HP Elite 7900 Desktop Review: Pros, Cons & More

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HP Elite 7900


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


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  • Standard three year warranty
  • Large chassis
  • Topless
  • Easy to swipe port
  • Energy efficient & compact factor


  • External power brick
  • Expansions issues
  • Optical drive issues
  • Expensive
  • Not always available


If you plan to buy desktop PC then the HP Brand is one which is very reliable indeed. This desktop computer has various advanced features that make it ideal for business where moderate workloads are required, So this is one budget desktop PC that you can surely go for.

HP Elite 7900 Desktop & Variant Products Price


When it comes to any personal computer, HP is the one brand that is trusted by all.

Over the years this is a brand that has delivered the most innovative products.

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The HP Elite 7900 Desktop is one of its most popular products in the PC Category.

It has some of the best features which help it stand out from the competition.

HP Elite 7900 Desktop

Buy for: Large chassis | Compact factor

Beware of: Optical drive issues

Best uses for: beginners, educational institutes, multitasking, etc.

The alternatives:

  1. HP Pro SFF 400 G9
  2. MSI PRO DP21 12M-407US Mini PC

Design & Build

This HP Desktop PC has been designed and built in a way that makes it ideal for heavy use in the corporate environment.

However, it is suitable for businesses, schools, and homes as well. It is very compact which ensures that it can be kept in a small space.

Apart from this, it has various features that make this desktop computer very user-friendly indeed.

It not only looks stylish but also is very sturdy as well.


While buying any desktop pc much like all other devices its performance is one of its main keys which is of critical importance.

HP Elite 7900 Desktop Processor

It is powered by the powerful Intel Core 2 DUO 2.3 GHZ Processor which ensures superb speed.

Apart from this, the PC has great graphics which makes the games and videos very realistic.

All these combine to help the pc deliver top performance.

Storage & RAM

In the current web scenario, it is important for the devices to have a sufficient amount of storage.

This HP PC is one that has the standard 500 GB SATA.

HP Elite 7900 Desktop Hard Drive

Though this may be sufficient other PCs in this category have higher storage capacity.

Apart from this it also has the standard 8 GB RAM which ensures great speed.

HP Elite 7900 Desktop RAM

Ports & Connectivity

There are many USB Ports on this pc and connecting to it is simple as well.

Connectivity to this highly advanced PC can also be done over Wi-fi as well.

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Additional Features

When any PC or device offers some additional features it leads to customer delight. This is also what it also offers as well.

You could also you could expect with this Desktop PC as well. Check out HP Elite 7900 Manual.

You can avail the 19 inch LCD Monitor along with the peripherals like USB Keyboard and Mouse too.

Specs Details:

What Do Users Think about HP Elite 7900?

When general professional computing and the need to solve daily work on a computer was the “why” of buying a PC, a number of users have chosen the HP Elite 7900 desktop.

It must be remembered that the needs of these users were limited, and thus they were happy after buying it.

Most have chosen the 1 TB storage variant for obvious reasons. They found that in daily working the PC was a decent performer, but significant gaming is one of the many things that would not be supported by it.

It was very easy to set up and the mouse, keyboard, and monitor that came along with it were also satisfactory.

A good warranty and after-sales support from the sellers and HP are other reasons due to which the users are pleased.

Other Expert Views

The experts at PC World hold good of the small and slim size of the CPU of the HP Elite 7900, but they say that upgrades would be a problem right from the start because of the same.

They believe that the computer is good enough for handling a lot of multimedia programs, but are not happy with the small storage space. In their review, they found out that the PC has a total of 8 USB ports, which according to them would be quite handy for the users.

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Their notable negative remarks were about the graphics and also that a few important features, like a media card reader and 5.1 sound support were missing. The users who would not need any major upgrades would find the PC extremely user friendly.

The experts at Tech Really altered the hard drive of the PC with an SSD and the inbuilt graphics with a better one and then tested the computer, in which it succeeded with flying colors.

In the tests, no heating problems occurred and the PC was fast. As per them, it is a stable machine and if one gets a discount on it or manages to buy a refurbished model at a lower price, it would definitely be an awesome purchase.

Lastly, let us see what opinions the experts at Trustedreviews have regarding this computer. They noticed that the graphics were not that good, but as a business desktop, it does not consume much wattage. Also, there were little noise emissions from the cooling fans which did an okay job to keep the machine cool.

They liked the mouse as well, but the keyboard was horrible. The lack of a DVI port for display saddened them. They say it is suitable for an office, but at home, one would not be satisfied with it at all.

Overall, they say it is a trusted product from a trusted brand and the users may consider buying it.

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