How To Extend Your Wireless Network for Better Signals

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Wireless network or Wi-Fi signal is an absolute essential to meet several online activities. Take a look at how to extend your wireless network for better signals.

The dead wireless zone is a certain area in your workplace or house where Wi-Fi signal tends to wane.

Now it has been a general issue that many of you often get failed to avail the range you prefer from office or home wireless network as well.

On this ground, you have to consider extending the network coverage by a number of comprehensive ways.

This article is presenting some of the highly accepted methods on how to extend your wireless network which include upgrading some of the parts of router. Learn how to be safe online.

How to Extend Your Wireless Network?

Extend Your Wireless Network

In order to optimize your wireless network, some simple guidelines can make your job as easy as ABC. However, distance varies a lot in this regard and becomes the most apparent problem.

The wireless network can reach a specific optimal range as well. If you want the network to cover a space bigger than the router capability and the walls to pierce, its performance will obviously run out of road.

Moreover, signals from various other wireless routers or electronic devices can affect the speed, acting like a barrier.

Several other reasons are there to impact your wireless connection to a certain extent as well. Read more about ways to stay secure online.

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1. Bring New Wireless AC or N Router

Bring New Wireless AC or N Router

In order to boost the Wi-Fi signal or wireless network around you, it is the ideal time to say goodbye to your old router and purchase a new wireless N or AC router as well.

The Wi-Fi routers come to suit certain standards so that different devices can be connected to work with each other.

If you currently own an older g or b wireless router, you should replace it with a new ac or n wireless router without further thought.

It is just because n or ac wireless device offers fastest network connection speed and wider ranges as well.

These routers ensure higher speeds at greater distances. If you previously own a router of g or b standard, you should change it into n router.

In case your Wi-Fi is united with the modem of your service provider, you should buy your personal router and hook it up to the modem of Internet Service Provider (ISP) to extend the range of your network.

2. Upgrade Wireless Network Adapters

Upgrade Wireless Network Adapters

The wireless routers of g, b, n and ac standards are extremely compatible to each other.

So in spite of buying a new ac or n wireless router, there will be no problem in connecting all your desktops & other devices within the network.

But you will not be able to avail the highest range and best performance from the new wireless router until and unless the devices are running on the equal Wi-Fi standard.

Learn about the Wi-Fi standard of your computers and other devices to upgrade their adapters as well. This way is essential to match the adapters with your newer router.

3. Build a Wireless Range Extender

Build a Wireless Range Extender

How the Wi-Fi router will work definitely depends on the size of the room. Most of the wireless routers are able to broadcast effectively up to a specific distance.

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If you want to get the signal beyond the distance barrier, the network will disappear and you will be utterly disappointed.

If you require that your Wi-Fi signal will cover a large, specious area, you have the best option in hands.

You have to invest in wireless range extender to boost your wireless network and easily get rid of the problem of not getting signal at a corner.

Wireless range extender has many other names, such as, Wi-Fi expander and wireless repeater.

This is truly a perfect idea if the room consists of thick walls and other constructions that can obstruct the wireless connection.

The range extender comes with an IP address to be placed close enough to the basic network router, so that it can pick up the exact signal.

4. Utilize Electrical Outlets to Add Wireless Access Points

Utilize Electrical Outlets to Add Wireless Access Points

In order to double up your Wi-Fi range, you can add additional wireless APs (Access Points) to your network.

It generally requires Ethernet ports to work. But if your home or office lacks Ethernet ports, you can exploit your current electrical or cable outlets in this regard.

Insert an adapter into the existing cable and connect the adapter to the wireless router.

This way gives a chance to make proper utilization of your existing electrical outlets or cables, without paying not-so-much for enhancing your Wi-Fi range.

5. Purchase A High-Gain Antenna

Purchase A High-Gain Antenna

Usually maximum wireless network routers contain external omnidirectional antennas which can send the connection equally in each direction.

To extend your wireless connection coverage by double, you can easily replace those cheaper antennas with high-gain models.

The high-gain antennas focus on connections in a certain direction and help increasing your wireless network range.

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The way is ideal for the case if you have narrow home or office space as well. Invest in high-end antennas to suit your wireless router and adapters without a second thought.   

6. Wire Extra Wireless APs

Wire Extra Wireless

It can be one of the trusted ways to expand your wireless signal, but it is quite difficult too as well.

The way suggests wiring in further wireless APs (Access Points) to boost the Wi-Fi coverage more & more. The process is quite similar to inserting MoCA or HomePlug adapters.

The wireless APs generally provide faster connection speed as well as performance. An Ethernet cable is needed to be operated from basic router to every additional access point.

Make sure that your home or office building is wired well with Ethernet jacks, otherwise the project can be quite challenging.

Always remember that an AP is completely different from a wireless network router, when you are going to purchase it. Learn more about Wi-Fi boosters.

The more you will get fastest wireless connection, the more your browsing will be sped up.

Thus the above-discussed techniques will help you to work from any corner as per your convenience and comfort.

At the same time your colleagues or employees will enjoy most of the job time by speedier surfing and catering to their absolute needs.

It is necessary to optimize your Wi-Fi network to the fullest, so that you can make the best of your wireless network connection whenever needed.