Ps2 Port On Motherboard

What is the PS2 Port on a Motherboard?

The PS2 port, also referred to as the mini-DIN 6 connector, is a circular port with six pins, typically used on older motherboards to connect input devices like keyboards and mice. The port is distinguished by its green color for keyboards and purple for mice.

Despite its prevalence in older hardware, the PS2 port has largely been replaced by USB ports for connecting input devices. However, for backward compatibility with older peripherals, some older motherboards may still include a PS2 port.

It’s important to note that PS2 ports do not support hot-swapping, meaning that you should only connect or disconnect input devices while the computer is powered off. Failing to do so may damage the port or the device itself.

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Understanding PS2 Port on a Motherboard

What is the PS2 Port on a Motherboard

In the year 1987 PS2 was introduced by IBM. This port was there in the early 90s and 2000, but stopped for USB port and now again due to its features coming to the limelight.

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This port was being used for connecting the mouse and keyboard thus it was also known as the mouse port on the motherboard. This port was being used for security reasons.

The DE-9 mouse connector and DIN keyboard connector were replaced by PS2. It simply allowed a beautifully easy way for connectivity.

It was introduced as a PC lineup namesake later others too came with its usage. Back in those days, it was used as a favored port for peripherals.

The teal green port was being used for the mouse and the purple one was for the keyboard.

For key rollover, there are no restrictions. Thus, gamers prefer a lot of these ports.

Now, most machines are coming with the PS 2 port on the motherboard with a single port where either a mouse or keyboard can be used.

But the PS2 ports with two are best. ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Apex can be a recent example using a full custom of dual color-coded PS/2 ports,

A PS/2 port entails 6 pins, with different features. The structure of a PS/2 interface:

There are old mechanical devices that still use this port for a different purpose.

The motherboards offering lower latency and connectivity are equipped with PS2 ports.

Even the BIOS works well with these ports with better compatibility; these are universally compatible.

Advantages of PS2 Port on a Motherboard

Disadvantages of PS2 Port on a Motherboard

Questions & Answers:

Is the PS2 Port Better Than USB?

The USB ports are much faster as the polling rate is much higher whereas the PS2 is slow as the polling rate is lower. The default rate of the PS/2 port is 100 Hz and USB is 125 hertz.

Does PS2 Support Hard Drives?

No, PS2 ports do not support or get connected with hard drives. It is connected by the motherboards.

Can You Use a Keyboard or Mouse on PS 2 Port?

You can use both a keyboard and a mouse on PS2 ports. It has a 6-pin mini-DIN connector for connecting both.


PS 2 Ports relate to a computer usually used for a keyboard or a mouse or even other peripheral devices.

You can find it advantageous for handling other devices like microphones to memory sticks but when you upgrade the motherboard then it is replaced by the external devices.