RGB Gaming Mouse

What is RGB Gaming Mouse?

RGB stands for “Red-Green-Blue, as the name suggests, the RGB gaming mouse is a gaming mouse with an RGB color pallet, i.e., the mouse is decorated with streaks of LED lights of various combinations of colors using the three primary colours (RGB).

Understanding RGB Gaming Mouse

RGB Gaming Mouse

Now that you know what RGB stands for.

Note– RGB and gaming mouse (and all other gaming accessories) go hand in hand as almost all gaming hardware comes with RGB themed lights.

Apart from the bold looks and flashy lights, gaming mice are significantly different from ordinary computer mice, be it aesthetics, or performance and experience.

A right gaming mouse can be the difference between winning and losing a competitive online match.

However, there is no universal form of the gaming mouse.

There are a variety of gaming mice with different attributes for different experiences and uses.

Most gaming mice come with adjustable DPI, an extra set of buttons for additional input.

They are generally more prominent and more ergonomic, making it easier to use than regular mice.

These extra features help the user customize the mouse to suit his/her needs and offer a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

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Before buying a gaming mouse, one must have the necessary knowledge about how they function and a basic idea about the type of mouse best suited for them.

Features of an RGB Gaming Mouse

The first noticeable feature of a gaming mouse is the bigger size and an ergonomic design, which utilizes your whole palm, instead of just your fingertips, which results in a comfortable experience and does not affect the wrist, unlike a regular mouse, which, if used for too long, causes a lot of discomfort and pain in the wrist.

**“**DPI” stands for “Dots Per Inch” and is used as a measuring standard for a mouse’s sensitivity. A standard computer mouse will have a DPI of 600-800 and is fixed.

Most gaming mice, on the other hand, have their software and drivers, which allows the user to change the DPI of the mouse depending on his needs, providing a more immersive and interactive experience, and giving the user more control.

Another cool feature about an RGB gaming mouse would be the addition of extra buttons. Most gaming mice have 2-8 extra buttons, which the user can assign input commands to use on his computer.

As a result, the user will have more control by using the mouse itself and can avoid using the keyboard for those particular commands, thus, increasing his efficiency, be it for gaming or any other taxing work on the computer.

As mentioned earlier, most RGB gaming mice come with in-built software, allowing the user the customize the functions of the mouse to his liking, giving the user more control on how he uses the mouse.

The polling rate refers to the mouse’s response time to the user input. Polling rates are measured in Hertz, and a standard mouse will have a PR of 125Hz.

Gaming mice, on the other hand, have higher polling rates, usually interchangeable between 150Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz, giving the user a smoother experience, and accurate feedback.

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A very noticeable feature of RGB gaming mice is that they can be wired or wireless. Wired gaming mice themselves are more durable than regular wired mice, as their cables are thicker and are braided, which makes them resistant to wear and tear.

However, wireless gaming mice are preferred as they are more convenient and portable. The choice between wired and wireless is entirely up to the user’s preference.

The Pros of an RGB Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming mice, they have certain very noticeable advantages over regular PC mice, making a lot of difference. Here are some advantages:

1. Performance

When it comes to performance, a good quality gaming mouse can outperform the best standard computer mice with their interchangeable DPI, faster tracking speeds, and highly accurate optical sensors.

2. Durability

Gaming mice are far more durable than regular mice. Gaming mice are designed for rough use. A standard gaming mouse can withstands at least 10 million clicks and will still survive. The same can’t be said for a regular PC mouse.

3. Comfort

Gaming mice are designed to be comfortable in the hands of the user. Hence, they are usually bigger and incorporate the whole palm. Some gaming mice even have interchangeable thumb pads, and interchangeable elevation to suit the user’s comfort level.

4. Efficiency

Gaming mice are more efficient as they come with extra programmable buttons. The user can use to, let’s say, copy-paste, scroll up and down, and assign other useful shortcuts, saving a lot of valuable seconds. In hindsight, this seems like a small, but makes a lot of difference.

5. Efficient gaming

As the name applies, gaming mice are designed explicitly for gaming. With functions like changeable DPI, programmable buttons, faster tracking speeds, etc., a gaming mouse can make a lot of difference in the gaming experience.

The Cons of an RGB Gaming Mouse

6. Expensive

Most premium RG gaming mice are expensive. A mouse is an integral part of a computer, but it has primary elementary functions outside gaming; hence, people do not like to spend too much money on a mouse.

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Even as gamers, most of them opt for regular mice as they get the primary job. It is better to invest in other gaming hardware like Graphics cards and processors as they have significant impacts on the gaming experience.

7. Complicated

To the average user, a gaming mouse with all its various DPI settings, programmable buttons, changeable acceleration rates, etc., may seem overwhelming.

Most people do not know what these terms mean and prefer to stick to the right old regular PC mouse.

8. Not a necessary investment

A gaming mouse, though sounds appealing, is not an absolute necessity. A right quality standard mouse will serve almost all purposes as a high-end gaming mouse, with less than half the cost.

9. Battery issues

Most gaming mice we see are wireless, and as such, though convenient and easy to use, have to be continuously charged. The last thing one would want is their mouse dying while they’re in the middle of a game or doing some important work.

Wrapping It up

This article was to educate you on the concept of an RGB gaming mouse.

Opting for a gaming mouse has its advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on user preference.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse, make sure to have adjustable DPI, not only towards the high and lower sides.

An average gamer uses between 400-800 DPI. However, it is wise not to invest too much on gaming mice.