HP 17.3 Inch Laptop Review – Price, Performance, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • Cool display
  • Perfectly portable
  • Battery life good
  • Perfect for work
  • Multi tasking


  • Not so available other than land line
  • Overall design is boring
  • Not perfect for high end work
  • Becomes hot at times
  • Little bit expensive

HP 17.3” laptop, packed with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 1TB Hard Drive, belongs to the bracket of middle-of-the-road and affordable notebooks ideal for personal use. Let us check out the HP 17.3 inch laptop review today.

However, it is not mandatory for you to restrict its use only to personal purposes; you can easily use it for your professional works as well. The large 17.3” display area is the USP and biggest asset of this HP model.

It ticks many boxes including portability, sleek look, powerful performance and durability.

And all these are ensured at a pocket-friendly price and that is definitely a teaser for the budget-sensitive buyers.

HP 17.3 Inch & Related Laptops Price

HP 17.3 Inch Laptop Review

HP 17.3 inch Laptop Review

This HP model does not come with a long list of outstanding features but some on the spec chart are simply excellent.

As mentioned in the ‘introduction’ part, the 17.3” screen is the most amazing feature of this HP laptop.

The price-conscious buyers were waiting for a system that would combine decent look and excellent performance after the HP announced immediate arrival of this 17.3” laptop.

The system comes with some interesting features that give an assurance that the users will be happy with its performance.

It is a lightweight model weighing only 5.84 pounds. Therefore, you can easily pack it into a bag and sling the bag on your back without feeling any pain or discomfort while carrying it around.

If we talk about performance, which is most likely to be your main concern, it is a guarantee that the system won’t spoil your expectations.

Powered by a 7th generation Intel Core processor, the system also relies on a 1 TB HDD and 8 GB of RAM to deliver performance up to the mark. Check out best HP laptop list.

Specs Details:


HP 17.3 inch Laptop Reliability

HP is always on the list of the brandmaniacs. The name brings with it lots of reliability and respect.

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The manufacturer has tossed some interesting features into the system to make it a perfect piece for your personal use.

Each component is carefully chosen to ensure powerful performance much better than most competitors do at the same price range.

To be precise, this HP system is excellent for schools works, professional tasks and entertainment purposes.

In this blog, we will discuss about the mainstays and miscellaneous features of this black box to offer an unbiased review in order to help you make up your mind – whether to buy it or switch to other models.

Performance – Processing Power

HP 17.3 inch Laptop Performance – Processing Power

No, the HP 17.3-inch laptop does not offer blockbuster performance. However, it’s not meant for that purpose either.

This model is engineered to deliver what satisfies your daily personal and professional works as well as entertainment needs.

At core, it’s not a versatile system to do whatever is thrown at it. Still it can deal with many types of works from low-end personal tasks to high-end demanding professional apps.

You can watch Netflix shows on it without experiencing any kind of problem. The shows will go on smoothly.

Borrowing power from a 7th generation Intel core i5-7200U processor, the system offers good speed at least, what won’t leave you disappointed.

After using it, you will be surprised as to how the manufacturer has managed to offer brilliant and speedy performance at such a low price point.

An 8 GB DDR4-2133 RAM finely complements the system processor, offering explanation for quick booting and exciting performance. Read more about top 10 laptop brands.

Design & Build

HP 17.3 inch Laptop Design & Build

Smart simplicity dominates its design. However, simplicity is the new word for sophistication. Arriving in black, it does not sport an outstanding design that will blow your mind.

Still, simplicity is a rage these days and loved by most users. The model is sleek and lightweight.

You won’t feel any kind of inconvenience or discomfort while carrying it around. The chassis feels strong and that is a definite signature of durability.

In a word, it is simple yet stylish and tough yet lightweight at a price that won’t force you to break your banks.


HP 17.3 inch Laptop Display

The display part is the most interesting segment of this HP laptop. The system comes with a 17.3” screen.

The large real estate area coupled with high resolution measuring 1600×900 pixels makes sure that you will get to see the vivid and vibrant details of images.

The WLED backlit technology takes the display characters and qualities to another level. What is more, SVA BrightView raises the bar of your expectation.

Graphics Power

HP 17.3 inch Laptop Graphics Power

Powerful graphics is an important character of this HP laptop. With Intel HD graphics 620 tossed under the lid, this machine features a dedicated component to deal with the graphics shows.

It is not a new but a powerful concept to ensure that the users enjoy great display experience. Check out HP 14 CF0014DX Laptop Review.

The images appear bright and detailed, thanks to powerful resolution that fits a large screen diagonally measuring 17.3”.

Whether you run professional graphics apps or watch Netflix shows, the images won’t appear hazy or grainy.



On this front, the maker has not compromised with power of the components. It accommodates a 1TB Serial ATA HDD.

The space is enough to make rooms for literally innumerable songs, movies and files (both text and graphics).

The hard drive spins at 5400rpm. It implies that you can retrieve any file, song or movie within a couple of seconds.

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Spacious hard disk makes a great combination with other two strong features – powerful processor and RAM – and ensures good performance from the multitasking performer.

Battery Life


The system packs in a 3-cell WHr Li-on battery. If it comes to battery life, this HP system can easily outsmart many of its compatriots and competitors available at a more or less same price.

Once powered, it can run for 31 long hours at a stretch. That is really wonderful as you don’t need to plug it in very often while travelling.

If you get busy with demanding professional apps, the battery life will be reduced a little bit but still enough to continue your important works for a long time.

Additional Specifications

HP 17.3 inch Laptop Additional Specifications

Important features aside, additional specifications also claim attention. We are still insisting that nothing on the spec chart is extraordinary apart from the large screen.

However, there are several surprises on the spec list to assure the buyers that their hard-earned money won’t go in vain. Let us now take a quick glance over the spec chart.

The system comes with a full keyboard featuring 10 keys. The keys feature right amount of space between them.

Furthermore, the keys are large enough for a solid stroke and don’t feel hard. Just a soft stroke is enough to give commands to the machine.

The system comes with one multi-format SD media card reader. The manufacturer has packed a CD/DVD burner with this model.

The system features a front-facing VGA Webcam as well as an integrated digital microphone.

That sounds wonderful as the feature allows you to see as well as talk to your distant relatives, friends or colleagues.

Finally, if it comes to ports, we are happy to inform that you will get the right number and nature of ports required to plug in some of your required and favorite external devices.

It comes with 1xUSB, 2xUSB, 1xRJ-45, 1HDMI and 1xHeadphone-out/microphone-in combo jack.

Other Experts View

HP 17.3 inch Laptop Reliability - Copy

The most authentic reviews are available from the PC MAG. So, let us know what they talk and feel about this HP lightweight laptop. According to them, the system offers a neat and clean look in keeping with the modern design. They feel simplicity symbolizes elegance and the system registers a high score in this aspect.

Techradder thinks that the machine being light in weight, is easy to carry wherever you travel. Portability is a feature most liked by the buyers, especially those who go on a trip very often.

Despite weighing only 5.84lbs, the system features a stylish and strong chassis. Therefore, the users get an assurance that the laptop will survive years’ of rough use.

What Do Users Think?

user review

Our experts have talked to this laptop users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Coming to the features, the users are simply excited. They think that the make has the right types of features to offer excellent performance in all aspects.

With a pack of 8 GB RAM and 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor, the HP model offers fast booting, multitasking and good performance.

It is architected to handle a range of works including school tasks, running professional apps and entertainment shows.

Smooth and speedy performance is the signature of its processing abilities. The powerful processor enables the system to manage multiple tasks simultaneously with amazing ease and efficiency.

As experienced by the users and mentioned earlier, the laptop handles different types of works.

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Ample storage space – the users feel – is a good attribute of the HP system. It comes bundled with a 1TB HDD. That much space is enough for any user to save text and graphic files, songs and movies in a large number.

The users think that the trio – processor, RAM and HDD – makes a wonderful combo to deliver top-notch performance for whatever task is thrown at it.

It is really great for personal works, entertainment and professional needs.

In the display part, the HP system comes with the biggest surprise – a 17.3-inch large screen. What we have learned from the users’ experience is, the larger real estate area offers nice details of images.

Amazing brightness is another striking feature of this laptop. Moreover, the pictures don’t look blurred from any angle.

Battery life is always a concern for the users, especially those who make a trip several times a year.

On this front, the laptop offers above-average performance. Once recharged, it can survive for 31 hours without any break. For the users, that sounds really great!

According to them, other aspects are as good as the mainstays of the system. For example, they are talking about keyboard. It feels large and offers comfy typing experience.

Coming to ports, the users think that the laptop features the right number and right types at the right spots to allow them to plug in required external devices.

The system comes with an integrated webcam and microphone to enable the users to see their close ones while talking to them without having to buy a mic for ‘see and talk’ purpose.

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

We feel neither heavily excited nor disappointed while performing tasks on it. Let us first make it clear that the design is not superb to die for.

Still, its simple and uncluttered look does not go unnoticed. In fact, we quite like its plain design and pleasant features.

The model is portable and that is a nice attribute. On the ground of durability, the users will get a peace of mind after learning that it will withstand daily use for years.

Switching out attention towards its performance and display, we have only nice words to speak about this HP system.

It is a multitasking system coming with a speedy processor and 8 GB of DDR4 RAM.

The combination ensures good speed, multitasking and managing different tasks from running memory-hungry apps to doing professional works.

Coming to display, we can easily point out the most interesting feature of the HP laptop and that is its 17.3-inch large screen.

Large screen in combination with a good amount of resolution ensures bright and detailed display. It also feels good that the images look beautiful from all angles of the screen.

The large display screen apart, long battery life is another lovely feature that we have liked a lot about it. To put in a single sentence, it is worth its price slip and your money as well.