Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Desktop Review

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  • This desktop of Dell provides a great, promising performance to the user.
  • It comes with metallic and compact design.
  • There are some extra spaces or rooms for further upgradation of the product.
  • The capacity of the RAM of this product is 64GB.
  • The device provides smooth performance while running 4K videos.


  • The fan of this product creates a little bit noise.
  • In order to upgrade the Graphics Processing Unit of this product the user also needs to upgrade the power unit also.
  • A monitor is not packed with this product.
  • Bit high price
  • Heating issue while running 4K videos.

This product of Dell is one of the most favourite products to the video editors. One of the most attractive aspects of this Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Desktop is its faster processing speed. Check out Dell XPS 8930 special edition desktop review and see the price.

Besides its high-performing report this product also helps the users by providing easily upgradable option. A user can modify the product according to his needs.

This updated version of Dell XPS is wind up with 9th generation processor and the graphical performance of this product is also too good.

Power, speed, video playback and gaming are the most important and attractive feature of this product of Dell. Check out Best Dell Desktops.

Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Desktop & Variants Price

Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Desktop Review

Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Desktop

Buy for: This Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition desktop have great performance report with great graphical performance; for which it is one of the most favourite products to each and every gamer, video editor and animator.

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Beware of: The performance of product is undoubtedly great but the only drawback of this product is its price which is too high.

Best uses for: Adobe Illustrator, gaming and other purposes.


This is a highly classified desktop of Dell which is designed for performing, high graphics performance and the compressed design of the product is also attractive.

This product is the perfect choice for the video editors and animators as it comes with huge, RAM, GPU and storage capacity and updated i9 processor also increases its performing ability.

Design and Build

This product of Dell has got a metallic design at the front, which enhance the outfit of the product.

The luxurious design of this product helps the users by consuming a very less space.

The performance of this product is really great and the product is compactly designed. Silver is the most common colour of it. Check out Best Dell Desktops for Video Editing.


This Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Desktop is packed with 9th Gen Intel 8-Core i9-9900K processor with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB GDDR5 GPU.

The processor comes with 16 MB smart cache memory. The performance of the processor can be boosted by using Turbo booster facility to 5.00GHz.

The product has a processor count of 8. This Dell desktop can easily run 4K videos smoothly.

The graphic performance of this product is too good for which it is one of the favourite product to the video editors.

This product is able to run any casual games or software but for complex and classified software the user has to update its specifications.

The 4 GB external graphics card helps the product to enhance its processing speed. Windows 10 Home of 64 bit is pre-installed in this desktop of Dell.

The huge RAM of it has made this product capable to run any software easily. Speed and quality are the two major aspects of this updated Dell desktop.

Storage & RAM

RAM and storage are the two major components of any desktop as they are directly related to the speed and performance of the product.

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These are the two major components that define the quality of any PC. Check out Best Desktops for Animation.

This unique and classy, updated desktop of Dell comes with 64 GB DDR4 RAM which is more than enough for running any regular applications.

This product offers a huge storage capacity to the user. It comes with 2 TB HDD storage and 1TB SSD. This huge capacity of storage attracts the buyers from many fields.

In order to run  that type of huge storage  the PC requires huge amount of RAM for which  it comes with 64GB DDR4 RAM  and the external GPU of 4 GB  also supports to enhance the performance of the product .

Ports & Connectivity

Ports and connectivity are one of the most important aspects of any desktop. Check out Best Desktops for Graphic Design.

This updated and classified product of Dell comes with 7 USB 3.1 type A ports.

2 USB 3.1 type C ports along with two USB 2.0 ports are available in this product. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity of version 4.2 is attached with this product.

Wireless connectivity of 802.11 a/c with gigabit Ethernet is present in this classified product of Dell. Integrated 5.1 channel audio with waves MaxAudio is available in it.

So, as we can see this classified product of Dell comes with plenty of updated connectivity features and ports.

Any user can hardly found any connectivity issue in this product. Check out Best Desktops for Music Production.

Additional Features

A warranty of 2 years is attached with this product. Dell USB laser Mouse and wired keyboard of Black colour are attached with this product.

Optical drive for DVD and RW drives is also available in this product. The shipping weight of this desktop is around 16.9 pounds. Check out Best Desktop Computers.


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What Do Users Think about Dell XPS 8930?

The users are very happy with this classified Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Desktop. This is highly configured desktop which is able to provide high-performance to the users.

Its smooth performance and its superb build quality are one of the most attractive points to the users. Many users are ready to pay more for this kind of classified desktops.

Although the price of this product is an issue to many users but, most of them are ready to pay the money for the quality. Check out Dell XPS 8930 Manual.

Any regular software even software like ACAD, BIM and other software of desktop publishing can easily and smoothly be run by this desktop of Dell.

Other Expert Views

According to PCMag, this this updated version is faster and is capable to handle more complex and heavy software.  The users are getting great viewing experience from this product. Its compact design is one of the most attractive features of this model.

According to Techrader, this Dell XPS special edition has made its own market by providing high performance in gaming segment and by providing enough power to the virtual reality.

Another well known website Gamingpcz says that this Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Desktop is a high end desktop PC which is strong in digital applications and specially used by video editors and casual gamers.

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