Integrated Keyboard

What is Integrated Keyboard?

An integrated keyboard refers to the built-in keyboard in a computer along with a touchpad that acts as the pointing device.

Typically found in the laptop computers, integrated keyboards can also be onscreen as seen in the smartphones and tablets.

Understanding Integrated Keyboard

Understanding Integrated Keyboard

A very essential component used in the computer and without that the computer is incomplete.

The component is externally attached to desktop computers.

They are sometimes integrated or attached to the laptop computer.

The component is called the keyboard. It was invented in the mid 1700s and 1800s.

The first keyboard invented was the typewriter. Which is still used in many places.

The keyboard is known as an input device and it consists of letters, symbols, and numbers.

Essential hardware of the computer. The basic keyboard layout is the QWERTY keyboard.

It also contains a numerical pad and some edition volume control and many more.

Some keyboards have integrated mice. Sometimes the keyboard is attached to the mouse.

Since the technology keeps upgrading for better. Therefore, many different kinds of keyboards are invented for the user’s convenience.

Many keyboards these days come with a USB type connector. It is used to be connected to the computer.

There are keyboards that are wireless and are connected via Bluetooth.

And there are many types of keyboards found in the world of computers.

The first one is the typewriter which is still used and is used to type on pages. It is becoming obsolete as days pass by.

Because of the advancement of computers. Then comes the desktop computer.

The desktop computer is very commonly used. The keyboard comes in a common size but other sizes may differ, also.

Desktop keyboards can either be wired or wireless. According to the user’s preference, there are keyboards for gaming also.

Where the keys are used for gaming are highlighted for the gamer’s convenience.

The other type is the keyboard used on the laptop. They have a type of integrated Keyboard. Which is attached to the laptop.

Therefore one does not have to attach the keyboard via USB port because it is already present on the laptop.

They are different from the keyboard used in desktop computers. The “fn” key is used to perform special functions.

The keyboard used in smartphones and tablets is very different from the keyboard used in both the personal computers.

Keyboards for smartphoneS and tablets are virtual. And it occurs on the screen when we need to use the keyboard.

Keyboards are also integrated. By the word integrated one can understand that it talks about being “united” or “joined” to some part or thing.

Therefore, an integrated keyboard here talks about how it is combined with another part of the computer for easy use.

The most prominent integrated keyboard is the keyboard found on the laptops.

It does not cause any extra problems while carrying. Due to the compact size of the laptop, the keyboard is joined or integrated with the other parts of the laptop, together.

Therefore, laptops are supportable because all the parts are joined or integrated.

And the keyboard is a part of the laptop. The keyboard in the laptop is very nicely made for the convenience of the user.

Other integrated keyboards come with a touchpad attached to it. The keyboards are wireless. It is also wired. The keyboard may have a mouse integrated, also.

The keyboard attached to a touchpad is also found.

There are many integrated keyboards which have an integrated mouse button, many tablets come with an integrated keyboard for convenience also.

There are keyboards that are integrated with many other devices for proper convenience for the user.

As laptop computers are known as integrated keyboards there are a few laptops or integrated keyboard types.

The first type is called “Traditional Style”. In the traditional style keyboard, the keys are replaceable.

The keys are even placed close to each other. The traditional keyboard uses a membrane that is placed on the keycap.

The traditional keyboards fall under the category of a membrane keyboard.

Then comes another membrane Keyboard which is the “Island” or the “Chiclet” style keyboard.

The keys in the Island style keyboard are popped up. The keys are separate and not close to each other.

They are not like the traditional keyboard. These kinds of keyboards are used in many gaming laptops also.

It can be easily cleaned because of the island style keys which are placed separately.

It has outperformed the traditional style keyboard because it is very common to use these days.

Not only in gaming but it is used in many lightweight laptops, also.  But the “Mechanical” keyboard does not contain membrane. It has mechanical switches.

Which makes more sound while typing than the other two keyboard styles. It is slightly bigger than the other two.

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They are mainly used for desktop computers.

Though the keyboards are essential in the world of computers. Many do fail to understand what an integrated keyboard is.

And how it is different from the desktop keyboards and integrated keyboard.

They can either have a mouse or touchpad attached to it. They can either have a pointing device.

An integrated keyboard is used for multi purposes.

For proper convenience an integrated keyboard is quite portable in the case if it is on the laptop.

Many users do not find it necessary to invest their money on an integrated keyboard.

Because many know that using another component attached to the keyboard is not that necessary.

So, one can decide accordingly. Which is not that difficult if one knows the purpose.

But in the case of laptops integrated keyboard one does not have a choice.

Because one purchases a laptop and the keyboard is already integrated with it.

Therefore, using a keyboard be it integrated or not, one should always check before using it to avoid further issues.

Pros of Integrated Keyboard

Being an all in one keyboard. The integrated keyboard has a few advantages which prove that it is an amazing work of technology.

1. Mobility

Many integrated keyboards are very movable. Like the laptop keyboard, they are attached to the laptop. And laptops are known for being movable, unlike desktop computers.

The other integrated keyboards are also movable and have other components like the mouse or the Touchpad integrated with the keyboard. That is because of the integrated keyboard, it is known as the all in one keyboard.

2. Multi-purpose

The keyboard consists of the mouse keys or the touchpad. The higher end keyboards also have a small screen attached to the keyboard.

One can type, control the cursor. And the high end keyboards, one can do basic tasks on the small screen provided.

3. Availability

The integrated keyboard is quite popular because it is an all in one component. One can do their task very easily without having an external mouse attached to it.

Since it is quite popular and is an amazing device It is available in the market and online. The integrated keyboards are easily available and are not so difficult to find.

And about the laptop keyboards, it comes with the laptop so laptops are always available in the market. Making the laptop integrated keyboard available also.

4. Connectivity

The keyboard comes with both wired and wireless forms. They are very easy to handle and are also very easy to use. They both can be attached to the computer.

While some come for tablets and other devices also. A wireless integrated keyboard is also very useful because it is used on quite a large scale.

Cons of  Integrated Keyboard

Everything has its disadvantages.

The Integrated Keyboard has a few disadvantages which make the users understand that buying a normal keyboard is not a bad option.

5. Differences

Even though it is a movable device, carrying an integrated keyboard sometimes becomes a problem.

Many laptop computers do not come with a number pad.

This makes it difficult for the user to find numbers on the keyboard if one is not used to using the keyboard.

The reason is that it expands the size of the keyboard which does not fit in the size of the laptop.

The integrated keyboard also takes up a lot of space and they are not as light as a normal keyboard.

6. Expensive

The integrated keyboard is known as the all in one keyboard. It consists of a mouse or a touchpad or other components.

It is also available in the market and online.

But the price of an integrated keyboard is more than the normal keyboard.

It is because the other components are also attached to the keyboard. Therefore, making it more expensive than the others.

7. Power Consumption

The wireless integrated keyboard is not connected by a wire. Therefore, it is connected via Bluetooth.

These keyboards consume a lot of power because they are not connected by wire and it leads to drawing more power from the computer.

8. Speed

The normal keyboard has a better speed compared to the integrated keyboard. The integrated keyboard is a little slower than the normal keyboard.

The wireless integrated keyboard is often slower because the keyboard is wireless.

These keyboards are slow to respond to the command given and sometimes lag or fall behind.

They do not work properly if the connection is not proper.


After looking at it from a technical standpoint. Even though the integrated keyboard is very common.

But the people do not know the name of the term. It is a keyboard which consists of another component like the pointing device.

The integrated keyboard comes with both pros and cons or benefits and its drawbacks.

Checking if the keyboard works properly or not is very important before using it.