Dell Precision 7920 Tower Desktop Review

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Dell Precision 7920 Tower Desktop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


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  • It runs quietly
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Dual-orientation chassis
  • Swappable hard drive bays
  • Impressive expandability


  • No built-in Wi-Fi
  • Add-on cards
  • M.2 storage only
  • Raise the price
  • Sometimes RAM gets disputed


It is true that the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation is quite expensive, but given the great features and its performance, this is the one workstation which is definitely worth investing in for sure.

Dell Precision 7920 Tower & Variants Price


As already pointed out the technological needs of the current corporate world are high and many.

As a business owner in any sector, you need cutting edge technology systems to match the customer expectations and with it to keep the killing cut-throat competition at bay.

In case you are looking for a leading and advanced computer workstation then the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation is indeed at the forefront.

The good thing about this advanced Dell Computer system is that it is loaded with a host of the latest and most advanced features which always this computer system way ahead of the others in the category.

The Dell Precision 7920 Workstation is a really powerful computer system which is powered by the 2 X Intel Xeon Silver 4114 2.20 GHz 10 –85 W Core Processor with 13.75 M Cache.

This is what enables this advanced computer system to process bulk amounts of data in quick time. For any large computer system, this is a basic requirement which this workstation can easily do.

Apart from this the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation has a very large memory as well. This is to the scale of 64 GB (4X16 GB) 2666MHz DDR4 RDIMM ECC Memory.

To support its memory this computer system also has the 1 TB NVMe PCle SSD and 4 TB 3.5 inch 7200 RPM SATA HDD which is very useful indeed.

To support all the functions the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation has been provided with the latest Windows 10 Operating System too.

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Dell Precision 7920

So given all these very advanced features, you can be sure that this is the one computer system which will not only be ideal for the current environment but also be quite adequate to meet the future computing needs as well.

Buy for: powerful processor | great processing speed

Beware of: bulky outfit | noise issue on long run

Best uses for: video editing, gaming, software development and programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence, scientific research and simulations, etc.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:


No matter whether it is a simple Desktop Computer, A Laptop Computer, a tablet or a Smartphone you would know that which brand it belongs to is of prime importance.

With a reliable brand, you can be sure that no matter what product it is it would be of the best standards. When it comes to DELL then you can be sure that you have the very best always.

This Austin based Computer manufacturer has always been in the very forefront of the manufacturing as well as the most advanced Desktop and Laptop computers since the beginning.

Over the years this is one of the PC manufacturing brands which has brought for us the smartest, slimmest and elegantly designed PCs and Laptop computers since long.

They manufacture a wide range of computer systems which ensure seamless performance which takes the user experience to a whole new level.

They work tirelessly to ensure that their products are enhanced always and ensure supreme user experience. Check out top 10 desktop computer brands.

Thus with DELL, you can be sure that even you might have to pay a bit extra for their products it is an investment worth making.

With the latest DELL Computer systems, you can absolutely be sure that they deliver a performance which would take your business to the next level.

Out of the many products that are offered by DELL the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation is definitely one of the key products, which has been immensely popular all across the world.


No matter which technological device it is, it is, of course, important that it looks good and elegant. But more than that what is more important especially when it comes to workstations the performance is very critical indeed.

The Dell Precision 7920 Workstation offers great performance. This is owing to the powerful Processor it powered by.

Dell Precision 7920 CPU Socket

This is the Intel Silver 4114 Processor which is Deca-Core, 2.2 GHz and the 13.75 MB Cache, which is one of the latest.

Along with this it also has Substantial memory power as well. This is in the form of the 32 GB DD4 System memory and also the 1 TB NVMe PCIe SSD + 4TB 3.5inch 7200RPM SATA HDD.

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Not only has this in order to deliver great performance in terms of graphics this Computer System been provided with the NVIDIA Quadro P400 Graphics as well.

Dell Precision 7920 PCIe Slot

These entire features together combine truly a stunning performance which is any user really looks forward to. Check out best desktop computers list.


When it comes to design one should look at how it looks, how much space is required to accommodate it and also its functionality.

The good news is that the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation is one of the most smartly designed Work Stations. It offers a great look indeed.

Apart from this, the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation has been designed in a way that it is compact as well and can be accommodated in a small space as well.

Dell Precision 7920 Interior View

In terms of functionality also it is very useful indeed as it can perform plenty of functions with the seamless efficiency which also makes it one of the most sought after computer systems in its category all across the world.


The latest computer applications are of the highest quality. They require sufficient storage space as well.

This is why the storage space is very important for all computer systems and especially for work stations.

Dell Precision 7920

In terms of Storage, the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation has memory to the tune of 64 GB DD4 System memory and also the 256  GB  NVMe PCIe SSD +1TB 3.5inch 7200RPM SATA HDD.

Dell Precision 7920 Hard Drive

This is more than sufficient for most computing functions as is currently required.

Additional Features

Extra Addons: Apart from the regular features when it comes to buying anything as buyers or users we are also on the lookout for additional features.

If you are to take a lot at the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation then apart from the regular features you would also have the latest Windows 10 Pro Operating System which is specifically meant for Workstations of this nature.

Thus this is very useful indeed. There is also the high-quality Dell USB Key Board and Dell USB Mouse.

Warranty: To top it all you can also have the 3 years Dell Warranty on this computer system, which is great indeed and minimizes the maintenance costs to a large extent.

Photo & Video Editing Concepts

With the help of NVIDIA Quadro P400 graphics 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD one can simply play with it.

This is the Intel Silver 4114 Processor, which is Deca-Core, 2.2 GHz and the 13.75 MB Cache, which is one of the latest.

This is also complementing the best performance of the whole Tower.

As Gaming Station

The Dell Precision 7920 Workstation has been specifically designed to function as a Workstation as is very evident from its name itself.

The features which have been provided for in this computer system indeed help it function as an ideal work station.

The powerful  2 X Intel Xeon Silver 4114 220 GHz 10 –85 W Core Processor with 13.75 M Cache is it what enables this computer system to function ideally as a Gaming Workstation.

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Besides the memory capacity, it has the beautiful graphics it is provided with make this computer system function ideally as a Workstation.

What Users Are Talking About?

No matter how great the features claimed by the manufacturers or the distributors for whatever brand but this may not always be the most authentic source to assess the performance of any computer system.

This is what can most authentically be assessed by the user reviews in regard to it. Check out Dell Precision 7920 Tower Manual.

If you are to go through some of the reviews of the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation you would find that some users opine that it may be beyond the reach of some users.

But at the same time, some functions of this Dell workstation like rendering or simulation are some of the top functions which are very difficult to match.

Thus in case you are looking to have the best performance then this is what you can be very sure of with the Dell Precision 7920 Workstation.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

Based on our testing and the performance of the Dell Precision 7920 tower desktop, we can say that it is one of the most efficient options for video editing.

Its robust configurations and ample RAM capacity help the workstation effortlessly handle demanding editing tasks with great speed. We were able to smoothly edit 720p mp4 content on this PC.

Gaming enthusiasts will also be pleased with the overall performance of this device.

We played many trending games on it and experienced top-notch and seamless gameplay. However, its performance sometimes degraded, especially when the PC overheated.

We also used this device for software development and programming, and we obtained very satisfying performance from it.

Its configurations are very strong, which helps it deliver formidable performance. With its great processing speed, we were able to increase our productivity.

Based on its performance, we can say that this device is a great choice for machine learning and AI applications.

This device can also be used for scientific research and simulations. With a powerful CPU and huge RAM capacity, this device can easily and smoothly process any complex calculations and simulations.

However, fan noise is a key point of distraction. When we ran this device for a prolonged time, we noticed that its cooling fans started to make irritating noises that can disrupt the researcher’s thought process.

Nevertheless, it has the capacity to fulfill all of their computing needs.

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