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  • The SSD of this device can transfer files with a lighting fast speed.
  • The device is not so expensive and easily affordable by any casual user.
  • It comes with decent connectivity features.
  • For moderate workloads, this device is the most efficient option.
  • The processor is quite good at its work.


  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity is missing.
  • There is a space for an optical drive, but the users need to buy and install it at their own cost.
  • An advanced cooling system is not available in it.
  • This PC is not fully upgradable.
  • In the long run, this system creates some irritating noise.


By investing a reasonable price on this PC the users can get a decent device with a very unique small form factor design. For an easy, to moderate workload, it is a great affordable deal. But for heavy work pressure, the users need to search for an alternative; else they need to upgrade it with its highest possible configurations.

HP ProDesk 400 G5 Micro Tower Desktop & Variants Price


HP ProDesk 400 G5 Micro Tower Desktop

To get great success in this competitive world of smart devices, every manufacturer needs to generate various types of systems of various ranges.

HP is a well-reputed brand in this market and it has varieties of pre-built desktops of various price tags that are ready to serve various fields.

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This HP ProDesk 400 G5 comes under its ‘desktops with a small form factor’ segment that is in trend nowadays. Most of the buyers use this product at home, but it has the capability to serve at a commercial business pace.

This powerful small form factor desktop is partially upgradable; that helps the users a lot to modify this device according to their need.

But the major drawback of this device is its insufficient cooling ability and the missing of inbuilt wireless connectivity.

The unique stylish design helps it to fit in any modern workspace. The powerful processor of the device helps it to always offer scalable performance.

Buy for: The overall configuration of this device is very moderate and it offers very stable and decent performance in regular usages. Besides a powerful processor, the users get a very good storage option at an affordable price.

Beware of: This device is not made to serve ravish gamers and its cooling capability somehow lags behind. The graphical ability of it is not so powerful.

Best uses for: Small business, Quickbooks, Roblox and other purposes.

Best alternatives: Dell OptiPlex 9020 and Dell Inspiron 3880

Design & Build

The small form factor PCs are in huge demand these days. This tiny affordable PC is only 10.8 inches wide, its length is only 29.5 inches and it is only 6.7 inches tall.

This device occupies very little space in a desk and can stand upright with a very small footprint.

The cabinet has got a very conventional sturdy metalastic model with matte black textured finishing.

The front side panel of this device has got a combined two-toned bezel of silver and black. One can easily locate a place for an optical drive, on this front panel.

To get access into the cabinet’s hardware portion an expert only needs a simple screwdriver. At the front side and the backside of the cabinet, there are air vents to keep the inner temperature of the cabinet cool.

While modifying or upgrading the RAM, one needs an experienced hand as the RAM is placed in a quite awkward position; that is underneath the drive cage.

It is advised to always upgrade such compressed small form factor PCs, from an expert.


The performance of any desktop is mainly dependent upon the components that are placed in the cabinet.

But it has an exception; when a PC is equipped with powerful updated components but has poor cooling capabilities then its performance can also be hampered or reduced.

HP ProDesk 400 G5 Micro Tower Desktop is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7-8700 processor.

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This processor is a perfect choice for most moderate users, such as the users of QuickBooks.

The average base clocking speed of this processor is 3.20 GHz; that is a quite good speed for moderate day to day usages.

While working on any CPU intensive task, this clock speed reaches 4.60 GHz. On the other hand, the 12 MB smart cache memory of this processor helps it to open various applications rapidly.

This processor has the capability to smoothly handle 4 to 5 software simultaneously. To handle graphically oriented tasks smoothly it has AMD Rdn RX550.

The capacity of this GPU is only 4 GB. The graphics card is not enormously powerful; but for day to day multitasking usages, it is a decent and affordable option.

It is advised not to run any 4K contents in this device but HD videos with 1080p resolution can be smoothly run by this product.

The upgradability feature of the GPU in this PC is limited by height or depth, airflow, and PSU wattage.

This GPU is not made to serve high-end gamers or high-end video editors. So, it is good not to use this device in any high-end graphic oriented project.

But for day to day computer-oriented multitasking tasks or to play some basic or moderate classified software or game, or to simply browse on the internet this device is a quiet book option.

By using this device the users can enjoy easy to moderate gaming with low frame rates.

This device is also preferred by most of the students as it is available at a reasonable price and has Intel’s i7 processor.

Windows 10 Pro is the operating system that runs this small form factor desktop.

Storage & RAM

In this era, speed and accuracy can make anything perfect.

So, the desktops of this generation must have great processing speed; in this respect, the primary memory of a device plays a key role in determining its speed.

This device from HP comes with 16 GB DDR4 RAM. There are two DDR4 RAM slots and the users can upgrade its capacity according to their requirements.

This affordable desktop comes with good storage options. Both solid-state drive and traditional hard disk drives are present in this product.

256 GB is the capacity of the SSD. By using this drive one can transfer various files with lightning-fast speed; externally and internally.

The capacity of the mechanical HDD is 1 TB. The buyers can use this drive to store various huge files.

At a quite affordable price, the PC is offering quite good RAM and storage configurations.

Ports & Connectivity

In most compact desktops, the users don’t get plenty of USB ports, but this PC is equipped with a total of 8 USB ports, which is not a bad option.

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2 USB ports are located at the front side of the system, which is very helpful while using this device regularly. 4 out of 8 USB ports are USB Type-A 3.1 ports and USB 2.0 ports are also present there.

3 display ports, 2 HDMI ports and 1 VGA port are present in this device and these ports are helpful while creating a proper environment for QuickBooks by attaching multiple display units.

A 3.5mm microphone port is also present in this device. The major issue of connectivity in this desktop is that there is no inbuilt wireless connectivity; that is a very problematic issue nowadays.

Additional Features

Heating issue is the most common problem in any small form factor desktops and this system is not exceptional. It has very little room for a cooling system.

The height of the heat sink of the CPU is also limited. Having an insufficient cooling system, the PC is unable to take any heavy workload.

On the other hand, the cooling fans create some irritating noise that can ruin a proper working environment.

As mentioned above this device is practically upgradable; but its disassembling process is quite complicated.

So, it is not easily upgradable and one needs a hardware expert to upgrade this product. This PC comes with a warranty of 3 years.


What Do Users Think About HP ProDesk 400 G5 ?

The users are happy by getting such a powerful device at such an affordable price tag. Check out HP ProDesk 400 G5 Manual.

By getting hybrid storage configurations, the users are quite happy. The users, who use this device for regular moderate use, are quite satisfied.

Some of the users are disappointed as they don’t get any wireless connectivity option on this device; which is very common in similar products of this kind.

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