Gracemont Processor

What is Gracemont Processor?

The Intel Gracemont processor is the successor to the CPUs based on the Tremont microarchitecture from Intel. Technically, these processors are built on the 10 nm manufacturing process.

The Gracemont microarchitecture is thoughtfully designed and manufactured by Intel to take full advantage of the Intel 7 process, formerly known as 10 nm Enhanced SuperFin (ESF).

Understanding Gracemont Processor

What is Gracemont Processor

The Systems on a Chip (SoCs) made by Intel typically use low power processors built on specific microarchitectures such as Gracemont.

The microarchitecture of this processor is built on a 10 nm manufacturing process and is the successor to Tremont and the predecessor of Cresmont.

But, just like its predecessor, this architecture is also used in a hybrid design as the low-power cores of the 12th generation hybrid processors from Intel, codenamed Alder Lake, and the 13th generation hybrid processors, codenamed Raptor Lake.

The processors based on this specific microarchitecture are designed very carefully with a better front-end and back-end.

As for the front end, the design aspects include the following:

As for the back-end, the design aspects include the following:

Built on a smaller 10 nm fabrication process, the Gracemont processors are suitable for use in smaller and ultra low-power devices, such as PCs and microservers.

This is due to several improvements in its design such as:

General specifications

A lot of improvements have been made in the Gracemont architecture to provide better support to the processors while they are performing. Here are some of the general specifications:

Integrated graphics processor

Few models of Gracemont processors support an Intel Xe Gen 12.2 integrated graphics processor. This specific GPU supports the following features:

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The CPUs designed on the Gracemont architecture support a superscalar pipeline that is capable of the following:

Instruction Set Architecture and extension support

The Gracemont processors support x86-64 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and several different extensions of theirs such as:

Memory system

The Gracemont processors come with L1, L2, and L3 cache memory that helps with their performance.

Gracemont vs Golden Cove

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The Intel Gracement processors, successor to Tremont and predecessor of Cresmont, come with improved design than its predecessor and support quite a few new and old technologies.

The design and architectural aspects help it significantly to offer a much improved performance in smaller devices and PCs.