Do Laptops Break or Get Damaged Easily?

Starting from physical damage like breaking off the hinges, screen, and keypads to internal damages like overheating, viruses, driver conflict, etc are leading to breaking the laptop very easily.

People make huge mistakes while they are using their laptops. So let us check out the reasons in detail.

Key Takeaways 

  • Laptops break internally due to faulty installation of drivers, malware and viruses, faulty hardware, etc.
  • If you do not handle your laptop with care then it can break very easily, especially the hinges, screen, keypads, etc.
  • There are external reasons like overheating, overcharging, not adjusting the power cables correctly, and handling the whole device incorrectly.

11 Reasons Why Laptops Break Easily

Do Laptops Break or Get Damaged Easily

Laptops are generally delicate and they are built to offer mobility during work but depending on the built quality one needs to understand that if it is not carefully used then the laptop can simply break easily.

These reasons can be both physical and software oriented. You can check out some reasons which led to the laptop breaking down very easily.

Let us dig into the reasons.

1. Conflicting Drivers  

Many of the time when the hardware applications like printers and scanners are installed in your laptop so that the laptop can recognize the new devices.

If these drivers are not properly installed then they can start conflicting which can crash the laptop in time.

If the crash occurs due to the usage of a particular peripheral then it is better to reinstall the driver correctly so that it does not conflict.

It is better to reinstall the updated version and see whether the problem persists or not.

2. Malware and Viruses 

If there is inadequate malware and virus protection in your laptop then you can get some threats that lead to crashes.

There are various reasons why you can have threats like USB drivers, virus-driven sites, and even malware. Without proper protection, your laptop will break easily in front of these viruses.

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To save your laptop from these kinds of threats you should update your laptop with a proper protection system that is saving it from any kind of malicious threats.

Connecting in public places, and using USBs won’t be a headache anymore.

3. Faulty Hardware

Like any other device, the hardware parts inside a laptop can simply break at any time.

When you are misusing your laptop in the name of mobility, there are parts like the hard drive that are sensitive to jostling as these parts are used heavily.

The same thing happens with the RAM which your laptop can have.

The new laptops can show an alert in the BIOS which tells you whether your hardware is performing or not.

The free diagnostics simply tell you whether the RAM is faulty or not.

4. Over Heating

Laptops have so many components that are packed within a small compartment. In that small area if overheating is caused then it can simply cause the fatal condition.

The overheating can not only crash your laptop completely but at the same time overheating can damage the internal hardware permanently.

The dust clogs the vents which help in circulating the air and leave the laptop in a perfect state but when their vents are clogged the laptop tends to overheat and ultimately crashes.

For perfect airflow, the vents should be clean and air should pass correctly.

5. Not Updating Laptop

If you are not keeping up with the recent updates of your laptops that can be of the virus, malware, and even the software then your laptop can break easily.

If you fail to update then it won’t offer an extremely fatal condition but it can indeed make the performance sluggish.

Even the software updates and other necessary updating makes the whole process smooth and comfortable.

Your laptop will also be in good health.

6. Improper Physical Usage

When you use your laptop unwisely then it becomes an issue in its physical parts. You can see issues in the hinges which are frequently damaged.

When you use the laptops multiple times then the fragile and small parts get damaged so frequently.

You can make some careful attempts at opening and closing the laptops, do it very gently, and at the same time when it becomes stiff then do not pressure it.

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The hinge can be easily replaced but be careful with the screen, if it damages the screen then you lose the value of your laptop completely.

7. Cables

When you are doing the work on the laptop then it is necessary that power cables are being used by you to charge.

Sometimes these cables are mishandled in a way that leads to the gradual damage of the battery.

This is one of the important reasons why laptops break so easily.

When you are moving the cables much more or getting pinched by various objects. It simply squeezes the plug and ultimately dismantles the cable.

If these charging cables do not keep up with the whole object then there can be an issue with power charging. This damages the laptop eventually.

8. Handling the Device Incorrectly

Laptops are not like PCs; these should be handled with care. The way you are using, handling, and managing it decides how it will be.

It does not matter whether your laptop is highly expensive or not, it is not a metal tank.

If your laptop falls from your hand then it has all the chance that it will break easily.

It is true that when you are using the laptop then use it properly with the bag and also handle it with care for a prolonged time of usage.

9. Giving Too Much Pressure

If you are taking your laptop inside a bag that is also filled with books and other kinds of stuff then it is very normal that you break the laptop so easily.

The hinges, the screen, and even the keyboards are all susceptible to breakage.

It is always advisable that you take care of the laptop’s body even if it says it can handle loads of wear and tear.

Still, it is always better that you gain the best formulation to save your laptop from any sort of breakage to handle it with care.

10. Low Built Quality

The durability of the laptop accelerates its lifespan. However, some manufacturers are simply not making their show pieces as strong as it says.

In the spec sheet, the durability is reduced or curtailed to make the laptop much cheaper and thus it is easily susceptible to breakage.

Those laptops which are simply giving you a higher quality build where the average lifespan increases even with more usage.

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A strong laptop can handle much pressure, heat, and even workability.

11. Building Rust

Sometimes you can see some parts of the laptop are made of plastic.

For example, if you see the hinges which are sometimes built with plastics are not susceptible to rust build-up.

These laptops are not prone to coercion. It is easier for you to close and the hinges do not stuck in between.

The more time your laptop remains open the more it gets stuck. It would prevent you from closing it.

The hinges are stuck and at the same time, the laptops get stuck forever. Then your laptop can experience potential damage.

Questions & Answers

How Long Do Laptops Last Before Breaking?

To be honest this answer depends on how you will keep the laptop with necessary updates and handle it with care. Usually, it lasts 3 to 5 years but it can certainly stay more than that if taken proper care of.

Will a Laptop Break If You Drop It?

Yes, if you drop a laptop from a certain height it will break, crack or break the hinges, even the screen can get affected, LCD might get defective and you might have to go for some expensive repairs.

Are Laptops Very Fragile?

Laptops are not so fragile but yes if it is not handled with care then they can break at any time. If you accidentally drop your laptop on a hard surface then it may be susceptible to breakage, both external and internal parts can be broken.

Can You Break a Laptop by Shaking It?

No, you do not harm your laptop if you are shaking it as the laptops are susceptible to unreasonable numbers of motion. The laptops can sustain the motion and the lid is made in such a way that it can bear this much.


Laptops which do not have a good build are all easily susceptible to breakage. But if you handle it with care then the life span will increase a lot.

You need to take good care of your laptop internally for any sort of physical damage or faulty software.

It is not easily handled but you need to be careful with time so that your laptop does not break easily.

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