HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook Review – Price & Specs

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  • No optical drive
  • HDD storage
  • Integrated graphics chip
  • No separate numeric keypad
  • Smaller screen with thick bezel

Read HP Pavilion 14 HD notebook review and see the price. The HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook is a reliable and comparatively cheaper laptop for the college students as well as others on a budget to use.

The solid specs of this laptop provide consistent and dependable performance to meet the needs of the cost-conscious consumers most efficiently.

Users will not feel the strain in their back and shoulders carrying this portable laptop all day due to its light weight. The college students of the business persons can haul it easily between classes or offices and seminars, as the case may be.

The display is quite decent to offer a decent visual experience. Through an HD screen, the images and graphs will be clear and sharp enough to see the details in them easily.

The wi-fi connectivity options, ports, the decent battery life, audio and cooling system, are all good enough to support using this system on the go, an absolute necessity for the college students and travelling business persons.

HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook & Variants Price

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HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook Review

HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook

Buy for: Affordable price, decent audio performance, portability, decent connectivity options.

Beware of: Slower storage, average HD webcam, buttonless trackpad, hinge design.

Best uses for: College students and other purposes.


The affordable HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook will provide a high value for the money with its performance. It can handle most computing tasks for college students and home users. However, it has an HDD and supports HD resolution.

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Design and Build

If you consider the design of HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook, it is quite simple but still looks elegant.

The gracefully contoured silver exterior looks even more attractive with the large and black HP logo that acts as the focal point on the surface of the lid.

This competent and functional laptop is pleasant to use and offers all those features that are useful which college students as well as businesses usually look forward to.

The keyboard is durable and comes with backlights but does not have a separate numeric keypad. This can cause a little bit of hindrance in making easier and faster data entry. The design of the power button is also quite unusual.

The trackpad is quite large and comes with no specific buttons for left and right clicks. It is quite responsive to allow easy navigation and operation.

The 14-inch display looks a bit smaller due to the thick bezel all around but is good enough to meet with the computing needs of college students.

The screen comes with SVA or Super Vertical Alignment and a Brightview feature. However, this WLED backlit screen supports HD resolution or 1366 x 768 pixels only.

When it comes to size and weight, this laptop is certainly not very slim and thin. It is quite light in weight, weighing around 4.8 pounds.

This makes it quite portable and good a size to fit in a backpack and carry it around along with you on a regular basis.

This laptop is built from aluminum material which makes it strong enough to endure the daily rigors of usage.

It comes with a unique mechanism between the screen and the base of the laptop. When the screen is unfolded, it lifts the base by up to a few degrees.

This allows better ventilation as well as offers a better typing position. However, this design also makes it a bit less stable though it will not slip off and on.


The HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook is an average laptop for the average users, be it a college student or a business owner. However, its performance is not average, thanks to its decent set of specs.

The Intel Core i5 processor is good and powerful enough to allow doing the basic computing tasks by the college students, small business owners and users at home.

Apart from the basic daily computing tasks, it can also deal with the needs for some light video or photo editing quite efficiently and quickly with its fairly decent range of operating frequency.

However, this system will certainly not support performing high-end or complex computing tasks.

The graphics needs for your computing tasks will be successfully and effectively met by the Intel HD graphics 620 that comes with up to 4166 MB of video memory.

It will also support playing some light games at a low frame rate per second or do some basic graphics intensive tasks on this laptop.

Once again, being an integrated graphics card, it will not perform as desired while playing high-end games or doing any graphics intensive task on this computer.

The useful Windows 10 Home operating system comes with useful features which surely and significantly makes it much easier to use and operate the system.

Add to that, it also makes it an excellent option for the college students and a business person, especially who are on the go.

RAM & Storage

The system is equipped with an 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM which is powerful enough with its 2133 MHz bandwidth to support multitasking with several apps and tabs open at the same time.

The storage of the laptop, on the other hand, is fairly large but is an HDD.

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Designed with a Serial ATA 600 interface and having an operation speed of 5400 rotations per minute, this hard drive is a bit on the lower side when it comes to speed of performance.

Ports & Connectivity

This particular model does not make any sacrifice in the number and type of ports like other devices to balance with the price or the weight of the system.

It includes both USB 3.1 and USB-C ports. It also comes with an HDMI port, an SD card slot, an Ethernet port, as well as one 3.5 mm audio jack. This makes this system one of the most versatile ones.

The connectivity options and support offered by this laptop is also quite stable and strong to use it conveniently while travelling or outdoors by the college students or business persons.

Battery Life

Like most of the features and specs of the laptop, its battery life is also quite decent and will last for more than 7 hours.

Though it depends heavily on the usage, the lithium polymer will supply power to the system almost all day allowing the college students to take the notes of all the classes of the day without having to hunt for a free power outlet in between classes.

Other users will also be able to keep going for hours on a single charge if they restrict their usage to simple word docs and web browsing.

Additional Features

The device comes with an audio system with Bang and Olufsen branding which offers a decent audio performance within its volume range and capabilities.

The system comes with a pretty efficient cooling system that keeps the system cool even under heavy load or extended usage.

The operating temperatures will not be high to cause heat related issues or make it hot to touch.

The HP CoolSense technology of the fan control system allows adjusting the parameters of the cooling system depending on whether or not it is stationary.

This keeps the innards of the system much cooler through extended use and for a longer period of time.

The built-in camera of the system is just about right and adequate in performance to support making Skype and video calls.

The 720p camera supports low fps and the megapixels support is just standard for a laptop camera and is nothing too impressive.

The images taken at low light conditions are also very poor even though the camera supports face tracking and HDR.

In addition to the operating system, this laptop does not come with too much bloatware.

However, there are a few games pre-installed in it which you may uninstall if you wish. The process is simple and takes less time.

You will also get the standard apps and software that will provide adequate tools and assistance in initial setting up, future device management and addition, as well as control of the system.


What Do Users Think About HP Pavilion 14 HD Notebook?

Most of the users who were surveyed said that they are very happy with their purchase.

This computer fits in their budget pretty well and offers them quite a decent performance when they do their day to day tasks on it.

It is light in weight but looks elegant without anything flimsy on it which is common in most of the brands.

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It is solid, durable, and functional to work just fine, but only for basic computing tasks.

Most of the schoolers and college students surveyed were happy with the battery life of the system along with its fair performance for doing basic computing tasks.

They tested the battery themselves and found that it lasted for about 8 hours with no gaming or with only light video streaming. It allowed them to take notes, complete all their tasks and assignments easily on a single charge.

However, they complained about the touch pad feel which is irritating and also the annoying noise when the system runs. Though it is not super loud, it is still noticeable.

This system is very easy and convenient to use, said a few users.

The durable keyboard is backlit, which can be turned on by pressing the F5 key, and the key feel is quite good that provides a better typing experience even in the dark or dimly lit settings.

The storage space offered by this fairly lightweight laptop is large, even though it is a slower HDD. Though it does not have a DVD drive, that is not a big deal, they said.

The fact that this laptop did not cause any headaches while operating or create some major issues is what impressed a few other users, especially those users who have had bad luck with their laptops before.

It is good to write documents, surf the internet, and do other basic computing tasks. However, they felt that this system is still not pretty fast to start and does get slow frequently.

It may be due to the slower hard drive, they thought. If that is looked into by HP, they said that this is a good enough laptop to recommend it to others.

The price to performance ratio of this laptop pleased a few specific users who have been using it for years now, apart from its convenience in use.

They also added that this system did do away with one of their biggest concerns regarding laptops – overheating. This specific HP model stays fairly cool even under heavy and extended use.

Also, the sleek design, light weight, less bloatware in it, and relatively faster boot up, appealed to them.

However, they wanted a bigger screen with thinner bezel but then they also said that it would increase the price of it and lower the price to performance ratio which is their primary like-point.

A lot of time is needed for setting up the computer, complained a few business persons who wanted a fast performing yet small computer.

Though the smaller form factor and its strong build appealed to them, the fact that they needed to spend almost 2 hours or in excess of that for the initial set up irritated them the most.

Moreover, the system seems to slow down frequently and even freeze on them off and on.

They suggested that HP should look into this matter and probably do away with the HDD storage, even if that costs a few dollars more.

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