HP Compaq Pro 6300 SFF Business Desktop Review

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HP Compaq Pro 6300 SFF Business Desktop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


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  • Fkexible design
  • Good performance
  • Accadamic computer
  • Multitasking
  • Reliable


  • Issues when hot
  • Little bit loud
  • HDD issues
  • Not for powerful usage
  • Not easily available.


The Compaq Pro 6300 is a flagship variant under the business PC series of HP. With SFF design and reliable build quality, the system adds more flexibility to your corporate house.

The SFF design of the desktop is likely to support your official activities. It also supports ample system memory to help your staffs open bigger files and freely multitask before reaching the limit of the system.

HP Compaq Pro 6300 SFF  & Variants Price


The HP Compaq Pro 6300 can be an ideal solution to meet your day-to-day business needs.

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This professional desktop PC has reliable multitasking power to bring you utmost comfort and unprecedented computing experience.

Apart from performing official activities, the system can be highly suitable for searching on the web, academic workloads, or everyday personal computing.

HP Compaq Pro 6300

Buy for: Fkexible design | Good performance

Beware of: HDD issues

Best uses for: office and business use, education and learning, home theatre PC, home security system, video conferencing, etc.

The alternatives:

Design & Build

It has got an SFF (small form factor) design to suit your compact working area.

The design is typically powerful to handle intensive business workloads on a daily basis.

Its dimension is 13.3 x 14.9 x 3.9 inches and weight is 16.8 pounds.

The system comes with all the essential external components required to perform business activities without any hiccups.


The Compaq Pro 6300 is powered by Intel Core i5-3470 processor, which is suitable enough for high volume business activities.

HP Compaq Pro 6300 Processor

The quad core chipset has 6 MB cache and the clock speed of 3.20 GHz to work efficiently without any discernible hiccups.

On the other hand, the system packs Intel HD Graphics 2500 GPU to improve your creative performance.

Thus the desktop is offering a decent hardware configuration to cater to the all-round business requirements.

Storage & RAM

The CPU in the system is coupled with 8GB DDR3 SDRAM to allow you to multitask every minute even with multiple browsers or software open.

HP Compaq Pro 6300 RAM

The internal memory has the frequency of 1600 MHz to perform well.

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Moreover, the system offers 500GB SATA hard disk drive which is having the speed of 7200 rpm.

HP Compaq Pro 6300 Hard Drive

You can make your own library of essential files with such HDD space.

Ports & Connectivity

Despite having a small form design, the system offered by HP comes with all the indispensable ports and connectivity options to help you work with ease.

HP Compaq Pro 6300 Front Ports

It accommodates 4 USB 3.0 ports, 6 USB 2.0 ports and DVD-ROM optical drive.

HP Compaq Pro 6300 Rear Ports

The system also provides WIFI adapter connection to make you enjoy surfing on the web.

Additional Features

The computer runs on 64 bit Windows 7 Professional operating system. Other notable features include SuperMulti DVD writer, HD audio etc.

HP Compaq Pro 6300 DVD Drive

Specs Details:

What Do Users Think about HP Compaq Pro 6300?

The HP Compaq Pro 6300 can be an ultimate solution to the user’s day-to-day business needs. Check out HP Compaq Pro 6300 Manual.

Apart from performing official activities, the user can perform staffing on the web, academic workloads, or everyday personal computing.

This product has got an SFF (small form factor) design to be fitted in working area which is very important thing today.

This product has 512 GB Solid State Drive which provides fast processing to the users. In this device the users get facility to choose different language.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

The HP Compaq Pro 6300 SFF desktop is an ideal choice for businesses and offices.

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The installed processor is powerful enough to proficiently handle a variety of tasks, including word processing, spreadsheet management, and email communication.

Professionals were able to seamlessly switch between multiple applications without experiencing any lag or slowdowns, thanks to the device’s robust performance. As a result, our productivity increased significantly, and our workflow became smoother.

Anyone in the education sector can consider this SFF computer as one of the best options to fulfill all their computing needs.

We extensively used this device to participate in several interactive learning programs and attended online courses from different sources.

Our academic activities were greatly positively impacted by attending these online lectures and accessing various websites through this PC.

We also utilized this device for entertainment purposes. By connecting it to our 48-inch HD TV, we enjoyed stunning visuals while watching movies, TV shows, and other MP4 content.

We were able to watch web series at 1080p without any buffering issues. Additionally, the compact form factor of this device allowed it to easily fit in a small space, saving valuable space in our living room.

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