What is HyperSpace?

HyperSpace refers to the technology that allows the users to start a computer from an off state with the help of the single F4 key.

In simple words, this is actually an ‘instant on’ operating system based on Linux that can work together with Windows operating system.

Understanding HyperSpace in Computer

Understanding cover in Computer

HyperSpace is developed by Phoenix based on Linux with features that makes it an instant-on operating system.

It is also an application environment which can work perfectly in tandem with another traditional operating system running along with it such as Windows or Red Hat Linux or independently.

This particular technology can be used by the users to boot the computer and start browsing the internet, check mail, or perform any other web-related activities just in a matter of seconds.

The connectivity features of HyperSpace help it to jump to the best available network automatically since these are configured involuntarily.

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This technology has undergone several changes to optimize its performance and thereafter is used by several manufacturers of computers such as ASUS, HP and others.

In January 2009 ASUS incorporated this technology in their next-gen notebooks. It was also used in the Cortex-A8 ARM processor architecture after it was further optimized.

About a year later, HP showed their interest to buy this technology from Phoenix Technologies Limited.

As said earlier, it is the instant-on/instant-off access given by HyperSpace to the applications that makes it so unique. It saves power and improves management systems.

Most importantly, this technology secures the computer systems overall making them less prone to malware, virus and other external attacks which the traditional Windows operating system is known to be more vulnerable to.

This specific technology functions just like any traditional operating systems and will allow you to do whatever you used to do with them such as:

The best part of this technology is that you can perform all these activities even when the Windows or any other operating system installed in your computer system is still loading or booting, shutting down or is on standby and even has crashed.

HyperSpace technology also offers several other benefits such as:

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Running on top of HyperCore hypervisor and with so many benefits offered, it is quite natural that HyperSpace will have a lot of diverse and potential applications which include and are not limited to:

The HyperSpace applications are best for the startups as well as the small and medium size businesses of any sector of an enterprise since it offers more modernized software solutions that will allow customizing management processes.

Proper use of these application platforms can transform business operations and expedite innovations making it more efficient.

The HyperSpace technology allows creating, distributing, evolving, and integrating applications with timeliness and usability which will increase productivity and output.

HyperSpace Application

Hyperspace application typically refers to the specific platform that enables the users to create different business applications and manage them directly.

The HyperSpace applications help in creating one single and extended information system.

These applications are typically open systems that come with an API as well as a .Net library. These features help in exchanging data with a web service or database.

The REST API or Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface will allow interacting with the application in real time and obtain and exchange data from and with the outside world.

The .Net class library will allow interfacing the application and software in real time or with a mobile or web application as well.

These applications also come with a set of integrations to interface with the primary service provider directly to automate data flow and processes, and configure any required service.

Since these platforms are open systems, data import and export happens automatically on them by following a simple process while interfacing with the service bus.

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This new paradigm will help a great deal in adapting and absorbing the changes in the autonomy with the help of digital transformation and dramatic acceleration due to strategic development and deployment of applications.

These applications are designed to offer a more user-friendly author environment without needing additional technical or programming skills.

It is easy to implement the changes both in the test or production settings.

HyperSpace applications offer a much better, intuitive yet simple user experience with the more advanced web interface.

It also offers different useful features that allow customizing different things such as:

Apart from that, users can even open a Microsoft Office application with a simple click of a button and activate any particular external application such as Skype or any other browser as well.


The HyperSpace technology is quite useful for the users who want their computer to turn on instantly without waiting for the operating system to load on.

There are different variants of it available which you can choose from that may either act as the key operating system of the computer or work along with other OS.