HP Pavilion 27 D0080 AIO Review – Price & Specs

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  • Good specs
  • Looks very premium
  • Touchscreen support adds to the overall user convenience
  • Decent connectivity, considering that it is an AIO
  • Performs quite well


  • Does not have a dedicated GPU in it
  • Not very upgradeable
  • The display cannot be raised or rotated
  • Has WIFI 5, and not WIFI 6
  • Does not have a DVD drive integrated into the design

Read HP Pavilion 27 D0080 AIO review and see the price. HP has got a variety of desktops and laptops, that you may be familiar with, and might also have used one of these at some point.

But what you may not know is that there is a variety of AIOs too that the brand provides. There are expensive ones like the Envy Series, while budget-friendly ones, like this one, are also present.

The HP Pavilion 27 d0080 is an elegant-looking, good-performing AIO that we are reviewing today. And not just that, it has some other great features too which you’ll like if you’re a fan of All-in-One desktops in general.

There are different alternatives too, though the one you see here comes with a Core i7-10700T processor, 16 GB of RAM, integrated graphics, and a quick 1 TB SSD that caters to your storage needs.

This is a decent mid-range configuration, and should you need a dedicated GPU, consider getting the HP Pavilion 27-d0240t.

The only difference between these two is the pricing, for the reason that the Pavilion 27-d0240t has an optional NVIDIA MX 350 GPU. While this is still an entry-level video card, the graphics performance is improved than Intel’s onboard GPUs.

Other than that, both the desktops are the same, specs and looks-wise. There are a lot of things to talk about on the desktop, and those are best done in detail.

Read more and we are certain that all relevant things would be clear to you.

HP Pavilion 27 D0080 AIO & Variants Price

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HP Pavilion 27 D0080 AIO Review

HP Pavilion 27 D0080 AIO

Buy for: Wide touchscreen display │ Attractive looks

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Beware of: Not very upgradable │ Integrated Graphics only in this version

Best uses for: Small business, one of the best with a Core i7 processor and other purposes.

Best alternatives: Dell Inspiron 7700 and HP Pavilion 27 D0072 AIO


Among mid-range AIOs, HP takes the spotlight again and comes with all the good features to make it to your wish list. Unless you’re concerned about upgrades or high-end graphics, the HP Pavilion 27 (d0080) can take care of most of your computing needs.

Design and Build

If you’ve been reading the review from the beginning, one thing that you must have realized is that we surely like the way HP Pavilion 27 (d0080) looks.

And while it is not the only thing that’s attractive about the desktop, it is still very important.

First things first, there are barely any bezels around the 27” FHD display, which when combined with the touch screen feature, makes for a great experience.

It sits on an aluminum stand and is fairly stable, all thanks to the quality materials used.

Also, the display tilts front and backward, at an angle up to 25 degrees, you may use it as per your convenience. While this is not much, it is yet better than a still display, and often comes in handy.

The AIO measures 24.12 x 18.73 x 8.19 inches, the last unit indicating the width of the stand. So even though you get to enjoy a 27” screen, the amount of space required to store it is much less.

The screen unit itself is quite slim, but we wouldn’t compare it with an iMac, especially the newer Silicon M1-powered ones.

The major ports on the AIO are at the back, but at the side, you do get a few.

The fact that there are no ports at the front, could both work for and against your favor, depending on what your personal preferences are.


A desktop with a Core i7 processor has a lot of functionality, due to obvious reasons like better GPU support, better cooling, and better upgradability.

An AIO has neither, but it still has tons of uses that do not require all these.

The HP Pavilion 27 d0080 has got a mobile version of those used in desktops, so it cannot outmatch the latter in direct comparison.

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However, the Core i7-10700T has 8 cores and 16 threads, while peaking at a frequency of 4.5 GHz. And this means that the performance you get in this AIO is still quite impressive.

As we said, it comes with integrated graphics, so simple graphics-related tasks are all it can handle.

But this shouldn’t stop you from casually playing some simple games once in a while, or edit a few of your photos.

The screen may not be as color accurate as professional editing requires, but the average user wouldn’t even notice a difference.

Among other things, the desktop is built for other things though, like multi-tasking or media consumption.

So, watching videos online or movies is very satisfying on the 1080p display. And you’ve got great speakers too, which makes the overall experience more enjoyable.

The touchscreen is plenty responsive, and you can either use your fingers or a stylus to navigate through the menu and software.

And when using a mouse, the performance is the same, if not better. This is because of the quick processor, and ample RAM in the system.

And the very familiar Windows 10 OS makes sure you won’t have any trouble using the AIO.

Storage and RAM

The desktop has got 1 TB of SSD storage which isn’t small by any means, but the storage upgrade is restricted.

You’d have to replace the SSD with another one once it is entirely occupied with data.

The 16 GB of RAM present in the AIO, can be upgraded to 32 GB, which allows you to utilize the processor further.

This makes HP Pavilion 27 d0080 one of the best desktops with a Core i7 processor, not just in terms of performance, but all other aspects combined.

Ports and Connectivity

The desktop offers you a USB Type-A port on the side, along with a headphone jack.

At the rear, there are 3 more USB Type-A ports, a USB Type-C port, an SD card reader, an HDMI in as well as an HDMI output port to use another monitor with it.

On the other side of the stand, you’d also find an Ethernet port and a headphone/ mic combo port.

Bluetooth and WIFI 5 are also present on the HP Pavilion 27 d0080, which you can use after the initial setup is complete.

Additional Features

The HP Pavilion 27 d0080 comes with a pop-up webcam located on the top of the display unit, which shields you from unwanted privacy concerns. The more important accessory, however, is the two 5W speakers.

These tuned by B&O offer excellent sound quality and are loud enough as well.

The quality of the display and that of the speakers combined make sure you get a better-than-average multimedia experience.

The desktop comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse, both of which are White, thus complementing the main unit itself.

Also, there’s a standard warranty of 1 year on this, which can be increased by subscribing to an additional plan.

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What Do Users Think About HP Pavilion 27-d0080?

The users of the HP Pavilion 27- d0080 were very delighted after getting and using the desktop for the first time.

A lot of them were new to the very concept of All-in-One desktops, and this one from HP was still able to impress them.

From the way it looks on one’s desk, to its actual performance, the users have a lot of things about the desktop that they liked.

They mention that it looks much more premium than what they expected, given the price tag.

And certain basic features, like the pop-up webcam, speaker quality, and so on were things that they praised as well. Who doesn’t like a clean desk, after all?

Now there are AIOs that have got a nice webcam, or excellent speakers, but one that has all the good stuff at the same time is hard to find.

The touch screen feature on the great display quality in general specifically impressed a lot of the buyers. They enjoyed a variety of content on the 27” display as a result.

Coming to performance, the buyers found the desktop to be fast and efficient, and it was able to do everything that they intended it to.

The octa-core processor, upgradable RAM, and all this made sure that whatever was run on the AIO, could be finished up as quickly and smoothly as possible.

And those that couldn’t buy more expensive devices, like the iMac, were particularly happy with this AIO.

They finally found something that looked as elegant and performed as good, and at times even better than one of those.

With that, there are those too that would have preferred if some better, dedicated GPU options were also present for this AIO.

And had the wireless specs been the latest, a lot of users would have been even happier.

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