Dedicated Graphics Card

What is Dedicated Graphics Card?

A Dedicated Graphics Card is a type of computer hardware that is designed specifically to handle the processing of graphics and video tasks. It has its own processor (GPU) and memory, separate from the computer’s CPU and RAM.

Dedicated graphics cards are typically used in gaming and high-performance applications where the demands on the computer’s graphics processing capabilities are high.

They are also commonly used in desktop computers and workstations, and are available in a range of performance levels and price points.

Understanding Dedicated Graphics Card

What is Dedicated Graphics Card

Dedicated graphics indicate the additional graphics card of a computer system. It is essential for running high-end games.

Professional video editors and professional designers also need the dedicated graphics in their systems. It is not very useful for casual users.

This piece of hardware is mainly useful to enhance the graphical ability and graphical performance of any computer.

Dedicated graphics is also widely known as video cards. It has its own source of memory which is completely separate and independent from the computer’s primary memory.

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This type of graphics gives the processor the ability to quickly access the HD images.

One can easily customize the dedicated graphics of his computer, he can easily enhance the graphical ability but he also has to update the cooling ability of the computer accordingly.

If the user runs high graphical games or watches HD movies then, this dedicated graphics card gets activated and helps the CPU to handle these data.

GPU usually consumes more electricity or charge from the battery that is the very reason behind battery drainage issues in various portable laptops.

Dedicated graphics are more powerful and useful than integrated graphics. In order to experience better visuals, one has to lie on dedicated graphics.

Pros of Dedicated Graphics Card

1. Enhancement of the system’s overall performance

If a PC is equipped with a dedicated graphics card then the overall performance of the system gets enhanced and it is one of the major advantages of it.

The graphics cards process all the graphical data. Having its own separate memory it also helps the RAM by handling graphical contents.

In fact, the memory of the dedicated GPU is faster than the RAM. Even it can provide better performance than the integrated GPU.

2. Graphical ability and performance increases

The dedicated graphics cards offer more features and it helps the system in handling various graphical contents smoothly.

The experts always preferred a dedicated graphics card for experiencing better performance.

For running video or photo editing software and various designing oriented applications the dedicated GPU is very necessary in our systems.

Even for enjoying full HD 1080p and 4K videos, it is also required. Dedicated GPU is also very useful for the audio industry.

To build an HTPC, efficiently and effortlessly the dedicated GPU is also needed.

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3. Superior gaming experience

Gaming is always one of the centers of attractions to every PC user. The integrated or shared graphics can run only some basic level games.

As we all know this is an era of real-time gaming and 4K gaming.

To enjoy these types of games, smoothly with great visual effects, a decent GPU is a must.

For better frame rates and to experience flawless gaming every gaming PC has to be equipped with a great dedicated video card.

If the user’s budget is low then he has to go with mid-range graphics. By using it they can also enjoy updated games but in a lower game setting.

4. Multiple display support

For getting a better visual effect every gamer and other advanced software users usually prefer multiple monitors in their systems.

To support multiple monitors a dedicated graphics is required.

For this operation, an expensive GPU is not needed, a basic entry-level graphics card is sufficient for it.

5. Better driver experience

The systems which are equipped with and dedicated graphics have better driver support facilities than the PCs with integrated graphics.

The feature is very useful in running most of the updated applications on the updated operating systems.

Cons of Dedicated Graphics Card

6. Heating issue

One of the major disadvantages of dedicated graphics is that they generate a huge amount of heat while running HD contents.

The system which has a dedicated GPU should be equipped with great cooling ability.

Updated liquid cooling facilities are the best but they are very costly.

If the user doesn’t afford it he should use multiple fans to offer great cooling to the system.

If the generated heat does not find any exit point then it will cause serious damage to the other components of the PC.

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7. Energy consumption

The dedicated graphics consume more energy than the integrated one.

This doesn’t create any serious issues to the desktop users but for laptop users, it is a major consideration.

One of the major causes behind the battery drainage issue in the various laptops is the dedicated graphics.

Gaming laptop users are very much affected by this problem.

8. Price

The purchasing cost of the dedicated graphics is very high. But for enjoying moderate games mid-range graphics are sufficient.

But for configuring a serious gaming system the users have to invest a huge amount of money on the dedicated GPU.

Laptops with better GPU configuration are mostly very expensive products.

9. Makes the laptops heavier

The laptops which are equipped with dedicated graphics are more balky and heavier than the others.

So the users face many problems while carrying them. So, it is said that for better gaming experience one should go with desktops, not with laptops.

But the GPU manufacturing companies are trying their best to develop light-weighted dedicated GPUs. Hope the scenario will be changed very soon.


Dedicated graphics are far better than the integrated graphics and they are more costly too.

Through this article, we have discussed all the ups and downs of the dedicated graphics.

But the users have to configure their PC according to their budget and purpose or usages of the system.