed USB 3.0 outputs.

Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF Desktop

It runs on Windows 10 Professional 32bit operating system to help you conveniently access to several latest applications, software and cool features of Google.

Buy for: Portability, nice design, power efficiency.

Beware of: Wi-Fi issues, costly upgrades, and availability.

Best uses for: Businesses, home computing, college goers, travelers, light video and photo editing, Photoshop, basic gaming and multimedia tasks, and web browsing.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:

  •     Brand: Dell
  •     Hard Drive: 500 GB
  •     RAM: 4 GB
  •     Hard Drive Type: Serial ATA
  •     RAM Type: DDR3
  •     Processor: Intel Core i7 2600
  •     Processor Speed: 3.40GHz
  •      Processor Brand: Intel
  •     Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2000
  •     Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 12.3 x 11.4 inches
  •     Operating System: Windows 10 Pro


The desktop PCs falling under the series of Dell OptiPlex are all wisely engineered to keep you up-to-the-minute with the latest technology and related inventions.

They are known to provide utmost security through a couple of encryption options and thus prevent all sorts of unauthorized access as well.

With advanced processing power and ultra-high graphics processor, the desktops perform several business activities despite being small in size.

Their tool-less design allows you to conveniently remove the side panels and access to internal components like RAM, hard disk, GPU etc. for future upgrades.

The Dell OptiPlex SFF desktops are all brilliant workstations to cater to your changing corporate needs.


Processor or CPU is the brain of any computer variant. It controls the performance and working speed of the system.

The OptiPlex 990 is powered by Intel Core i7 2600 processor which performs at the clock speed of 3.40GHz.

Dell OptiPlex 990 Processor

In general, i7 chipset is more powerful than i5 or i3 processors and it is a striking feature present in the OptiPlex 990 desktop for the price.

This power-saving processor has the base clock speed of 2.8GHz. It is undeniably more than enough to process all the tasks you throw at the system in a workplace environment without any hassle.

The CPU delivers top notch performance without any discernible lag, even during the peak official hours.

On the other hand, the system houses Intel HD Graphics 2000 – a standard graphics card to help in smooth streaming of videos and movies.

With such graphical power, you can engage yourself in light photo editing, working on Photoshop, playing the general PC gaming titles and other multimedia related activities.


The OptiPlex 990 SFF desktop is having a brilliant, space-saving design to be a perfect match for your workplace.

As evident by the name that it is categorized as a small form factor (SFF) desktop, a specific type of appearance created for business area or small office place. It can be a lucrative choice for a couple of reasons.

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The system occupies very little space and hence allows different computer peripherals to accompany it hassle-freely, being suitable for deployment in undersized places.

It has dual drive bays and dual expansion slots as well. It comes with a wide array of essential ports and I/O connectivity channels to meet several requirements.

The desktop measures about 3.7 x 12.3 x 11.4 inches in dimension and weighs just 12.57 pounds. This standard sized SFF desktop appears in silver grey colour along with a graceful style to win your heart at once.

Its trendy design can fit into any small desk or office cabin without any problem.


The little box of OptiPlex 990 is loaded with 500 GB HDD (hard Disk Drive) storage. Check out Dell OptiPlex 990 manual.

Dell OptiPlex 990 Storage

The Serial ATA hard drive is a brilliant option to equip an efficient workstation like OptiPlex 990.

It contributes to the overall system performance to a great extent as the HDD works at the speed of 7200rpm.

Moreover, 1TB hard drive provides you ample space to create your own library of business documents, presentations, media files, videos, movies and music.

As far as memory is concerned, the system packs 4GB DDR3 RAM to accompany the processor in assuring super-fast, smooth and lag-free performance all the day long.

Dell OptiPlex 990 RAM Slots

The 1333 MHz RAM allows you to freely multitask along with a number of browsers open and assures faster loading of software.

However, the RAM size and hard drive space available in the OptiPlex 990 may not satisfy the massive requirements of an industry or large corporate hubs.

Additional Features

Ports: The desktop is well equipped with a decent array of I/O ports and connectivity slots. These include a pair of DisplayPorts, PS/2 for keyboard and mouse, audio jack, serial port and 10 USB 2.0 output ports in total.

Dell OptiPlex 990 Ports

You will find four USB 2.0 ports at the front and other six at the rear panel. The port selection in this SFF desktop is quite exciting but not varied at all. The system comes with no USB 3.0 ports which actually offer high-speed connection and good file transfer rate.

Add on: The system is pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional operating system – the latest version of Windows OS. Most of the business users prefer this platform for the convenient access to trendy applications and software.

As A Workstation

With Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF desktop, you are able to bring convenient manageability, fruitful services and advanced security to your business area for sure.

It is the amazing power of Dell Custom Factory Integration which adds various peripherals, important applications and cutting-edge security labels you always seek for.

Being an IT dream system, the OptiPlex 990 allows you to control it virtually from anywhere through out-of-band and in-band management solutions.

These solutions not just handle your business activities but also ensure rapid productivity.

With Dell KACE, the group of system management appliances, you can easily save your hard-earned money and valuable time.

The system’s external design and reliability of chassis have made the OptiPlex 990 SFF a perfect workstation for your small business or home office use.

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Apart from its brilliant processing power and graphical assistance, the desktop offers uncompromising security with its encryption options, chassis removal switch and a security lock slot.

What Do Users Think?

After compiling the data of different users we have come to this conclusion. Business users and employees have considered the OptiPlex 990 SFF as an excellent solution to managing everyday official workloads.

According to some, it is an ideal PC for all – home users, college goers, travelers as well as official staffs. They also appreciate the system for being pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro OS and latest version of Microsoft Office.

The CPU performs great and the graphics processor ensures fantastic HD or Full HD video streaming without any problem – as claimed by several users.

The system features 4GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive storage. Some of the users are pleased with such amount while others are in need of more space for handling huge business workloads and more multitasking convenience.

At the same time, the desktop offers no USB 3.0 port which becomes a necessity in business work. Most of the newly launched desktops accommodate this type of USB port for faster and convenient file transfer.

However, the compact box of OptiPlex 990 is a home to 10 USB 2.0 ports.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

Testing the processor of the Dell Optiplex 990 SFF desktop computer on different benchmarks, we found that it is quite good at handling basic and more than basic computing tasks, such as document processing in Word and doing calculations and data entry jobs on spreadsheets.

However, we experienced a significant drop in its efficiency when we used it for some high-end computing tasks such as image editing on Photoshop.

On our Handbrake video test, it completed a given task in just a little under 2 minutes. On the Photoshop CS5 test, it took nearly 3 minutes to do the same job.

When we tested its core performance on the PCMark Vantage test, it scored more than 9000 points, which is quite impressive and enough to handle basic computing tasks.

Our review unit was installed with an integrated HD graphics 2000 which supported performing some light 3D work.

However, it certainly did not support well when we played some 3D games on the system, despite the fact that its 3D test scores are reasonably high but far too low than a dedicated graphics card.

Overall, our technical team concluded that this is a very good desktop computer for day-to-day use and most suitable for business computing tasks.

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