Hexa Core Processor

What is Hexa Core Processor?

A hexa-core processor is a type of central processing unit (CPU) that has six independent cores, or processing units, on a single chip.

Each core can handle its own set of instructions, allowing for efficient multitasking and faster processing speeds compared to CPUs with fewer cores.

Hexa-core processors are commonly used in high-performance computing systems, such as gaming desktops, workstations, and servers, where high-speed processing is required for demanding tasks such as video editing, 3D modeling, and scientific simulations.

Understanding Hexa Core Processor

What is Hexa Core Processor

The Hexa Core Processor is designed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and is ideal for heavy workloads such as video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming.

With six cores, it can handle more data and perform more calculations at once than a quad-core or dual-core processor.

In terms of performance, a Hexa Core Processor is significantly faster than a dual-core or quad-core processor.

It can run multiple applications simultaneously without slowing down the computer or causing lag.

This is especially useful for power users who frequently run demanding software applications or use their computer for multitasking.

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It’s important to note that the performance of a Hexa Core Processor also depends on other factors such as clock speed, cache size, and architecture.

However, having six cores is a significant advantage over processors with fewer cores, allowing for more efficient processing of data and a smoother overall computing experience.

Hexa core processor includes 6 cores on a single silicon chip. In this type of integrated circuit, 6 separate execution units or cores come together on a single chip.

The ability of this type of processor is better than dual core and quad core processors.

Importance of Hexa Core Processor

After the introduction of multi-core processors, the numbers of cores in the CPUs are increasing day by day.

In these multi-core processors, the cores share many aspects commonly.

By increasing or doubling the number of cores, it doesn’t always increase the speed accordingly.

So, all the cores of the multi core processors are not equally powerful. The hexa core processors combine a quad core processor and the rest 2 cores of it are dedicated to graphics.

Only a few software is able to utilize the full power of these processors. These processors are quite advanced than the quad core and dual core processors.

One can easily find the difference while running any high-end application on it.

The Pros of Hexa Core Processor

1. Streaming

Hexa core processors were introduced in such a period when online streaming of games and other contents were in a high sensation.

The developers have made the hexa core processors very efficient in steaming contents.

By using it, one can make online streaming faster than any other processor.

If any user streams his video, and if he needs to transcode the content, then he can decrease the time needed for encoding and can increase the quantity of transcodes.

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2. Multitasking ability

As the number of cores increases in the processors, they become more efficient in handling various multi-tasking operations.

A hexa core processor can easily handle six applications simultaneously.

In this era of the internet, this feature helps the users a lot. By using this feature, a user can host his website, database and application all in one server, without lagging.

That means if the number of online users of specific software suddenly increases, then the PC will not get affected and it will be able to provide a stable, satisfactory performance to the users.

3. Great gaming experience

By using this processor one can enjoy offline and online high graphic games very smoothly and flawlessly.

Having it on a PC, one can enjoy high graphical online games like Pubg and Fifa very smoothly with a great visual effect.

4. More visual proficiency

Having more cores and having a great hyper threading facility one can connect multiple virtual machines on the Hypervisor.

On the other hand, a perfect combination of a hexa core processor and a decent GPU can provide an extraordinary visual effect.

The Cons of Hexa Core Processor

5. Price

The price of this type of processor is quite higher than that of older versions. But the price is not as high as the octa core processors.

The maintenance costs of the hexa core processors are also high.

6. Energy consumption

Being a more updated and powerful product, this processor consumes more energy.

The power consumption of this type of processor is higher than the quad core processors.

7. Variety

The hexa core processors do not offer as much variety as a quad core processor does.

Being an exclusive and expensive product, this type of processor doesn’t have a huge demand as that of quad core.

The quad core processors are more pocket friendly; so they are in a high demand.

Only the users, who want quality performance, go with this processor.

Is a Hexa Core Processor Good for Gaming Computers?

There is no doubt that this type of processor has great performing ability. But, for quality gaming, a good GPU is always needed.

If this processor gets the support of a great GPU, then the system will be a great choice for gaming.

As the price of this type of processor is quite high most of the casual gamers avoid it; rather they go with a good quad core processor with a great hyper threading facility and with a decent GPU.

But hexa core processors are very useful for playing online games and for streaming game play online.


A hexa-core processor is an advanced central processing unit with six independent cores, which allows for efficient multitasking and faster processing speeds.

Hexa-core processors are commonly used in high-performance computing systems such as gaming desktops, workstations, and servers.

They are ideal for heavy workloads such as video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming.

Although the energy consumption, heat generation, and cost of these processors are quite high, they offer more visual proficiency, multitasking abilities, and smoother gaming experiences.

With a good GPU, a hexa-core processor can be a great choice for gaming, but for casual gamers, a good quad-core processor with a decent GPU is a more pocket-friendly option.