HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA Gaming Laptop Review

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  • Good screen with a thin bezel
  • Good cooling system
  • Backlit keyboard with a separate 10-key numeric keypad
  • Large and responsive trackpad
  • Good audio system


  • Off-center trackpad
  • No optical drive
  • Average battery life
  • Low RAM
  • Low storage

Read HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA gaming laptop review and see the price. The HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA gaming laptop will offer the users a high value for money while playing games like Icewind Dale or doing any other computing tasks on it alike with its reliable performance.

This thin yet powerful gaming laptop will offer high-grade graphics and a reasonably high processing power.

It will comprehensively and reliably meet all your gaming and multitasking needs with its 9th generation processor and a reasonably powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.

The display is quite large and support full HD resolution to deliver sharper and clear images, the thermal cooling is quite efficient with two large fans and wide vents located at the rear corner, and the custom tuned audio system by Bang & Olufsen will all work perfectly in harmony to offer a reliable, fast, and satisfying overall performance.

HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA Gaming Laptop & Variants Price

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HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA Gaming Laptop Review

HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA Gaming Laptop

Buy for: Adequate connectivity options, portability, higher price to performance ratio.

Beware of: Middling performance at high graphics settings, charger port is on the right, average quality webcam.

Best uses for: Multiple gaming, Icewind Dale, photo editing and other purposes.


The HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA gaming laptop is a good performer under less load. The components in it are good but not exceptional. The screen, audio, cooling, CPU, and GPU are good enough but the battery life should have been more.

Design and Build

This HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA gaming laptop is slim and is quite portable in design.

In spite of its small form factor, which keeps its weight quite low, it comes with all those useful specs and features that will add to the gaming and computing experience, though these do not belong to the higher end of the spectrum.

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Inside the black chassis which looks durable and comes with minimalistic design features, you have a screen with a thin bezel, a full-size keyboard with acid green accents, and a fairly large trackpad.

The display of this laptop measures 15 inches which is adequate to offer a screen real estate that is enough to play games like Icewind Dale or see the graphics of the webpages clearly with more details.

The thin bezel all around the screen as well as the IPS panel of it offers even higher viewing area and an unobstructed view from extreme positions of the images displayed at full HD resolution and a reasonably high NTSC color space and with 250 nits of brightness you can see the images in full details, high quality, and discrete shades of color.

The keyboard design and layout of this gaming laptop is also worth noting. It is backlit and full size. It comes with a separate 10-key numeric keypad that allows faster and more accurate data entry.

The keys are quite large and durable and have a decent travel distance to offer a faster and better typing experience.

The large and responsive trackpad located a bit on the left of palm rest allows easier and faster navigation.

This however does not come with separate click buttons but that does not make it an inferior performer.


The power of the processor and the graphics card will not let the performance of this gaming laptop drop below the desired level while playing games like Icewind dale or doing any computing tasks on it.

However, these games are to be played within low settings and reduced frame rates.

The processor of the HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA gaming laptop belongs to the 9th generation of the Intel Core i5 family.

It is efficient and powerful enough to process any set of data or instructions fast and produce accurate results.

This processor comes with four powerful cores and an operating speed that ranges between 2.40 GHz and a boost clock speed of 4.1 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost technology.

Adding to the performance of this laptop, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics plays it part quite well.

It comes with a dedicated video memory of 3 GB that is quite good enough to deal with the graphics needs of the game or any computing tasks.

The GPU architecture of it allows faster image delivery with better color accuracy to make them look vivid and continuous on the display.

This is a lower-mid-range video card available in the market today but still it is quite capable to run games like Icewind Dale and some of the modern AAA game titles.

However, in that case, if you want to have the best performance you will have to cut down the resolution and graphics details and have a smoother gaming experience.

The performance of the laptop as well as the navigational efforts of the user both are facilitated significantly by the Windows 10 Home operating system.

Whether you play a game on this laptop or do some other tasks, the useful features of this operating system are known to provide adequate support while computing.

Users can use different tools included in it such as Microsoft Edge, an improved Windows Start Menu, Mail, Cortana personal assistant, and more to enhance their user experience further.

RAM & Storage

The system is equipped with an 8 GB SODIMM or Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module.

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This memory comes with a much smaller thickness and outline in comparison to any standard RAM and is the bare minimum today for a gaming laptop.

Designed mainly for laptops, this memory offers smoother multitasking with its reasonably high bandwidth of 2400 MHz with a few tabs and apps open at the same time.

However, this will not offer the best performance while playing complex and newer gaming titles on this laptop.

The 256 GB storage of this system is pretty low by today’s standard especially when this laptop is labeled as a gaming laptop.

However, the construction and features of this storage allows faster boot up of the system and apps, though you will not be able to store a large number of files in it after storing the game.

Ports & Connectivity

This gaming laptop offers quite extensive connectivity options in the form of one HDMI port, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C port, three USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, an SD card reader slot, and a headphone/microphone combo jack.

These will allow you to connect a lot of external devices and gaming accessories to enhance your user experience and transfer data more conveniently at a faster rate.

You can also transfer data wirelessly using the Bluetooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi network communication standard support offered by this laptop.

If you prefer the wired route, you can however make the best use of its Gigabit LAN support.

Battery Life

The lithium-ion battery of this system comes with 3 cells of 52.5 watt-hour capacity. This is a mid-range battery in the gaming laptop category with a pretty short life.

Though HP boasts it can supply power for up to 8 hours, it is the ‘up to’ catch phrase which makes all the difference.

Actually, the average battery life is 5 hours. However, while playing games it will last for much lower periods than that, especially if you play the game at a high setting.

On the brighter side, this system comes with HP Fast Charge feature which allows this battery to regain half of its total capacity in just about 45 minutes.

Additional Features

The HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA gaming laptop comes with a good cooling system.

This features two large and powerful fans that dissipate the hot air from the inside quite efficiently.

These fans can operate at a high speed due to the thinner blades in comparison to other cooling fans which further enhances the thermal management of the system.

The large and strategically located vents at the rear of the chassis also maximizes the heat management and airflow.

Adding to the visual experience is the set of two front-firing stereo speakers.

These speakers are custom tuned by the experts at Bang & Olufsen and are better designed to produce an immersive and clear sound effects, thanks to the HP Audio Boost tech support.

The laptop also comes with a webcam integrated on the top bezel of the screen. However, the quality of images taken by this HP Wide Vision HD webcam is nothing exceptional.

The images look quite grainy while making video calls. The dual array of mics, on the other hand, can capture sound from a distance which helps in making the video calls.

The software that the system comes with includes McAfee LiveSafe, Dropbox, HP Audio Switch, HP JumpStart, HP Support Assistant, HP Connection Optimizer, and more.

The manufacturer ships this product with a limited warranty for one year on the parts for any manufacturing defects.


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What Do Users Think About HP Pavilion 15 7MP87UA?

A few of the users reviewed said that this is a good laptop to go for playing games and doing other computing tasks on it.

The system takes a pretty short time to boot up and the graphics rendering is pretty decent. The processor is also quite good to deliver accurate results in a short time.

The laptop also stays pretty cool under extended use which adds to its functionality and utility. However, they said that the battery life of the system needs some serious and immediate boost.

The video as well as the sound quality of this laptop is pretty good and complements each other well to enhance user experience and gaming pleasure on this laptop, said a few other users.

The keyboard lights as well as its performance is quite attractive and impressive as well as the large and responsive trackpad which adds to the navigational efforts.

However, they complained about the low RAM and SSD storage which somewhat limits their multitasking ability.

Other users said that this gaming laptop is a bit heavy, weighing almost 5 pounds making it a bit less portable. Also, they said that this affordable laptop is just a mid-range gaming laptop that is most suitable for users on a budget.

The specs and features of this laptop offers a better price to performance ratio and supports playing some of the modern games on it at a decent frame rate per second.

However, the system seems to lag a bit when games are played at a high graphics setting.

A few specific users were very particular about both the pros and cons of this gaming laptop. They said that the camera quality of this laptop is not good but the audio system seems to make up for that deficit.

The system is a bit heavy according to them and the body seems to be a fingerprint magnet with smudges clearly visible.

Also, the location of the charger port is quite unconventional to the right side which they had to get used to, though it is good for some.

And, most importantly, the system gets hot and the fans start emitting loud noise when they play games at an Ultra High setting.

Other Expert Views

With a sleek and minimalistic design, this laptop is good for those gamers who want a good system on a budget, feels PCMag. This laptop comes with a decent set of specs for a decent performance but it lacks a Thunderbolt 3 port.

CNET opines that this laptop is a good one but fails to support playing games at high settings. The features of it and the specs are good but could have been much better to be really a high-end gaming laptop.

This device has a good display and audio, adequate ports and a clean design. It also has a durable keyboard and a precision trackpad that adds to the overall performance but fails in the power management aspect, said TechRadar.

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