Dual Core & Quad Core Processor: 7 Differences

One of the most significant advancements in recent years has been the introduction of multi-core processors, which have two or more processing cores on a single chip.

Dual-core and quad-core processors are two of the most common types of multi-core processors. This article will discuss the differences between dual-core and quad-core processors and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Understanding the distinctions between these two types of processors can help computer users choose the best option for their needs.


  • In a dual core processor there are two cores on a silicon chip placed separately but linked with each other while in a quad core processor there are four cores.
  • A dual core processor can deal with two software programs at the same time but a quad core processor can handle four.
  • The quad core processors can complete a task much faster than a dual core processor since there are more cores to divide the workload to and offer better graphics performance.
  • The dual core processors consume less heat in comparison to a quad core processor and therefore generate less heat.

7 Differences Between Dual Core and Quad Core Processor

Differences Between Dual Core and Quad Core Processor

Let us go through some major differences between a dual core and a quad core processor. Check out Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium Processors.

1. Cores

The very fast difference between a dual core and a quad core processor is in the numbers of the cores present in them.

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The number of the cores defines the name of the processors.

A dual core processor is equipped with 2 numbers of cores and a quad core processor has 4 cores.

This type of familiar nomenclature is very helpful to the casual users who don’t have a great knowledge about the processors of a PC.

2. Processing Speed

The processing speed is one of the major concerns to the users while choosing the processor for their computer.

The average clock speed of a dual core processor and the quad core processor is almost the same.

But, having more numbers of cores, the quad core processor can divide the whole workload among the 4 cores of it.

So, it can complete a job faster. So, the performing speed of a quad core processor is faster than a dual core processor.

3. Multitasking Ability

One of the major differences between a quad core processor and dual core processor is the multitasking ability of them.

Having more cores, a quad core processor, can handle more numbers of applications simultaneously.

A quad core processor can easily handle four software whereas a dual core processor is able to easily and smoothly control 2 applications.

4. Generated Heat

The clock speed of both of the processors is almost in the same range.

But having 4 cores a quad core processor generates more amounts of heat while running for a long time.

On the other hand, the dual core processor generates minimal heat.

If a PC is equipped with a quad core processor, then the PC must have a decent cooling system.

5. Consumption of Energy

A dual core processor consumes very less electricity than a quad core processor.

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The dual core processors are very energy efficient. Having four cores a quad core processor consumes more power.

6. Graphical Ability

A user cannot enjoy very high graphical content by using a dual core processor.

The quad core processors have more graphical ability than a dual core processor.

But one can also enhance the graphical ability of the dual core processors by using a decent GPU.

If a quad core processor gets the support of a GPU, then it will offer more eye-catchy visuals to the users.

7. Price

As the number of the cores gets increased, the price of the processors increases accordingly.

So, the price of a quad core processor is higher than a dual core processor.

Most of the affordable desktop and the laptops come with dual core processors.

Which is the Better – Dual Core or Quad Core?

The dual core processors and the quad core processors both are very popular and both are very good in terms of their respective performance.

But we can say that quad core processors are the all rounder. They can handle any crucial situation easily.

The performing ability of the quad core processors is better than the dual cores.

There is no doubt that a quad core processor is a better choice.

But, if the budget of the users is low and if he can’t afford a quad core processor then he can go with dual core.

In this case, the user has only to compromise with the performing speed.

The dual core processors are strong enough to handle moderate type software easily.

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Although this is an era of octa core processors, most of the casual users and commercial places still use the dual core processors.

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