RGB Keyboard

What is RGB Keyboard?

An RGB keyboard, as suggested by the name, is a keyboard all right, but with lights everywhere in it, below the keys being the most common.

The keys glow with the Red, Blue, Green hues and several other combinations produced by the three and gamers and content creators thus get a splendid feel while using it.

Understanding RGB Keyboard

What is RGB Keyboard

The LEDs are strapped in just like any other LED-backlit keyboard has, but this isn’t as monotonous as they are. You may even make an RGB keyboard of your own by adding what is called LED strips, but that won’t be as effective.

But difficulties arise in the case of laptops which are very tightly packed, and if there wasn’t any default lighting feature on the keys, it would be better to buy an RGB keyboard instead rather than trying to replace the keyset.

In this case, you would need to utilize the USB or PS/2 ports though for connection.

You can select a single color and decide how intensely you need it, or choose a pattern that repeats after a while.

With some software and choosing renowned brands, you may even get to sync the color of the rig with your peripherals, thus increasing the visual appeal manifold. When you don’t require it, you may even turn off the lights entirely.

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The RGB peripherals have made a name for themselves, and when someone uses an RGB rig, it seems like it’s a must that they should have RGB peripherals as well.

There are plenty of options, both affordable and expensive that you may buy, and as long as you aren’t buying a cheap model, the keyboard should work just fine.

Moreover, most RGB keyboards are mechanical ones so as long as you are not being charged too much the extra expense should be worth it.

The Pros of RGB Keyboard

1. No need for lights in the room

With an RGB keyboard, you wouldn’t need to use any other light in your room as these LEDs, though small, give you enough vision to work or game, and since you can increase the intensity, it becomes more suitable for working in the dark.

2. Gaming at night is very comfortable

Another related advantage is gaming at night. Suppose you are playing an intense horror game with tons of scary scenes and visuals, and a light in your room might strip you of a major part of the excitement (unless you are one of those who like to watch a horror movie with lights on).

An RGB keyboard ensures that doesn’t happen, and you may play as long as you want with your preferred lighting effects.

3. Other RGB components are complimented

When the other parts such as the rig and mouse are RGB and you have the correct ambiance with matching lighting in the room, why shouldn’t the keyboard be so as well?

Thus you have a complete set of RGB devices that you can use for increased productivity or gaming, or just for the good looking environment.

4. Decent Build

Most of the LED keyboards can be trusted, only if you don’t choose the “super cheap” ones. These are usually mechanical keyboards, which have advantages of their own over regular keyboards and last longer.

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Many renowned brands like Corsair, Logitech, to name some are available that manufacture both the kinds which you can buy both offline and online.

5. Comfortable

Mechanical RGB keyboards are very comfortable, and unlike the typical generic keyboard that comes with a PC, these are far easier to work or play on as there are switches present below each key to record every command.

Thus, other than the alluring light effects, these can actually boost your typing speed and/or gaming reflexes.

The Cons

6. Expensive

RGB peripherals are affordable now, but yet a keyboard with lights on it will come costlier than one that doesn’t have so.

Moreover, mechanical keyboards are already costlier than usual ones, and with lights, on it, the price is sure to increase.

While this is only the fraction of your budget when you are building or buying a high-end PC, yet cannot be ignored.

7. Low-end models can die out very soon

The problem with RGB lighting is that you cannot buy a very cheap one unless you plan on replacing it every six months due to troubles in lighting.

This is not bound to happen, but there is a possibility that on rough usage the lighting feature on few of the keys may get damaged, thus distorting the looks of the entire keypad. Also, replacing a single LED is not possible.

8. Slightly Heavy

Mechanical keyboards are generally heavier than normal ones, and this could be a problem if you are used to playing or using the keyboard on your lap.

But that isn’t a problem if you can manage to buy a membrane RGB keyboard or have used mechanical keyboards before.

9. Noise

An LED backlit keyboard, if mechanical, will create a lot of noise when you would be using it which might get uncomfortable at times.

Surely you have the option of buying a membrane keyboard, but in that case the longevity will dramatically reduce.

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10. Power Consumption

Battery backup in a mobile device is always a concern, and when you need your laptop to run for a longer time without charging it again, backlit keyboards aren’t the way to go.

Although small, they do consume power which wouldn’t have been an inconvenience had it been a desktop, but with laptops it most certainly is.

Questions & Answers:

What does RGB mean on a keyboard?

RGB on a keyboard refers to the LED lighting in it that consists of the three colors Red, Green, and Blue.

What is the purpose of RGB?

The only function of RGB, when considered solely as a hardware part for lighting, is to make the concerned device or peripheral attractive. People use RGB to add a touch of color to their otherwise boring PC and related components.

Does the RGB keyboard affect performance?

No, the RGB itself does not affect performance. No matter how expensive, only the RGB feature is never going to increase or decrease your performance while gaming or doing other stuff, but it does give an edge while you are competing against a non-RGB player and there aren't any lights turned on in either of your rooms.

Also, if it is a mechanical one, then you have certain advantages that might just boost typing performance.


Now that you know what an RGB keyboard is, you can now choose one easily for your PC.

You don’t need to have an RGB PC to use a LED keyboard, but it’s just that having lights on both the machine and the peripherals gives a better feel, especially if you are a professional gamer.