HP Elite 8200 SFF Desktop PC Review

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HP Elite 8200 SFF Desktop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


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  • Boosting performance
  • Integrated connectivity
  • Good body
  • Runs with quality
  • Trusted brand


  • Storage capacity below average
  • Connection options limited
  • Not available all time
  • Support is bad
  • Runs hot at times


This HP PC has been provided with all the standard features of any HP PC and it delivers a great performance. Because it is available at a fairly reasonable price it is worth considering for buying. But to be honest storage capacity below average.

HP Elite 8200 SFF Desktop PC & Variants Price


In case you are planning to buy any desktop computer or Laptop computer or for that matter any other computer device, HP is a brand which is by far the most trusted.

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Over the years this brand has stood for quality and its products are renowned to be a true value for their products.

With the HP Elite 8200 SFF Desktop PC, you can expect the product to live up to the overall reputation of the brand.

This is also the reason why it is one of the most popular HP Products.

HP Elite 8200 SFF Desktop

Buy for: Boosting performance | Integrated connectivity

Beware of: Connection options limited.

Best uses for: Blogging, multitasking, basic gaming, accounting, etc.

The alternatives:

Design & Build

This HP PC has been smartly designed. It has some of the most advanced features which makes it deliver the highest standards.

HP Elite 8200 Interior View

It has a rather compact design as a result of which it can be kept in a small space.

On the other hand, it has a rather attractive look and is also very hardy at the same time.


With the advanced features that this HP PC has, you can expect a high standard of performance.

It is powered by the HP 8200 Intel I5 Quad-Core 3.1 GHz Processor which enables it to deliver high speed.

HP Elite 8200 Processor

Apart from this it also has the preloaded Windows 10 Professional Operating System as well which enhances the overall performance of this HP PC as well.

Along with this the PC also has the advanced audio system too.

Storage & RAM

No matter what device you go in for in the current web scenario you would agree that you need to opt for the ones which have high storage capacity.

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HP Elite 8200 Hard Drive

The good thing about this HP PC is that it has the standard Hard Disk Capacity of 500 GB which is more or less sufficient now.

Along with this it also has the 8 GB RAM as well. As a result, this PC is quite fast.

HP Elite 8200 RAM

Ports & Connectivity

The good thing about this HP PC is that it has a large number of ports.

HP Elite 8200 Front Ports

These include everything from a large number of USB Ports and also Microphone and Head Phone Jacks too.

HP Elite 8200 Rear Ports

For Connectivity this PC has the Ethernet and also Wireless Connectivity as well.

Additional Features

If you are to take a look at the additional features you would find that DWV Optical Drive and this PC also have been provided with a 1-year warranty as well.

HP Elite 8200 Dvd Drive

Specs Details:

What Do Users Think about HP Elite 8200?

The HP Elite 8200 SFF is quite an older model but the buyers are interested in buying it even now, which means the PC works as good as the latest PCs.

They bought it for their old parents, offices, and workstations or other business-oriented purposes and were not disappointed. The setup was easy and the computer worked fast enough.

The storage and graphics upgrades are limited, but the features it already comes with makeup for that.

One of the problems they faced was that the device is not wifi ready out of the box and the users had to buy a WiFi card separately.

As a professional PC, it worked fine but there are no special features regarding the sound or video quality.

The RAM capacity was enough, and those who had some greater graphics requirement replaced the existing graphics with a newer, but low end GPU (since the small casing of the product limits upgradability) and it worked fine.

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The arrangement of ports was satisfactory as well. Check out HP Elite 8200 Manual.

Other Expert Views

The experts at PC Mag think that the HP Elite 8200 was a good enough PC for workstation and office usage as it has enough processing power and that comes in a small-sized shell, making it perfect for places where there is a need for several computers.

The price at which it is available is affordable and the repairs are convenient, but there is negligible space inside for upgrades that could be a problem for some users.

The performance it showed in video tests was satisfactory. However, a better alternative rather than choosing this PC is Lenovo M91p.

As per the experts of PC World, this PC from HP is a decent one in a pocket-friendly price range, but there could be some improvements about the sound and picture quality.

It is a fast-performing desktop when daily and professional uses are concerned, but it is not at all suggested for gaming. It also needed the touch screen compatibility badly.

They recommend the Lenovo Thinkcentre m91z and the Toshiba DX1215 if the buyers are fine with a slightly slower processing strength that is balanced by touch support and better connectivity.

The experts at Notebook Review hold views similar to those mentioned above. They have listed the low price tag and small yet sturdy design as the advantages, while the downsides are low-end graphics and less hard drive capacity.

These are lightweight and can be employed in large numbers when needed. Based on the performance it provides, it should be a good choice when one is looking for a desktop for office and business-oriented environments.

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