Geode NX Processor

What is Geode NX Processor?

The Geode processors typically refer to the series of System-on-a-Chip (SoC) microprocessors and I/O cohorts designed by AMD. The Geode NX processors are the newer Athlon-derived versions of them, especially designed for the embedded computing market.

Technically, the Geode NX processors are built on the K7 microarchitecture with a 130 nanometer fabrication process and Socket A (462).

These embedded CPUs support Streaming Single Instruction Multiple Data Extensions (SSE) and have cores operating at 1.8 GHz.

Understanding Geode NX Processor

Geode NX Processor

Built on the K7 microarchitecture with Socket A (462) and a 130 nanometer fabrication process, the Geode NX processors are primarily designed for use in the embedded systems.

In 2007, the Geode NX 2001 model was made available by AMD, which is, in fact, considered to be the revised version of the Athlon XP 2200+ Thoroughbred CPUs.

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The processors typically had efficient cores with 1.65 volts of operating voltage and consumed 62.8 watts of power.

Though there are no official references to it, these processors are considered to be the desktop Athlon XP CPU cores.

There is also another version of it available that can be used in embedded systems that are derived from the Mobile Athlon XP-M Thoroughbred cores.

Some of the most notable features of the Geode NX processors are as follows:

In addition to the above, the Geode NX processors are also known for better power management, instruction set support, and varied operating system compatibility, as explained hereunder:

Power management

The processors allow better power management with specific features such as:

Instruction set extensions support

The Geode NX processor supports different instruction set extensions such as:

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Operating system support

The CPU also offers support for quite a few different operating systems such as:


The Geode NX processors use Socket A (462) and are compatible with different types of Socket A motherboards. Some of these Socket A chipsets are:

The chipsets supported by the Geode NX processors are completely compatible with the Socket A Athlon XP processors of AMD.


The Geode NX processors are built on the K7 microarchitecture.

They are quite good for being used in the embedded systems and will offer quite reliable and fast output with the cores operating at a speed of up to 1.8 GHz.

The architectural design of these CPUs offers a perfect balance between power and performance.