Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop Review

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Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop


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  • This workstation has got a very strong and updated processor.
  • The graphical performance of this device is very satisfying.
  • This high performing device has quite updated connectivity features.
  • While using this system, the users can attach multiple screens with it.
  • The processing speed of this PC is very high.


  • There is no SD Card Reader in this Dell product.
  • It doesn’t possess any optical drive.
  • As it is not a compact PC, it requires comparatively more space to get fitted.
  • The overall design of this product is very dull.
  • This workstation is not liquid-cooled.


The users will get a very satisfying performance from this device. If any user is not very concerned about the outfit, and if he needs an efficient PC, then this one is one of the good options for him.

Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop & Variants Price


Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop

Most of the users of this generation prefer to use compact PCs.

But, it doesn’t mean that the craze for the workstations or tower desktops is getting affected.

Nowadays workstation systems have an equal demand in the market. That is mainly because most of the workstations are comparatively highly configured than the casual systems.

Besides that, the configurations of this type of PC are easily upgradable. In most of the workstations, there are a lot of spaces inside the chassis.

Most of the workstations that are available in the market are in full tower shape; so these are comparatively bulky products.

As an international, reputed desktop manufacturer Dell has already produced plenty of powerful workstations and some of them are one of the best-selling products of the company, till now.

Recently, it has launched the Dell Precision 3650 Workstation. This is not a very highly configured workstation. It doesn’t support two processors.

It is a moderately configured system, which can produce very powerful processing with any moderate workload.

It has updated specifications, and connectivity features, which help this product to perform better.

This device is one of the best options for those who need to maintain a huge database regularly.

If any casual user wants a very efficient PC for his personal use, then he can go with this device.

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The overall performance of this PC is more than sufficient for a casual gamer. So, this workstation desktop is one of the perfect options for a teenager of this generation.

But, as it is slightly highly configured, the price of this product is slightly higher than the other regular PCs.

Buy for: The overall performance of this PC is very speedy. Its updated connectivity features make it a very user-friendly product. This workstation can easily be upgradable.

Beware of: The PC doesn’t have a very strong cooling unit. There is nothing fancy in the design of the device.

Best uses for: SolidWorks, mechanical engineers and other purposes.

Design & Build

We have already mentioned that there is nothing special about the design of this workstation.

Instead of focusing on its outfit, the developers have tried to make it a strong-performing device.

This is a full tower desktop and it has a very common outfit, which we can easily find on regular desktops.

The manufacturer has given the entire chassis a black theme. It measures 13.6 inches x 6.95 inches x 13.18 inches.

So, it is not made for a clumsy desk. The front panel of the chassis is divided into two parts.

The upper section contains the power button, some USB ports, etc. And the major section doesn’t have any useful things.

By placing some bars diagonally, the developers have given this section a net-type shape; and the logo of Dell is placed at the middle of this section.

The logo is in white. There is no glass panel in this product. The side panels are two plane metallic plates.

The rear section of the chassis has most of the ports, PSU connectors, etc. The side panels of this PC are easily detachable.

To do so, a user just needs to untie some screws which are located at the rear section.

Then he can easily detach the side panel of the case and then he can easily upgrade and modify the hardware section of this device.

Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop Inside

But, it is good to upgrade this PC, by an expert. Or, if the user has proper knowledge about the hardware of a PC, then he is good to go.

There are ample spaces inside the chassis. So, cable management in this device is very easy.


Performance is the key aspect that every buyer considers before purchasing any workstation.

As this product of Dell has quite updated and balanced specifications, it can generate a very strong performance.

This workstation desktop is equipped with Intel Core i7-11700. This is a processor of the 11th Gen and it can offer very strong and satisfying performance, even with extreme workload.

This is an octa-core processor and has a cache memory of 16 MB.

Having such cache memory this processor can launch and handle plenty of software, simultaneously and this cache memory helps the PC to generate a very speedy performance.

The processor is very powerful and its base clocking speed is 2.5GHz.

And when the PC undertakes any high CPU-oriented task, this processor uses advanced Turbo Boost Technology and it starts to run at a frequency of 4.9GHz and this is the maximum clocking frequency of this processor.

Besides this efficient and strong processor, this product of Dell also has a very strong GPU.

It has the NVIDIA Quadro P1000. The capacity of this GDDR6 graphics card is 4 GB.

Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop Graphics Quadro P1000

This updated graphics card is very efficient at its work and having this strong graphical unit, this PC can process 4K contents very smoothly.

To run software like Solid Works, this type of strong processing unit is very necessary.

This PC is also used by some video editors and they are also very satisfied by the performance of this workstation.

For its strong configurations, this workstation has the capability to generate a very stable performance under any type of workload.

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Some passionate gamers have also tried their luck on this device and they are also mesmerized by experiencing its performance.

Windows 10 Professional 64-bit is the preinstalled operating system, on which this device of Dell runs, and to get the best outcome from this workstation, it is good to run this PC with the latest edition of this OS.

Storage & RAM

Besides powerful CPU and GPU, this product of Dell also has very strong storage and RAM sections.

In a workstation desktop, enormous storage capacity is very necessary because workstations are mainly used by the professionals of various fields and every processional has to manage a huge amount of data regularly.

This device from Dell comes with a Solid State Drive of 2 TB. Having such a huge SSD, this device’s storage capacity and data transferring speed are too high.

In the chassis, the developers have also placed additional PCIe M.2 and SATA HDD slots.

These slots are empty. If any user requires more storage capacity on the desktop, then he can install additional SSD and HDD in this PC.

For entry-level users, the initial storage capacity is more than enough. So, this workstation has ultimate storage upgrade options.

There are no limitations; the users can install any additional storage drive of any capacity by investing some extra dollars from their pocket.

The booting time, the application launching speed of any PC is mainly dependent upon the RAM section.

So, in a workstation desktop, the RAM section needs to be strong enough. So, The RAM section of this PC is quite powerful.

This workstation has a primary memory of 32 GB. This initial RAM capacity is sufficient to smoothly process various huge databases.

Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop RAM

The RAM section of this PC is also upgradable.

Ports & Connectivity

The ports and connectivity sections of this product are also quite strong. There are numerous USB ports and most of the updated types of USB ports are present in it.

The developers have used the spaces of this tower workstation very perfectly and they have installed 3 USB 3.2 Type-A Gen2 ports and 3 USB 3.2 Type-A Gen1 ports in it.

Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop Front Ports

Along with these posts, this device has 1 USB 3.2 Type-C Gen2 port, 2 USB 2.0 Type-A.

Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop Back Ports

The last two mentioned ports come with Smart Power features.

There are 2 Display ports of 1.4 versions. 4 mDP, 1 headphone microphone combo at the front side, and 1 headphone jack with audio out at the back section are also present in this product of Dell.

Dell Precision 3650 Workstation Desktop Rear Connections

The users don’t need to worry about Ethernet connectivity as 1 RJ45 1G Ethernet port is also present in this device.

To make this workstation more user-friendly, Dell has attached advanced wireless connectivity to this product.

This workstation desktop is compatible with Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX210 802.11ax. This inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity comes with a dual-band module.

For this reason, this inbuilt Wi-Fi has a vivid range and it has the capability to establish very strong connectivity, with external devices.

Bluetooth connectivity of version 5.2 is also used in this product. The users can use this updated Bluetooth connectivity to connect various wireless peripherals; such as wireless headphones, keyboard or mouse, etc.

As the wireless connectivity of this product is of the updated editions, the users can smoothly transfer data wirelessly, with great data transferring speed.

Additional Features

The cooling section of this PC is not quite strong. It only uses some cooling fans to maintain the inter temperature in a limit.

So, sometimes the users can face heating and hanging issues in this PC, especially when the installed processor runs at its extreme frequency.

By installing some additional cooling fans or an AIO, this problem can be solved to some extent.

The PSU of this PC is 300 Watt. So, we can say that this PC is an energy-efficient workstation to some extent.

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This product comes with a regular, wired mouse and keyboard. This workstation of Dell comes with a warranty of one year.


  • Brand: Dell
  • Storage: 2 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Storage Type: SSD
  • RAM TypeDDR4
  • Processor: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11700
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro P1000
  • Processor SpeedBase Frequency: 2.5GHz; Max Turbo Frequency: up to 4.9GHz
  • Processor BrandIntel
  • Product Dimensions: 13.6 inches x 6.95 inches x 13.18 inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

What Do Users Think About Dell Precision 3650 Workstation?

This device has the capability that it can easily impress anyone, with its solid top-notch performance.

Indeed, it is not a very highly configured workstation, but its specifications are in such order that it can offer a very satisfying performance in any situation.

By experiencing the capability and processing speed of this product, most of the buyers are in love with it.

But as this workstation is a bulky and expensive product, casual users prefer not to go with this deal. But by its solid performance, this workstation has created its own identity in this high comparative market.

For its easy-to-upgrade facility, this PC is mostly preferred by the moderate users of this generation; they can mold this device according to their workloads very easily.

Some of the buyers are disappointed with the dull design of this workstation and some are with its cooling sections.

These are some minor drawbacks of this device but all of these can be solved if the user wants.

He just needs to spend some extra money from his pocket and has to upgrade these sections. Check out Precision 3650 Manual.

If the user is disappointed with the design of the product, then he can simply purchase a large chassis from the market with plenty of RGBs, glass panels, etc.

And fit the entire components of it into that chassis. Similarly, they can install an AIO cooler to solve the heating issues.

As all the specifications of this system are easily upgradable, this deal seems to be the most efficient deal for the users of this generation.

However, most of the buyers of this product are highly satisfied with its initial specifications and performance.

Our Testing & Analysis

  • While doing photo editing on this desktop we didn’t face any serious issues. It worked seamlessly.
  • We did use Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and Canva on this desktop. And we didn’t face any lag or hanging issues.
  • We were also able to smoothly edit videos up to 1080p resolutions. But, when we tried to edit a 4K video, its performance degraded. Hopefully, that was for the inefficient cooling section.
  • We didn’t test any high-end game on this PC, but we ran some casual games for 10 to 20 minutes on it and we got satisfactory results, with good fps.
  • This desktop also tackled workloads of some basic 3D modeling and motion graphics very smoothly. And in this context, the option of attaching multiple display units helped us a lot.
  • We used this desktop for intense coding and programming purposes. And thankfully it delivered a very satisfactory performance.
  • Its huge and updated RAM and SSD sections played a key role in delivering fast and smooth performance in our intense coding seasons.
  • We ran some regular multitasking tasks with more than a dozen Chrome tabs and here the PC’s performance was also satisfying.

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