14 Differences Between Desktop and Laptop Computer

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What are the differences between desktop and laptop computer? There are a few things one can’t do without. And computers are one of them. It is the latest and the most beneficial invention of science.

It is a device that takes and gives the command. It has four rule principals. One is to take information from the user. The second is to give the user output. The third is to store information for us.

Forth to process the information. Modern and advanced computers have gone through many changes. There are many varieties of computers like personal computers, minicomputers and many more.

Each has its disadvantages and advantages. A type of personal computer is also called a desktop computer. Used in home, school, and offices. There are many parts like the CPU (Central Processing Unit), keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Also, printer and scanner.

Having large capacity and space, a laptop and on the other hand is also a type of personal computer. It is also known as “Notebook Computer”. It is very portable because of its lightweight.

It has got two basic parts like a keyboard and a lean screen. Laptops are also chargeable. It is very durable and portable. And one can connect it with the phone and transfer data.

A laptop comes with a Touchpad (Trackpad). Technology is becoming advanced and laptops are becoming very popular. One preferred laptop than a desktop computer.

It is better for business or other purposes. It is very portable and can be taken anywhere both desktops and laptops come with pre-install software.

They also come with port connections. Like there in-built CD and DVD components. Extra CD and DVD components are now replaced with USB ports on a laptop, these days.

They both come with the CPU, RAM, graphics, HDD (hard disk drive) or SSD (solid-state drive), and many more. The laptop is an all-in-one computer.

So it does not come with a mouse. It comes with a touchpad whereas a desktop comes with the mouse. So while deciding between buying a desktop or laptop computer one needs to keep two factors in mind.

To find the difference between two popular personal computers properly. Both have benefits and drawbacks. And the user needs to choose wisely to keep in mind the surroundings and situations while buying.

Differences Between Desktop and Laptop Computer 

Differences between Desktop and Laptop Computer                                 

Investing in the best personal computer has become an important part. Keeping all decisions and differences in mind one needs to choose, keeping in mind their comfort and budget.

1. Speed

Both have become more equal in terms of speed and performance. It is because of recent advancements. Many still opt for a desktop. It is because they think desktop computers are more powerful.

Many believe that the speed of the desktop computer is more. And one can play games and videos and perform many more tasks very smoothly.

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The laptop is needed for basic office processing, internet usage, and many other tasks. The laptops are perfect for use. Where speed is not the main factor.

2. Portable

Desktop computers have a lot of separate parts. Like the monitor, mouse, speaker, CPU, and many more. Which makes it difficult for anyone to take desktop computers anywhere.

It becomes unmanageable to carry all the separate parts together all in one go. They are designed to be kept and used in one place. Therefore, making it immovable.

On the other hand, laptops are very portable. It is made and designed to be portable and can be carried to many places. One can carry a laptop in a bag or in a laptop carrying case. It is all in one device. It has a touchpad, speaker, keyboard, and lean screen present and one device.

3. Processor

Desktop computers have processors that are a little larger in size. But it is very powerful compared to the laptop processor. Many advanced processors have come in the market first and are available for desktop computers only.

Laptop processors get caught up and are not that powerful like the rest of computer processors. Limited processors are available for laptop computers.

But the processor used for gaming laptops has equal performance as the desktop processor. It comes with the only drawback. That is the laptops become very expensive compared to desktop computers.

4. Keyboard

In desktop computers, the keyboard is separate but comes together when purchased. There are no limitations on the size of the keyboard.

It is because the keyboards attached are not portable along with the desktop computer. Keyboards in desktop computers also include a number pad.

A laptop comes with a smaller screen like the 14 and 15 inch screens. They have a small keyboard. They do not include a number pad. The larger screen has big keyboards and they also have a number pad. Which makes the laptop heavy and bulky.

5. Monitor or Screen Size

Just like the keyboard, the monitor has no limitations in size. The desktop computer’s monitor is heavy and cannot be taken anywhere. The monitor is a separate path but comes together in a desktop computer.

The size of the monitor purchased can vary. Like one can purchase a monitor of 15 inch screen size to a larger monitor having the screen size of like 34 inches.

Laptop size of screen matters. It determines the size and weight of the laptop. Laptops come with an in-built screen. The larger the screen size the heavier the laptop causing problems in portability.

6. Resolution

Desktop computers have high resolution. In a desktop computer, the standard resolution one can have is 1920×1080. Many desktops do support higher resolutions.

Most laptops come with a low resolution like 1366×768. Which is lower than the desktop computer’s resolution.

7. Mobility

A desktop computer is meant to keep in the office or at home. It needs the computer to be connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

In a laptop, there are all in-built (monitor, mouse, keyboard, and many more). It can be taken anywhere. It can be transported because it comes in one complete device. That can be used anytime, anywhere.

8. Power Usage

The desktop computer can run on the main powers. It does not have batteries. It uses more power than a laptop.

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It has a higher wattage of power supply, leading to more power consumption. For instance, if the power fluctuates or if it goes out then any document which was being worked on the desktop will not be saved.

Laptops because of its less power consumption and durability it comes with batteries. Power fluctuations will not be problematic. Leading to unsaved work. The user can plug in the laptop to charge and to continue working.

9. Storage

For internal storage, desktop computers may have many devices installed. Desktop computers are better in storage.

It can store a large amount of data because a distant memory can be added if needed to improve the performance. Or one can get any extended Hard Disk Drive(HDD) or SSD, external storage like USB data ports, and many more.

The laptop comes with an internal storage drive and external storage laptops can also connect to many external devices. But the number of ports on the laptop is very less compared to the desktop computer.

10. Easy to Assemble

For the use of desktop computers, one needs to manually set up the parts. It is done by connecting all the important devices and avoiding confusion. This setup needs a larger space than a laptop and is a little bit time consuming.

It takes a little extra work and can sometimes lead to confusion. It sometimes becomes unmanageable if one does not know the proper way of setting up the desktop computer.

For laptops that are built already. One purchase a laptop with the setup which is already done by the manufacturer. One has to take the laptop out of the box, plug it in, and press the power button to start. The laptop needs very little effort for setup.

11. Upgrading

Upgrading most parts in a desktop computer is easy and can be done easily. It is removable since the desktop computers are bigger. And upgrading can be done easily.

For laptops except for the memory and the drives, other parts and components are not removable or can’t be upgraded. If one wants to change the other non-removable parts of the laptop then one has to ultimately purchase another laptop which has all the updated parts and specifications.

12. Gaming

Desktop Computers are known as the best for gaming. And is capable of high powered video cards. Video cards have a higher requirement and are top end.

The card requires better heat reduction. This requirement can be provided by the desktop computer, therefore, they are the best for gaming. And for tasks that consume more power. Even more, one video card can be installed in a desktop computer.

Due to physical space laptops have limited graphics capabilities. While gaming laptops have better graphics but the power consumption is excessive. Even space is again limited which causes a problem.

If one does not plug in the laptop on charge while playing it will lead to the laptop going bad because of the excess power consumption while gaming.

13. Maintenance and Repair

Due to removable parts, the hardware can be easily repaired and purchased from the computer retail shop. Maintaining a desktop computer is very easy and needs less effort.

One using a laptop, for them the opening and repairing a laptop becomes very hectic and difficult if one does not know how to. Replacements are difficult to find. One needs to give the laptop to a technician enterprise to repair which will take some time.

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14. Price or Cost

There is a wide range of parts available for the desktop computer. One can buy it as a whole or even customize it which is much cheaper compared to the laptop having the same specification as the desktop computer.

Laptop services available in many varieties but are limited, unlike the desktop laptop. To get a more powerful laptop, keeping in mind the speed, graphics, storage, and other specifications.

The price can shoot up a lot. One can buy a desktop at a much cheaper price having the same specification and will be high end.

But a high end laptop having the same specification as a high end desktop computer may cost more than the desktop computer, depending on the brand. The higher the specifications the higher the cost of the laptop.

Which is Better – Laptop or Desktop?

The final decision is always done by the user. It is up to the user if he or she wants to purchase a desktop computer or a laptop. If after seeing an understanding of all the differences one thinks that desktop computers are the best.

But the user requires something portable and nice then the laptop is the best option. If one does not like to use a touchpad then a USB mouse is also available in the market.

Laptop computers come with a lot of limitations and the price of the high end ones a lot.

If one wants a computer for gaming, photo and video editing, and many other tasks that are intensive and requires high power consumption then the best computer to invest in is a desktop computer.

If portability is not necessary and one wants to keep upgrading the computer then desktop computers are the best to go for. Desktop computers can perform basic tasks also like sending emails and browsing the web.

While purchasing a desktop computer or a laptop one needs to understand and keep a few things in mind. One has to draw a proper comparison between the two popular personal computers.

Personal choice preference and convenience should be kept in mind while deciding and purchasing any among the two. Also, the budget should be kept in mind.

While technology advances the user needs to keep all the elements in mind alongside the other differences to choose and purchase wisely. In the end, investing in a good computer is a crucial decision.


Personal choice and personal preference depending on the user. How the user wants to customize or purchase the personal computer, depends on the budget. Surroundings, affordability, and many other factors should be kept in mind. Both personal computers have their pros and cons.

Therefore, choosing wisely is important. For gamers, it is recommended that buying a desktop computer is much more beneficial than a laptop.

The one who won portability and wants to perform basic tasks then going for a laptop computer will be the best. In the end, choosing wisely is important.