Integrated Battery

What is Integrated Battery?

An Integrated Battery is a type of rechargeable battery that is built into a device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Unlike removable batteries, which can be easily removed and replaced, integrated batteries are permanently attached to the device and cannot be easily removed by the user.

Integrated batteries are designed to provide a more streamlined and compact design for devices, and can often offer longer battery life than removable batteries. However, when the battery’s lifespan is over, it may require professional assistance to replace it.

Understanding Integrated Battery in Laptop

What is Integrated Battery in Laptop

The battery integrated in a laptop is one of the most important components which keep the laptop running.

The modern integrated batteries are typically built on more advanced technology using lithium-polymer cells.

Integrating the batteries into the laptop ensures much better capacities which also reduces the hassles of swapping it.

These batteries can be recharged easily and very quickly by plugging the laptop into a power outlet.

The modern integrated lithium-polymer batteries used in the laptops are much more powerful than the replaceable batteries and even than the previous lithium-ion batteries.

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This is because modern battery technology has enabled these embedded batteries to withstand a larger number of charge cycles.

This particular aspect is also the reason for these modern embedded batteries to last for a long time and operate at a steady level for nothing less than 5 years.

This, in fact, is even longer than a user intends to keep and use their laptop computer itself.

The integrated batteries in a laptop are also quite good in performance because there is quite a low chance of the laptop to encounter any ‘battery memory’ issues.

These issues may rise frequently when you swap between two batteries too frequently.

Most importantly, the integrated battery in a laptop is itself less vulnerable to damages as well as battery pins in the casing since it cannot be replaced off and on by the users.

The Pros

1. Lighter and thinner unibody design

The integrated batteries are comparatively lighter and thinner than the removable batteries. It helps the laptop manufacturers to reduce the weight of their product.

Thus, the modern laptops become more portable. The design of the laptops becomes slimmer and simpler.

It consumes less space amongst the internal components of the laptops. It helps the manufacturers to produce more compact laptops.

2. More life

Non-removal batteries are usually served for a longer time period than the removable one. The life span of this type of batteries is more than the others.

Being sealed the battery of such laptops offer better quality and the life span of these batteries also gets slightly increased. The average life of this type of battery is 5 years.

3. Lesser chances of damages, in the interior components

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The non removable batteries are good for the health of the laptops.

While changing removable batteries in a laptop the internal components, especially the battery pins can get damaged.

But in a non removable battery, there are no such considerations as one cannot change it frequently.

He has to bring it to an expert or has to send the product back to the manufacturer for battery replacement.

4. Restrictions of foreign particles

Dell laptops which come with non user removable batteries are quite compact devices.

The casual users or the one who does not have proper knowledge about such a product cannot open or replace its batteries.

So, there are less chances of getting foreign particles in the interior components of the laptop. The foreign particles do serious damages to the laptop’s inner component, especially on the display.

The chances of getting foreign particles in the laptop with removable batteries are very high.

5. Quality maintained

The batteries of portable laptops which come with integrated battery setup cannot be changed by a user.

The user has to bring the laptop to an authenticated service centre or to a technical expert.

So the users have to replace the damaged batteries with an original branded product.

Thus the quality and performance of the battery both get less affected and the users can enjoy the quality performance of the battery.

The Cons

6. Replacement process is more costly and complex

The very first complaint that the user beat about the non removable batteries is the complexities that they face while replacing the damaged batteries of their laptops.

There is no doubt that the replacement process of this type of batteries is quite complicated one and it can only be performed by an expert. The replacement process is comparatively costlier too.

It can only be replaced in an authenticated service centre and there he has to replace it with the new branded battery of the same company.

7. Only single charge

Another disadvantage of laptops with sealed batteries is that the user cannot carry any external battery with him.

This drawback specially creates a major issue in such areas or places, where electricity supply, especially the charging points are missing for a long period.

For instance, we can consider various war zones or are long distance flights etc.

But if the laptop is equipped with a removable battery, the users can carry another similar battery to avoid such critical situations.


Integrated batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that are built into devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

They offer a more streamlined and compact design, and often provide longer battery life than removable batteries.

However, when the battery’s lifespan is over, it may require professional assistance to replace it, making the replacement process more complex and costly.

While integrated batteries have their pros and cons, they are becoming more prevalent in the world of portable technology as they offer better battery backup and make the devices more portable.