What is Macbook?

The MacBook refers to the 3rd laptop computer family in the line of Macintosh introduced by Apple in 2006. This particular lineup is the merger of its previous lineups PowerBook and iBook due to the migration to Intel CPUs from the PowerPC processors.

Understanding Macbook

What is Macbook

MacBook’s are ultrabooks from Apple that can serve both professionals and students alike.

These are the ones that people opt when the budget isn’t a concern, but they want the best performance out of their notebooks.

This is the case for content creators and other professionals, but gamers aren’t much benefitted with a Macbook since these aren’t made for gaming purposes.

This is why you’ll never see a high-end GPU on a Macbook, even though it might have a powerful processor.

The Macbook is special in both software and hardware.

The Mac OS itself is unique, while the hardware that you get with it is extremely dependable.

If there are debates about which among the notebook types is better, then in every one of them Apple gains some points in areas where the other two don’t.

The Windows laptops are cheap and offer more flexibility, while the Chromebooks provide a virus-free, easy to use interface.

Apple Macbooks combine the best features from both of these to provide you with a reliable OS that you can use for both work and entertainment.

Each of these ultrabooks comes with pre-installed Apple software which works as alternatives to those found on Windows.

Most of these are for the use in Apple devices only. The good thing is that alongside these, many software that runs on Windows are also supported by the Mac OS, but not all of them.

The Pros

1. Portable and Attractive

One of the reasons people love Macbooks is how they look, and we must say that their design is one of the best that you will ever see.

The thin profile and compact size make them highly portable, but the thin bezels on the display make sure that one is never short on the viewing area.

Then comes the exterior, and since the rubber-like coating has been eliminated, there have been little complaints regarding the design.

The silvery finish and glowing Apple logo on the lid make eyes turn. Also, special attention is given so that there’s not a single sharp edge on the entire body.

The build material is recycled Aluminium and Magnesium, so while it is light, it doesn’t harm the environment at the same time.

The newer models come with multiple color options, all the more reason to buy one.

2. Premium feels and features

Connected closely to the design is how one feels while using a Macbook. The right question should be – “how good?”

The palm rest or the frame is such that it won’t retain any spots even if you work with sweaty hands.

The keyboard and touchpad are great, and improvements can be noticed especially in the Macbook Pro 16.

Good key travel, crisp typing experience, and a large precise trackpad that the Macbook’s are traditionally known to provide have got even better.

Also, the speakers and microphones are above average and for your entertainment solely, you’ll never need to buy external ones.

3. Display

Then comes the excellent display quality that you’d find on a Macintosh laptop.

On average, you get better pixel density, color accuracy, and such other features than most Windows laptops.

Moreover, Apple has introduced the new Retina Display that enhances visuals furthermore.

The 16-inch Macbook Pro launched in 2019 has got a resolution of 3072*1920p and 226 pixels per inch of the display.

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Most other Macbook models have got a 2K display, which makes them much better than the FHD screens most other laptops have.

4. Seamless Performance

Next comes the real experience that one gets once the device boots up.

You get access to an extremely fast device that shows no signs of sluggishness no matter how heavy the workload is.

There’s quiet fans, fast storage, and of course the latest Intel processors. All of this makes the overall Macbook experience one such that you’d always prefer.

One of the sectors in which Macbooks are recommended and praised is in both video and audio editing.

With support from the OS, these devices finish up editing tasks (even 4K) much quicker than Windows, and hence no matter how big the file is, you don’t need to wait long.

This is why those engaged in the video and audio industries find it extremely comfortable to work on.

The RAM you get on a Macbook is more than enough, and there are variations regarding this too.

The smooth functioning of the device is ensured by ample system memory that flawlessly performs and supports heavy multi-tasking.

5. Battery Life

Apple has always been precise and efficient with their products, and the Macbooks are no exception.

Because of the quality hardware they use, Macbooks have got excellent battery backup, and even with intensive usage, they would last more than a Windows notebook would.

But this is also true that Mac users don’t do intensive gaming or editing, but even for daily usage and mid-range tasks, the battery backup is excellent.

You can expect an average of more than 7 hours on the Macbook Pro 16.

6. OS support

One of the many reasons buyers prefer Macbooks is for the Mac OS.

The cause behind it is that Mac OS X (the latest version) provides you with an ad-free environment that Windows fails at.

On top of this, there are very few system crashes, more stability, cleaner interface, smoother updates, and such other advantages.

There is some software provided that you can use for basic editing tasks as well, while Windows would require you to install those separately.

But the best part here is that along with the advantages of the Mac OS, MacBooks also supports Windows as well as Linux operating systems.

Some developers are much benefitted when the Macbook they have been working on can also be used to test the results.

This isn’t as easy to do for a Windows laptop.

This means that along with the clarity of the Mac environment, you can also install Windows on your Apple laptop and work with both.

This is a great advantage that even the most expensive laptops from other brands fail to offer.

7. Security features

Apple is well-known for a lot of reasons, and security takes a top spot on the list.

The number of cases where a Macbook has been hacked is considerably small, all because of the security features they have.

The Mac OS has more control over the hardware being used in a device, and hence the chances of data leak are significantly less.

Windows may have more hardware support, but they aren’t as secure.

This amount of security may not be so important for a student, or a home user.

But professionals or those working with sensitive data cannot allow their data being spied upon or someone else having access to it without permission.

A recent study states that unless the parent Company itself decides otherwise, the data stored in a Macbook is relatively safer.

It is true that there have been some mishaps along the way, but overall the Mac OS is safer.

8. Long-lasting

When the hardware quality is better, it is quite natural that the device housing them would be operational for a decent amount of time.

The Macbooks, hence are of much value even after a few years you have bought one of these.

The build quality is a top-of-the-line, and you never have to worry about accidental falls.

The hinge remains the same after you have opened and closed the lid for hundreds of times, and surely it is tougher than most other laptops.

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This doesn’t only mean that the device still functions or is still useful, but also that its value doesn’t decrease by much.

While selling it, for example, you still find buyers who want to have a used Macbook, as long as it is in working condition.

The same cannot be said for a Windows laptop since, with a change in the trend of hardware, their value slowly decreases over time.

9. Better display support

With the right accessories, the displays that you can use with a Macbook are not only more but also of high resolution.

The Macbook Air, for instance, supports up to a 6K display at 60 Hz. It can easily run two 4K displays at the same time, also at 60 Hz frequency.

There are two Thunderbolt 3 ports that you can use to connect the displays directly. There are Windows machines that support multiple monitors at the same time, but not as good as a Macbook.

10. Apple Environment

You may have heard why people using other devices from Apple, like iPhones and iPads want to have a Macbook as well. Is this because they are massively fond of Apple or have a lot of money to spend? Not entirely.

You see when all of the devices you use are from Apple, you can easily sync a Macbook with the others which means that the portability of each of these devices multiplies several times.

You won’t have to carry all of the devices, and yet carrying a Macbook would provide you with the information that is received on any other Apple smartphone, tablet, or even a smartwatch. Some more examples like this are as follows:

These were just a few of the many utilities that an Apple environment would provide you with.

The Cons

11. High Price

Despite so many features, the main hindrance to most people is the price at which Macbooks are available.

Not only laptops but other devices from Apple are also very costly. On a worldwide scale, Apple mostly attracts premium buyers, but the specs are mid-range.

Also, a Windows laptop at the same price can do solid gaming too, but that isn’t an aspect that Macbooks boast of.

12. Less Software support than Windows

Apple Macbooks aren’t as comfortable with all kinds of software like Windows, and as a result, not everything that you can run on Windows would be supported by Mac.

Now some apps have a dedicated Mac version, but it would be inconvenient to have to work with those that don’t.

13. Restriction in upgrades and hardware

Then there is also the trouble of upgrading hardware.

Laptops generally aren’t as upgradeable like desktops, and this is the same for both Mac and Windows notebooks.

However, there are robust Windows machines that have Xeon Processors, NVIDIA’s Quadro Graphics and so on that Macbooks cannot match.

This limitation on hardware restricts workstation users or high-end AI developers from using Macbooks since they simply don’t come with such high-end specs.

There are also limits on the number of upgrades you can do on a Macbook. A decent Windows laptop, notwithstanding the brand lets you do more customizations.

14. Not for gamers

Apple laptops are fast, efficient, and reliable. But why aren’t they a gamer’s first choice?

There are quite a few reasons for this, and the first is the absence of high-end video cards.

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Then, comes the price which is on the higher side, but the configuration won’t be as good as a gaming laptop.

Macbooks may provide better optimization regarding software, but the raw processing power, and hence the overall gaming performance isn’t very satisfying.

Modern games require a high amount of both graphics and CPU performance, which these devices fail to provide.

Also, it has been proven that Windows 10 runs more games than Mac OS X, and even better.

15. Not the best graphics options

Not only the gamers but those with ray-tracing needs are also disheartened for the reason that there aren’t powerful enough GPUs in Macbooks.

There is something known as an eGPU to solve the problem, but carrying it all the time is a serious issue.

Moreover, it would also add more costs. It seems that the office-related needs are the ones that are most fulfilled with Macbooks.

16. 720p Webcam

Even with so many updates in hardware and design, for some reason, Macbooks (with an exception) are still having 720p webcams, which are decent, but considering the price, they aren’t good enough.

The recently launched Macbook Air also has the same resolution on its webcam, and hence video conferences aren’t as clear or satisfying as you’d expect from a laptop so pricey.

Whether or not Apple would change this in the upcoming models is yet unknown, but until they don’t, this would always be a cause to disappoint the buyers.

17. Limited Storage

If you are someone who needs a lot of storage space, then we have bad news. The Macbooks aren’t the ones to provide gigantic storage options that you’d find with other laptops.

They typically have 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB SSD storage options, and the price differences between these would also make you frown.

On the other hand, Windows laptops with even 1 or 2 TB storage options are several times cheaper, and with better specs.

18. Limited ports

A major disadvantage of a Macbook is the limited number of ports.

You do get some USB Type-C ports and a headphone jack, but other than that there are no dedicated HDMI ports, SD card slots, etc.

There isn’t even an Ethernet port on many iterations of the device and you would have to rely on an adaptor for wired Internet connection, which is again an extra expense.

It depends upon every model, but on average any Windows laptop would have more ports than a Macbook.

19. Little Cost-Effectiveness

Out of the many reasons why Apple is criticized is because it doesn’t seem to provide enough features for the price.

Some of the best specs it provides currently can be found on other laptops as well, and at lower prices.

Also, this is nothing new that a feature that was available in other laptops came late on a Macbook, but at a much higher price range.

So if you are one that cares more about budget or is looking for the most features available in a given price tag, a Macbook isn’t the right way to go.


Even though they are quite expensive, MacBooks are those laptops that are well known for their quality and performance.

Had the budget not been a factor, most of the buyers all around the globe would have preferred these devices.

Apple seems to have set a standard that no other brand or device has been able to break, and they plan to reign supreme in the upcoming years as well.

But as the prices increase, the Macbooks need to correct the flaws, or else the solid fanbase that they have right now might be shaken.