Clarkdale Processor

What is Clarkdale Processor?

The term Clarkdale refers to the codename of microprocessors built on the 32 nm fabrication process. They typically belong to the 1st generation of the Intel Core i3, i5, and Celeron, Pentium, and Xeon families.

Designed by Intel, these are, usually, dual core processors and are the successors of the Wolfdale dual core processors.

However, technically, these CPU chips typically contain most of the major components of Northbridge.

Understanding Clarkdale Processor

What is Clarkdale Processor

Clarkdale refers to the Intel Core i3, Core i5, Celeron, Pentium and Xeon processors belonging to the 1st generation.

You will find most of the Northbridge components in the Clarkdale processors such as:

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The inclusion of all these components makes it possible to create more compact systems which will not need a separate Northbridge or a dedicated graphics unit as it is usually required in the other architectures such as Lynnfield.

There are actually two dies in the Clarkdale processor package. These are:

However, there is a notable physical separation between the memory controller and the processor die.

This causes amplified memory latency as compared to those CPUs that do not have them separated.

The mobile counterpart of the Clarkdale processors is Arrandale.

They are both closely related and have similar components and design features such as:

Brand names

The Clarkdale processors are sold under different brand names, each having varying features. These are the following:

Here, the Core i5 versions are different from their Core i3 counterparts, usually having all the features enabled in them, though a few models lack TXT and Intel VT-d as opposed to the Core i3 versions.

Similarly, the Intel Celeron and Pentium versions usually do not support SMT, or Simultaneous Multithreading, and can only use a small amount of Level 3 cache.

The Xeon variants usually support all the features of the Core i5 CPUs, and along with it, a few specific models also support unbuffered Error Correction Code or ECC memory.

However, these processors typically have a lower Thermal Design Power (TDP) and clock frequency.

General specifications

Here are a few general specifications of the Clarkdale processors summarized for you:

Instruction sets and extensions support

The Clarkdale processors support x86 and x86-64 instruction sets and quite a few extensions of theirs, such as:

What Generation is Clarkdale?

As said earlier, typically, the Clarkdale processors belong to the 1st generation of dual core desktop processors from the Intel Core i3, Core i5, Xeon, Celeron, and Intel Pentium families.

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The Clarkdale CPUs are quite good options since they offer a fairly high price-to-performance ratio.

In spite of the two cores in them, these chips come with all those precise features that help in doing both basic and a few complex tasks on them.

Still, a lot of help should not be expected while playing advanced games.