How to Install Antivirus on Your PC? (Quick Heal)

With every passing day, computer technology is getting more sophisticated.  Read this post and learn more information on how to install antivirus on your PC.

The scenario is giving rise to security concerns to protect the system. Importance of having an effective anti-virus application installed in your computer cannot be stressed more if it comes to safeguarding the system.

It does not matter if you are tech-savvy or not. If you browse internet, installing solid antivirus software is indispensable. So let us read about How to Install Antivirus on Your PC?


  • Using the internet without proper protection with reliable antivirus software may put the whole computer system at risk.
  • The rising online security concerns and cyber crime has made it essential for every user to install a good antivirus program such as Quick Heal in their computers.
  • Installing antivirus software like Quick Heal is very easy with the Quick Heal Setup or CD.

Why to Install Antivirus on PC?

  • Protection Against Virus

Protection Against Virus

Antivirus – the name is enough to speak volume for its prime function. These viruses, unlike the real-world viruses, are man-made.

The computer viruses are actually harmful programs developed by the cybercriminals to steal or damage the data in your system. Learn how to say secure online?

With strong antivirus protection in your computer, the self-replicating codes fail to reach the heart and soul of your system i.e. CPU.

  • Safeguarding From Hackers

Safeguarding From Hackers

The hackers are the human version of harmful viruses. They gain access to your computer and sensitive data such as bank details, credit cards and many more.

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Most hackers get into the system to know about your financial activities and do transaction on behalf of you.

Any strong antivirus software can easily detect any effort of hacking and suspicious files including keyloggers extensively used by the hackers. It will then alert the user and block these from affecting your system.

  • Protection Against Spam


Not all spam messages are detrimental to health of your system. In fact, most spammers have no malicious intention. Read more about 4 must have programs on your business PC.

However, some spammers result from viruses taking refute in your hard drive.

A good antivirus solution successfully disables the viruses and significantly lessens the number of unsolicited emails hitting your email account.

  • Retrieval of Corrupted Data

Retrieval of Corrupted Data

The most popular antivirus solutions are capable of identifying the affected part of your data and eliminating those without causing any damage to original data.

The feature is truly excellent, especially if there are chances of data loss due to virus attack or hackers’ entry.

  • Adding Years to System

Adding Years to System

Viruses and malwares produce a negative impact on your computer’s performance.

Even if any antivirus software provides reliable and complete solution, it is often viewed as an unnecessary and expensive addition to your system.

However, in reality, it is a solid protection against your future expenses.

Malwares and viruses silently damage your system’s software and hardware if these live long in the computer.

As a result, the system slows down and you will find it almost impossible to perform all tasks.

It may lead to loss of important data and force you to spend a goodly sum to restore data and bring the system back to its good health.

  • Protecting Other Systems

Protecting Other Systems

The self-replicating viruses can infect other systems in disguise of ordinary files.

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Viruses spread through sharing of files and thus, create a long chain that could have been easily disrupted by installing antivirus solution in the system.

Even if the corrupted files are coming from someone else’s system, an antivirus application in your computer can easily recognize the thread before it infects an unprotected system. Read more about how to couple a Desktop PC.

  • Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

If you are familiar with the kinds of threat and damages by viruses and malwares, you won’t be able to browse the internet with a peace of mind.

Your mind will always get drifted to the prospects of virus attack. Some of you may even stop browsing internet in order to protect your computer from malicious hackers and their harmful software programs.

We do hope that you will take serious notes of the above-stated points and buy a good antivirus application in immediate future.

Let us now show you how to install antivirus software. We will discuss here about Quick Heal installation.

You can install Quick Heal in either of two ways – by using Quick Heal Setup or Quick Heal CD.

Quick Heal Installation via Quick Heal Setup

Quick Heal Installation via Quick Heal Setup

  • Click twice on Quick Heal Setup.
  • Run the setup and a screen will appear.
  • The screen will show that installation process is going on.
  • Wait until Quick Heal installation wizard needs anything.
  • At this point, Quick Heal will scan your system’s memory. In case, any problem is found, it will immediately launch Native boot scan to eliminate the malwares.
  • Once the process is complete, a screen will appear to ask for your permission to continue. Click on ‘I agree’ to accept license agreement and then, click on Next.
  • On the next screen, the installation wizard will pop up and ask for the path. Click ‘Next’ to continue. It chooses System Drive by default. We recommend that you should install Quick Heal in System Drive.
  • Once you can click on ‘Next’ button, another screen will immediately appear to notify that Quick Heal installation is underway. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Once installation is successful, another screen will come up. Activate the ’Register Now’ button for registration or reactivation of the antivirus software product.
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Quick Heal Installation via Quick Heal CD

Quick Heal Installation via Quick Heal CD

  • Insert the Quick Heal CD. Remember that it is an auto run CD.
  • You will find an “Install Quick Heal’ option. Click on it.



So, you understand that if you are using internet, not using an antivirus software app will put your system at a high risk.

You have also learned how to install Quick Heal. If you want to install a different antivirus application, the procedure will be more or less similar.

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