HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop Review

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HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop


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  • Boost performance
  • Excellent machine
  • Graphics card
  • Solid state
  • Excellent configuration


  • Runs hot
  • Hardware issues
  • Sometimes gets stuck
  • Not always available
  • Upgradation issues


In case you are looking to buy a desktop computer then you can be sure that with the HP brand no matter which product you buy it will be reliable. This Desktop is very reliable much like all other HP products and the best part of this device is that it is priced  reasonably.

HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop & Variants Price


When it comes to computers there could hardly be no other brand that is as reliable as HP.

Over a long time that this brand has been in business it has been renowned for the most innovative products and also the one which stands for true quality.

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The HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop is very reliable indeed which lives up to its overall reputation of the HP brand.

It is also the reason why it is very popular for use, especially for business purposes.

HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop

Buy for: Boost performance | Excellent machine

Beware of: Runs hot

Best uses for: IT sector, small shop, coding, multitasking, etc.

The alternatives:

Design & Build

This HP PC has been designed in a way that is ideally suited for business purposes.

Loaded with some of the latest features this PC has been built in a way that ideally suits the needs of the current business environment.

HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop Interior View

It is very compact and at the same time very hardy as well, which means that it truly delivers value for the money invested in it.


The HP Elite Desktop computer delivers top-quality performance.

HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop Processor

It begins with this Desktop computer has the Intel Quad-Core i7-3770 Processor which delivers great speed.

Besides this, it also has the preloaded Windows 10 Professional Operating System which enhances its overall performance further.

So no matter how heavy the workload at the office or at home given the features that this HP Desktop Computer has it can easily deal with all in the most efficient manner.

Ports & Connectivity

No matter how good the computer now, given the domination of the internet and the need to plug in input devices, the connectivity and ports are of prime importance.

HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop Front Ports

This HP Desktop has plenty of USB Ports and also slots for a number of the input devices. This makes this Desktop very useful indeed.

HP Elite 6300 SFF Desktop Rear Ports

Apart from this it also can be easily connected to the internet as well. Therefore for all types of jobs, this HP Desktop Computer is absolutely suitable.

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Additional Features

When it comes to additional features you have the preloaded Windows 10 Professional Operating system and also the Mouse and Keyboard which are very useful for the users of this Desktop Computer.

Specs Details:

What Do Users Think about HP Elite 6300?

The users are highly impressed with the HP Elite 6300 SFF desktop. They needed a decent workstation desktop, and after buying this device their problem was solved.

They especially liked that it fit even in the tightest of spaces, and so storing it at home or office was never a concern.

They had fast boot-ups because of the SSD, and with the other features, the computer performed fairly well overall.

With Windows 10 pre-installed and the i7 processor (with boosting features), it came out to be highly user-friendly.

The mouse and keyboard that came in the packaging weren’t ideal, but workable. The main problem they faced was regarding storage.

Because of the SSD, the capacity by default is low, which is why storing large files was inconvenient.

Other than that, there is no HDMI port on this PC, which was a complaint. It is not built for gamers either.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

After considering the specifications of the HP Elite 6300 SFF desktop, we decided to place this device in a small IT sector. In that setting, the device delivered exceptional performance with excellent stability and efficiency.

With its balanced configuration, professionals were able to experience speedy processing while multitasking or working on any resource-intensive software.

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They used VMware Workstation, Wireshark, and PuTTY for network management, virtualization, and secure remote access.

We also placed this compact device in a small shop where it was responsible for managing inventory, processing transactions, and maintaining financial records, customer data, etc.

For these purposes, applications such as QuickBooks, Square Point of Sale, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc., were utilized. While running these applications, the device worked smoothly without any significant lag in performance.

One of our team members had to work on and fix existing bugs in the coding of an Android application. For this purpose, he considered using this device.

He used Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Sublime Text for coding, debugging, and text editing tasks. According to him, this device delivered efficient and pleasing performance, indirectly helping him to increase his productivity to some extent by providing smooth processing.

During multitasking on the HP Elite 6300 SFF desktop, we experienced impressive smooth processing. Even while running multiple applications simultaneously, we didn’t notice any lag or slowdown in performance.

We used this device for browsing the web, attending conferences through Microsoft Teams, and using Slack. In short, we can say that you can get a seamless multitasking experience on this compact PC.

However, the limited storage capacity can be a potential drawback.

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