Dedicated RAM

What is Dedicated RAM?

Dedicated RAM refers to a specific type of computer memory that is solely dedicated to a particular hardware device or application, such as a graphics card or network adapter.

This type of RAM is physically integrated into the device and is not shared with the computer’s main memory, allowing for faster and more efficient processing of specific tasks.

Understanding Dedicated RAM

What is Dedicated RAM

The memory is the brain of the computer. Storing, reading, and writing data has been an essential function of the memory.

The memory of the computer is divided into two parts. The external and the internal memory.

The most powerful memory is the internal memory. The internal memory is the memory which is much faster than the external memory.

The external memory are Hard Disk Drive or HDD, Solid State Drive or SDD, and many more.

The RAM or the Random Access Memory is an essential internal memory. It is in the computer’s enclosure.

It is not externally attached. Therefore, RAM is an internal memory it is situated inside the computer.

The RAM stores the data of the operating system of the computer. Whereas large data are stored by the external memory like the HDD, SSD, and many more.

The dedicated RAM performs the same as the non-dedicated RAM. Many do not know that the dedicated RAM is also an integrated component. Which is attached to the motherboard in computers.

The computer consists of an integrated motherboard. The dedicated RAM or the Random Access Memory is the memory which is closely fit or in-built in the motherboard.

Along with the other components which are also integrated or dedicated. The dedicated RAM is mainly found on the laptop computer.

But nowadays, many desktop computers have motherboards that have an in-built or joined RAM.

They are smaller in size because the laptop computer is also smaller because of the motherboard.

The components like the CPU, the RAM, and other components are all joined with the motherboard.

This leads to saving up more space in the laptop computer making it more portable. Therefore, RAM which is joined or attached to the motherboard is dedicated.

The RAM in many computers come with a removable RAM. Where the RAM is in-built into the motherboard.

And there are dedicated RAM slots which are also attached to the motherboard on the computer.

Which can be expandable or upgraded. Other types of memory are also present on the computer.

That performs different functions along with the dedicated RAM. Check out differences between ECC and non ECC RAM.

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The cache memory is one of the best integrated memory also found in the computer.

The RAM is a very powerful memory. Where the programs of the OS (Operating System) are run.

The CPU starts the processing and it requires space to store data temporarily. The RAM provides the space to store data temporarily.

Therefore, the motherboard contains a dedicated RAM, which is already in-built.

It is attached to the motherboard for better processing. The other slots are also present in the motherboard.

Which can be upgraded and changed because there are dedicated memory slots for upgrading and expansion.

This results in a better performance on the computer. Which are in-built and also comes at a lower price. Since these RAMs are attached to the motherboard or the main board.

Which is assigned to the motherboard. The RAM uses less power because the laptop computer does not have a proper cooling system. Where one can perform high intensive tasks.

Therefore, the speed compared to the non-dedicated RAM is sort of more than the non-dedicated RAM. But the dedicated RAM is accessible very quickly.

The dedicated RAM is volatile in nature. That means that if one is storing data the power of the computer is on. Once the power of the computer goes off the data will vanish and will not be saved.

The dedicated RAM is attached to the motherboard which is also integrated. And have all components joined together to save space.

Therefore, the motherboard containing the RAM is attached to the Power Supply Unit or the PSU.

It is dependent on the power supply unit to work. Compatibility is not always an issue because of dedicated RAM.

They come in a universal size which normally fits in most of the motherboard these days and are in-built in it from the beginning.

The dedicated RAM may face a few limitations as well. Like the damage of the components. It may cause a lot of consequences.

As the repair of the dedicated RAM is very much difficult.

Since it is placed on the motherboard. If there is a failure and if the mainboard gets trouble then the other components, as well as dedicated Ram, will give trouble.

Therefore, replacing and repairing the integrated RAM. Is sometimes not possible and sometimes very expensive.

The Advantages of  Dedicated RAM

It is one of the best inventions for better and small computers. These advantages give the users why one should invest in a dedicated RAM.

1. Size

RAM is attached to the motherboard of the laptop computer and is very small in size. They are universal and can be attached in mostly all of the motherboards.

These dedicated RAM are very small making it very easy to attach. The RAM to the motherboard. All the components in the laptop computer are integrated.

Therefore, the RAM which is used in the laptop computer is also integrated or in-built. Memory slots are also attached alongside the dedicated RAM. Which is bigger than the RAM attached to the motherboard and is expandable.

2. Power Consumption

The laptop computer has less power consumption compared to a desktop computer. It is because the RAM and the other components use less power for tasks.

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It is because the computer does not have a better cooling system like the non-dedicated RAM. Which is attached to the desktop computer. Tasks which are done on the laptop, consume less power.

It is because they are not that better in performance and speed. Leading it to consume less power by the dedicated RAM. It also consumes less power making the computer work for a longer period of time.

The power consumption has no difficulty in a dedicated RAM. It is present on the computer because it is more powerful than the non-dedicated RAM.

The power consumption of the computer is less, leading the user to utilize it. And one can do the task on the laptop computer for a longer period of time. Without excessive heating and draining of the battery.

3. Portability

Only because of the small size of the dedicated RAM. It is usually used in an integrated motherboard. Where the RAM is fixed on the motherboard.

Making the CPU and all the components that are closely and tightly attached together on the motherboard portable.

Because the laptop computer is always known for its portability it is not meant to be kept in one place like the desktop computer.

Therefore, dedicated RAM is used in computers which are very portable and efficient.

4. Price

The price of the dedicated components which are used in laptop computers are less expensive. Than the components which are not integrated.

They are usually found in desktop computers. The dedicated RAM is also less in price and is also efficient. It is because of the durability and small size.

The manufacturers have come up with a integrated RAM for the betterment. And the portability of the computer for the users. It is because electronics makes one’s life easy.

Therefore, this type of RAM does wonders and is very powerful. Also, the price of the dedicated RAM is less than non- dedicated RAM.

The Disadvantages of Dedicated RAM

The disadvantages give the users points to keep in mind if they are purchasing or are interested in purchasing a dedicated RAM.

5. Durability

One can easily get mesmerized with the price of the dedicated type of RAM. Which is very less than the non-dedicated RAM.

But the durability of the RAM is somewhat less than the non-dedicated RAM. Since laptop computers have integrated components that are tightly integrated with each other.

On the motherboard, if one component fails to function. Then the other components also stop working and give up.

This is because of how tightly these components are integrated with each other. Including the dedicated RAM.

If there is a problem with the other components, the motherboard and the RAM will also stop functioning.

Resulting in the laptop to damage. Therefore, if one finds the laptop computer in a better way then one can avoid damages and failures.

6. Repair

Buying or purchasing a dedicated type of RAM is very inexpensive. This leads to many users buying the dedicated RAM because of the lower price.

But if the integrated motherboard on the components including the RAM goes bad or wears off. Then the repair of the whole integrated motherboard or the integrated components charges more.

.Than the components which are bought or purchased from the manufacturer. Therefore, the price of the dedicated RAM is less but the price of repairing it is more than the RAM when purchased.

There is also difficulty in finding and looking for a replacement for a dedicated RAM. It is because the integrated components are very difficult to find in the market.

7. Speed and Performance

Many users opt for an integrated computer that contains a dedicated RAM. It is because of the advantage of the benefit of portability it provides.

But many failed to understand the speed and the performance which has decreased. It is because of the portability of the laptop computer in a dedicated RAM.

The performance and the speed of the dedicated RAM which is found in laptop computers. Are very less than the non-dedicated RAM. Which is found in the desktop computer.

People who do normal tasks like browsing the web, checking emails, and many more. The dedicated type of RAM can be a better option for them because that does not require in-depth tasks.

Which will lead to more power consumption and overheating. Many users go for dedicated RAM. It is because of the intensive tasks they want to perform on the computer.

And the non-dedicated RAM is always found in the desktop computer. The speed and performance of the dedicated RAM decrease because of the small space and less good cooling system provided by the laptop computer.

8. Upgrading

Users who like customizing and upgrading the computers. The dedicated RAM is not a good option for them.

It is because it comes already attached to the motherboard by the manufacturer and is always found in laptop computers.

Upgrading can only be done on the dedicated memory slots which are provided on the motherboard. That is the only component that can be upgraded except the dedicated expansion memory.

Upgrading the dedicated RAM is not possible by the user. There are high-end RAM slots that can be upgraded but are very expensive.

Therefore, there are many users who go off a non-dedicated RAM. Which can be attached to desktop computers because they can upgrade whenever they want to. This is done to keep up with the advancement and time.


Now one has come across the benefits and drawbacks provided by the dedicated RAM.

One can clearly distinguish why and why not one finds it necessary to invest in a dedicated RAM.

The price and portability make it a good option for many users.

But the repairing charge and durability make it difficult for many people to not invest in a dedicated RAM.

Therefore, with the choice of the task by the user. Will reflect whether the user wants to invest in the dedicated RAM or not.