HP 24-xa0053w AIO Review

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  • The monitor which is attached with this PC has a touch screen.
  • A full HD webcam is also attached.
  • The design of this PC is very slim.
  • This PC has an inbuilt Bluetooth connection of 4.2.
  • The installation process of this desktop is very easy.


  • The capacity of the RAM in this device is too low.
  • The storage capacity of this desktop of HP is not up to the mark.
  • Gamers should avoid this desktop.
  • The processing ability of this desktop is not too fast.
  • The buyers have to spend extra money for DVD players.


This device is made for the beginners and for those users who use small sized software frequently. It is a very useful to the MS office users. So it can be very helpful for financial modeling. Else, gamers and high-end users have to avoid this desktop of HP.

HP 24-xa0053w AIO & Variants Price


HP 24-xa0053w AIO

HP has always provided us plenty of useful and quality desktops throughout the years and each of them are unique and made for a specific field.

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This desktop doesn’t have very updated specifications but still this product has become one of the best choices for financial modeling.

HP has tried its best to put useful features in this system, that’s why it has a separate fan base. Check out best desktop computers.

Buy for: The desktop has a very stylish, slim outfit. It comes with a 23.8 inch full HD, touch enable display. Intel’s processor and GPU are used in this product and this device can be fitted at any small space which is very helpful for commercial places.

Beware of:  The RAM capacity of the product is not up to the mark. The storage capacity is also limited and the product’s processing ability is not too fast for a gamer. Although it comes with Intel’s processor, it is not an updated one.

Design and Build

This desktop of HP has a very good and unique look. This classy desktop comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse, which enhances its outfit very much.

The build quality of this product is awesome.  A 23.8 inches widescreen display, comes with this product.

This monitor is able to provide a very bright view. The resolution of the monitor is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

This device is commonly available in black and white color. Check out best desktop brands.


HP has packed this PC with Intel core i5 processor, which is a good choice for regular or casual usage.

The processor has a processor count of 6. Normal users can easily be satisfied with the performance of the product, but it is not able to fulfill the basic requirement of the gamers or the users of high level software.

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This PC also has an integrated graphics named Intel UHD Graphics 630 which is good but not the best.

The users can enjoy HD videos in this product but not 4K videos. For its low configuration, the usage of the PC of HP is also limited.

It can also be in such commercial places where MS office plays a major role.

However, it is a great choice for the beginners and it can be used for financial modeling in many companies.

Storage & RAM

HP has made a great compromise in storage and RAM in this PC.

It comes with only one TB HDD and 16 GB optane memory which only helps the system to launch programs quickly.

To store a huge amount of data, the user has to lie on the external storage, for which he has to spend more extra money.

But, this storage is okay for a beginner. The RAM capacity of the PC is only 4 GB that is why the processing speed of the system is not very fast.

This drawback also limits its usage.

Ports & Connectivity

This desktop comes with Bluetooth 4.2. Wireless LAN of version 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac is also available in this product.

HDMI port is also present in this device. 3 USB ports are also attached in this desktop for connecting various peripherals on this PC.

Additional Features

The PC has integrated speakers which are quite good and are able to create a cinematic environment.

This PC is ultra slim and it stands on an aluminum made stand, which makes the product more durable.

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A Full HD privacy webcam is also present in this desktop of HP.


What Do Users Think about HP 24-xa0053w AIO?

This is a really good desktop for the beginners. Check out HP 24-xa0053w Manual.

This desktop is not able to take a place in the heart of multiple app users and especially high-end users and gamers.

Its specifications are not quite updated. The only feature which is attractive in it is its beauty of slimness and adorable outfit.

However, the users who perform financial modeling can easily get benefited from this desktop.

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