Dell Precision M3520 Review – Pros Cons, Specs, Price & Verdict

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Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


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  • Battery good
  • Performance wise also good
  • Dell offers perfect support
  • Faster Transfer area
  • Good for mobile work forces


  • Screen is dim
  • Keyboard is also not perfect
  • Bit expensive
  • Not good for gaming
  • Little bit heavy to carry

The consumers are still skeptical about refurbished products. Read full Dell Precision M3520 review.

“The refurbished items don’t last long” or “Buying those will be a waste of our hard-earned money” – these are some common refrains in the consumer world.

But these are not true always. For example, Dell Precision M3520 Intel Review laptop will sustain wear and tear of your daily use and abuse for a long length of time.

It is simple, strong, sophisticated and speedy. And what Dell promises, it surely delivers!

Let us get down to the details and different aspects of the certified refurbished Precision laptop from the den of Dell. Check out best laptop brands.

Dell Precision M3520 & Variant Laptops Price

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Dell Precision M3520 Review

Dell Precision M3520 Intel

The product has undergone a series of serious and rigorous tests. Dell has wanted it to look like a brand new model.

The Intel Core processor is the backbone of this renovated item. The Intel processor gets excellent support from a combination of 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB SSD.

Definitely, more powerful elements could have been tossed under the hood but what Dell has done is enough to deliver.

There is no feature that you won’t get in other devices at the same price segment.

Still the combination of some good elements locked under the lid makes it an ideal piece for your purpose and pocket.

Microsoft Windows 10-based laptop is engineered to justify expectations and expenses of the buyers.


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Dell Precision M3520 Intel Reliability

Dell is one of the top brands recognized and revered worldwide. The manufacturer has put an array of competent hardware elements to ensure excellent speed, standard storage and moderate battery life.

The price may sound a little high but once you look at the spec chart, it won’t feel a mismatch.

With Intel i7 core processor throbbing in the slot, the device is least expected to be a slow runner. The 512 GB SSD and 32 GB DDR4 RAM duo make a perfect duet with the Intel Core processor.

With three major elements in alignment with the established standard, the system offers high speed and satisfaction.

If it comes to graphics, there are reasons to feel excited. NVIDIA Quadro M620 graphics card is set in the slot.

The images are bright though detailed is lost due to poor resolution. The same reason is responsible for grainy pictures.

We will now scan the features and functions of this certified refurbished model in order to discover the pros and cons of the Dell product.

The discussion will help you understand if you should buy it or consider its competitors. Read more about 10 best Dell laptops.

Performance – Processing Power

Dell Precision M3520 Intel Performance

Meet the gold-winning sprinter from Dell! Dell put it through several tests and so did we. And believe us, it amazed us with its smooth and speedy processing power.

Integration of Intel i7-7700HQ 2.80 GHz processor gave us a cue to what to experience and our guess did not go wrong.

Under the lid, 32 GB RAM does a wonderful job in tandem with the powerful processor. It allows fast booting and rebooting!

The processor runs with the same level of smoothness and speed even when multiple tasks are thrown at it to tease its potentials. We did it several times and with different combinations of applications.

We must admit that it did not frustrate us. Not a single time we waited for task to complete and were able to switch between multiple tabs easily.

The system simplifies even the most complex tasks supported by it. The device allows you to download high-end professional apps and run multiple applications simultaneously. It never goes slow! Take a look at top 10 high end laptop list.


The design is not extraordinary and Dell has brought us better-looking items. It looks pretty simple, so much so that you may have to try hard to discover a few interesting aspects of its design.

However, if it comes to strength, Dell has hit the bull’s eye. The chassis feels too strong to pick up damages easily even after a fall from medium height.

A combination of simplicity and durability sounds interesting and attracts buyers. Dell is hopeful that the axiom will hold good even for the refurbished laptop.

The device does not look cluttered with too many accessories. Just the right type and right number of accessories are packed with it.

According to our experts, it is a big plus as many buyers are happy with a few accessories what they need most on a regular basis.

Last but not the least, it is light in weight – a feature that the laptop buyers love a lot!


Dell Precision M3520 Intel Display

The 15.6-inch laptop offers quite a large real estate area. It features 1366×768 pixel resolution.

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The images look little blurred as resolution feels short of what should be the standard for such a larger display area.

Brightness is fine but lack of detailing due to low resolution is a big snag of the Dell device. You may not be able to enjoy the shows on the LCD display in daylight.

Graphics Power

Dell Precision M3520 Intel Graphics Power

Dell has created a separate slot to accommodate NVIDIA Quadro M620 graphics. The decision is a step towards making the display quality engaging and interesting.

However, the low resolution spoils the show as details are missing. What is more, you may have to squint your eyes to see the display; that is surely not on your wish list.


Storage Parts

Dell Precision M3520 laptop comes packed with 512GB SSD. The choice is in keeping with the standard though some of its close competitors have packed more storage spaces into the system.

However, that much is adequate to support your needs for computing, running memory-hungry professional apps and even low-end gaming.

The versatile device, on strength of its processor, RAM power and storage space allows you to do multitasking with effortless ease.

The built-in storage area enables you to save different types of memory-occupying files including image profiles, apps, YouTube videos, movies, songs and many more.

Both primary and secondary memory power plays a big role in adding to speed and performance of the renewed system.

Without these two great performers, the laptop could not have been a versatile system.

Battery Life

Battery Life

An 8-hour battery life does not sound great; still it gives you a peace of mind that the device will allow you to continue with your works if you are away from your home or office for good many hours.

However, better battery life is possible at the same price. From that perspective, battery life is another big disadvantage of this Dell device. Check out dell precision m3520 manual.

Other Specs

Intel Other Specs

The Dell device comes with all relevant accessories for right duet. First of all, it is equipped with a non-backlit keyboard.

However, the laptop does not feature any optical drive. The system runs on Widows 10 professional operating system. The laptop supports Bluetooth 4.1.

It has already been mentioned that the refurbished device is certified and that is a proof for its reliability and durability.

Dell has made it clear that the product underwent a series of refurbishing processes including basic cleaning, inspection, functionality testing and finally, repackaging.

The renewed system has a 90-day warranty on it and that seems to be a cherry on the cake!

It is likely that the product will be delivered at your doorstep in a generic box.

You can check out so many options that are here in this laptop.You can check out the features that will definitely give you a thrill while working.

What Do Other Experts and Users Think?

Other experts

When Dell announced that it would bring a precision M3520 model, PC MAG sensed clouds of suspicion among the target customers during our market survey.

We have already told it in the introduction that a larger number of customers are yet to welcome the refurbished systems.

However, the scenario is changing and Dell is doing a great job in ensuring the revolutionary evolution.

After it came into the market, the system received mix responses. Many did not like its design and some were too focused on performance to give a damn care to its ordinary look.

Not everyone likes simplicity and the device lacks sophistication to a larger extent.

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However, Dell has made up for that hitch with an assortment of excellent performers behind the screen and the system performs without hiccups.

However, that much is adequate to support your needs for computing, running memory-hungry professional apps and even low-end gaming.

As per the latest reports, the users are liking its performance. Versatility is a big plus of any system as the users want their device to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and effortlessly.

From that point, they have reasons to cheer about this Dell Precision certified refurbished product.

Under the lid, 32 GB RAM does a wonderful job in tandem with the powerful processor. It allows fast booting and rebooting!

The system runs like a gold-winning sprinter even if multiple tabs are open. It feels great for the users, as they often require opening several tabs to search details and scoop out information.

So, do net surfing, watch YouTube videos and continue writing a blog – everything will flow fine.

The users are reportedly not impressed with display quality. The images lack details and brightness, largely due to low resolution.

The fact that the images look heavily blurred in sunlight does not make them happy at all.

Finally, they have expressed their satisfaction over the memory power packed under the hood.

The storage area is larger enough to make room for a great number of all kinds of text, image and video files.

Our Verdict

Our Verdict On Dell Precision M3520

Out experts put themselves in the users’ shoes while giving a verdict about this Dell system.

If your needs are confined to accounts checking, programming, downloading and YouTube watching, it is not a device to disappoint.

We started with design and durability. The design is not much different from run of the mills but on the ground of durability, the system is on par with some of its great-in-class competitors. The device feels solid and strong.

Perfect buildup complements power-packed performance. Speed is the prime consideration for the users.

Let us make it clear that Dell has made it enough speedier. At no point, you will feel that you have spent on a slow coach.

Versatility is a big draw for the customers. This Dell Precision M3520 Intel Core i7 system allows you run a number of applications at the same time.

The system is flexible enough to switch between multiple apps in a tiny fraction of second.

When performing several tasks simultaneously, the system never gets lazy. When Intel is in, output feels satisfactory.

Like hundreds of users, we are not happy with its display features and quality. The resolution is below the average and explains for grainy images.

The display area measures 15.6-inch and larger enough to offer details.

However, low resolution turns out a big spoiler and does not offer a good viewing experience. Forget about crispiness and brightness, especially if you are sitting on a near-the-window sofa.

Storage space is 512 GB SSD. Looking at the broad pictures, this amount does not sound great but feels enough to accommodate both graphic and text files in a larger number.

It went through a number of new-age and rigorous resting to become a certified refurbished device. You can trust on its power and potentials without thinking twice.

Go and get it!