HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Review

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HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop


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  • This gaming desktop of HP is available at a very comprehensive price tag.
  • This computer is very compact in size.
  • The users can get smooth performance from this desktop.
  • This device has ample numbers of USB ports.
  • The PC’s specifications are partially upgradable.


  • The tool less upgradation facility is not present in this product.
  • The initial capacity of the SSD is not sufficient for a user of this era.
  • RGBs and transparent glass panel are not present in this gaming desktop.
  • Being compact in size, and for insufficient cooling, the users can face heating issues in it.
  • The users need to upgrade the capacity of the primary memory to smoothly process huge database.


At an affordable price tag, HP is offering a very decent performing PC, which can easily run most of the updated, trending AAA games, with 1080 pixels. Its overall configurations are quite good and it can perform any multitasking task very smoothly.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop & Variants Price


HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

HP is a very popular and reputed international brand of the universe of computers.

This manufacturing company has already launched plenty of efficient computers which are suitable for various fields. The Pavilion series of HP is mainly a gaming PC series.

Under this series HP has placed numerous systems with varieties of specifications. This specific PC is the latest Pavilion desktop. Like the other pre-build gaming systems, it also has a quite strong processor and a very advanced GPU.

This device is a great value for money product and for playing various AAA games, in 1080 pixels; it is one of the best options from HP’s end.

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As a budget gaming PC, its overall performance is very satisfying. The users, who want to start their gaming journey with a very standard, affordable, decent performing device, can go with this product.

For ruthless, professional level gaming, this PC is not a wise choice.

Buy for: This computer has a very strong graphical unit. Although this is a budget gaming desktop, it produces professional level’s processing.

Beware of: In order to cope with the workloads of this generation, the buyers need to attach additional storage units with this PC. The cooling ability of the computer is not very strong.

Best uses for: Multiple gaming, Dota 2 and other purposes.

Design & Build

This HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop comes with a very compact but classy looking case. The chassis has a very modern, stylish, eye-catching design.

In most of the gaming PCs of this generation, we can find numerous RGB ring lights, transparent glass panels, and many other extravagant things.

But this gaming desktop does not have any of these showy things. The manufacturer has tried to give this device a classy outfit, without changing the simplicity of regular PCs.

Hence, the main design of the chassis is almost similar to a basic, regular desktop. But, one can easily differentiate this gaming desktop from the regular computers, as this HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop is very compact.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Inside

It is comparatively smaller than the regular systems. Having such a compact size, the users can place this device at any corner of a house. The front panel is not completely flat, in nature.

The centre portion of it is slightly raised. The entire front panel has a ‘V’ pattern. On the front panel there are many useful USB ports and these ports really help the multitasking users, a lot to perform their regular jobs.

Behind the power button, there is a green LED. The logo of the company is placed at the bottom right side of the front panel and this also has green lights.

The chassis is black in color and the combination of black and green looks very attractive from outside.

All the LED lights can be controlled by software easily. But, at the time of booting all the LED has to be lightened up. One can’t disable this feature.


Every buyer undergoes a deep research on the performance of the device, before choosing any gaming computer to buy.

In order to smoothly enjoy the updated games of this era, the device has to be very efficient in terms of performance.

The overall performance of a computer is directly related to the configurations that are used in it.

And among various parts, the GPU and the processor are the most important ones. The processing capability of a computer is determined by these two units.

The overall configurations of this affordable gaming desktop are quite standard and to smoothly play most of the trending games with 1080 pixels, these specifications are more than enough.

The graphics card is the most important thing to a PC gamer. This is the part that is responsible for making the visuals of the games more attractive and lively.

If one uses a very updated and efficient graphics card, then he can get a smoother frame rate and can enjoy videos and games with higher resolutions.

This gaming desktop from HP comes with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super. This edition of the graphics card is a very good choice; as it has enough power to run most of the trending AAA games, at a recommended level.

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The capacity of this GPU is 4 GB and by using it, the users can get 60 plus FPS by keeping the game setting as comprehensive as possible.

After the GPU, the next important thing to a gamer is the processor. We call the processor, ‘the brain’ of the PC.

And in a gaming desktop a powerful and efficient processor is a must; because if the GPU is strong, but the processing capability of the processor is not up to the mark, then the PC can’t offer its best.

So, in a gaming desktop, the graphics card and the processor have to be equally strong. This HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, comes with AMD Ryzen 5 3500.

This is a Hexa core processor and it has 12 threads. The base clocking speed of this CPU is 3.6 GHz and by using the boost facility, this processor can run at 4.1 GHz.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Performance

This clocking speed is more than enough for playing Dota 2 fluently. This gaming PC runs on Windows 10 Home 64-bit.

The buyers are advised only to use an updated operating system in this product.

Besides gaming, the users can also use this PC for content creating, video editing, to perform various regular office works, etc.

Storage & RAM

The processing speed and the data transferring speed of a computer are mainly dependent upon the capacity of the RAM and the type of the storage that is used in it.

The RAM capacity of this PC is 8 GB. This capacity can be increased. In order to make this gaming computer smoother, the users have to increase the capacity of the primary RAM, from his pocket.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop SSD Storage

The storage configuration of this gaming desktop can disappoint many gamers. In gaming desktops SSDs are very common now. Hence, HP has attached an SSD in it.

But to avail the device at an affordable price tag, the developers have managed to attach an SSD of only 256 GB.

This storage capacity is insufficient not only for the gamers, but also for the casual users.

Every buyer of this product has to install an additional storage unit; or he has to use external storage drives to store the huge data.

Ports & Connectivity

In terms of ports and connectivity this gaming computer is very rich. There are numerous USB ports, both on the front side and the rear side of the cabinet.

At the front side of the case one can find 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. Along with these ports there is one USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port.

At the rear side, there are four USB 2.0 ports. One display port and one HDMI port are present in this PC.

Hence, at the same time the users can use two display units with this PC. A standard 5.1 audio output set is present in this gaming desktop.

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are present in this computer. It is compatible with Wi-Fi 5.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi is single band connectivity. Hence, its range is not too satisfying. The version of the inbuilt Bluetooth is 4.2.

These two wireless connectivity help the gamers a lot to connect various input or output devices wirelessly to the PC.

Additional Features

As this PC is very compact in size, there is very little room left inside the chassis for upgrading its specifications. Its upgrading process is a little bit complicated.

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HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Additional SATA Port

It requested to upgrade this device, only in the presence of an expert of this field. For cooling purposes, this gaming desktop of HP has only cooling fans.

There is no space left for installing any AIO cooling inside the chassis. Hence, the cooling system of this gaming PC is not up to the mark. A 3-in-1 media card reader is present in this device.

A conditional warrant of one year has been attached with the PC. The buyers will get a regular wired keyboard and mouse with this package. There are two RAM slots.

One of them is occupied by the initial 8 GB RAM. The users can use another empty slot to upgrade the RAM capacity of the PC.

The maximum RAM capacity that can be supported by this product is 32 GB.


What Do Users Think About HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop?

Many users have stated that they have increased the productivity of this computer by attaching an additional storage unit and upgrading the RAM section.

Just by following these two, the multitasking capabilities of the PC almost turn 2 to 3 times. Many of them have stated that they have faced heating issues in this gaming PC very frequently while running any CPU intensive tasks.

As we mentioned earlier, for its compact size, the device can’t offer sufficient airflow inside the chassis.

Heating issue is a great problem in this PC; the developers have to pay special attention to it.

Our Testing & Analysis

    • We played some casual action games on this desktop. The performance of this computer was excellent.
    • These games were played at medium and high settings, and we were able to get the same level of performance from this PC as we expected.
    • However, when we tried to run PUBG on ultra-high settings, the PC failed to deliver the desired frame rate.
    • This desktop was able to perform photo editing smoothly, and we did not encounter any significant problems while using it for this purpose.
    • Also, we used this desktop for some coding purposes and we were happy with the results that we received.
    • This product was very good at managing multiple tasks and delivering fast processing even while multiple regular programs were running in the background.
    • It was the short storage capacity of this desktop that was the major problem that we encountered while performing video editing on it.
    • The main problem with this PC that we faced was the heating issue. Whenever we ran it for a long time, it got extremely overheated and its performance started to degrade.

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