Braswell Processor

What is Braswell Processor?

The term Braswell signifies the name given to the multi-core System on a Chip (SoC) designed by Intel. These are supposed to be the next generation SoCs built on Airmont microarchitecture with industry-leading tri-gate transistors.

Technically, these processors are built on the 14 nm manufacturing process and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS technology. These chips support the x86-64 Instruction Set Architecture and 64-bit word size.

Understanding Braswell Processor

What is Braswell Processor

The term Braswell is usually the name of the cores of the System on a Chip designed by Intel that were released on March 2015 as the successor to the 22 nm Bay Trail D, Bay Trail I, and Bay Trail M.

Therefore, the Braswell chips are considered to be the die-shrink of Bay Trail CPUs.

The Braswell chips are designed to be used in a diverse range of systems such as:

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These specific chips are designed on the Airmont microarchitecture and a tri-gate 14 nm manufacturing process.

The improved features and functionalities inside the Braswell chips offer quite high performance overall.

The most significant aspect of these chips is their ability to offer high performance within a specific power envelope. It is due to the specific capabilities of it, which include:

With a core configuration of 2 to 4, the most notable improvement in the design of the Braswell processors is the addition of Gen 8 graphics support.

General information

Here are a few facts regarding the physical and technical aspects of the Braswell CPUs:

Brands and features

There are different brands of Braswell processors available, such as Pentium and Celeron, that are used for both desktop and mobile systems.

There is also an Atom x5 variant that is designed for use in embedded systems. Each of these brands comes with varying features.

For example, the significant features of the Pentium processors are as follows:

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As for the Celeron processors, the features are as follows:

And, as for the Atom x5 processors used in the embedded systems, the specific features include the following:

Braswell vs Haswell

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The Braswell processors are a worthy successor to Bay Trail in terms of power consumption and performance delivery.

With its improved features and functionalities than its predecessors, it serves the purpose of low-end desktop, mobile and embedded systems quite well with a significant battery bump.