Whiskey Lake Processor

What is Whiskey Lake Processor?

Whiskey Lake is a microarchitecture that is used in some of Intel’s 8th generation and 9th generation processors.

These processors are primarily used in laptops and other portable devices, and are known for their low power consumption and improved performance compared to previous generations.

Understanding Whiskey Lake Processor

Understanding Whiskey Lake Processor

The 8th generation Whiskey Lake processors are fit for IoT applications and embedded use conditions, especially the U series processors.

These processors come with rich features that offer high performance per watt ratio.

The Whiskey Lake processors were launched by Intel on August 28, 2018. With 2 to 4 cores and Intel vPro technology support, these processors come with improved I/O capacities and DDR4 2400 memory support.

These processors have all the features needed to meet all graphics, computing and audio needs.

Some of the significant features of the Whiskey Lake processors are:

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General information:

Instruction sets and extensions:

The Intel Whiskey Lake processors support x86-64 and Intel 64 and their various extensions such as:


The pipeline in the Whiskey Lake processors has 14 to 19 stages and is able to support the following:


The Whiskey Lake processors come with Level 1 instruction and data caches, Level 2 and Level 3 caches as follows:

The Level 1 instruction and data caches are:

The Level 2 cache is:

The Level 3 cache is:

Compiler support:

The processors also support different arch specific and arch favorite compilers such as:

A few other specifications of the top-line Whiskey Lake processors are as follows:

Whiskey Lake vs Coffee Lake

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What Generation is Intel Whiskey Lake?

The Intel Whiskey Lake processors belong to the 8th generation of Core U series processors used for IoT applications.

These are feature-rich processors that offer high performance per watt.

The Whiskey Lake low-power mobile CPUs, however, belong to the 3rd generation of processors built on 14 nm Skylake microarchitecture.


So, that is all about the basics of Intel Whiskey Lake processors which are quite useful for doing several computing tasks.

These processors come with rich features and support a wide variety of technologies which further helps in enhancing their performance and functionalities.