HP Spectre 13.3 Laptop Review – Price, Specs, Design, Pros & Cons

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  • Perfect Intel i7 performance
  • World's thinnest laptop
  • Battery is perfect
  • Design is extra ordinary
  • Array digital microphone


  • Doesn't accept non-HP chargers
  • Audio is not great
  • Fan is loud
  • Heated up quickly
  • Bit expensive

It is not an exaggeration of reality to claim that laptops are slowly replacing desktops. Find out HP Spectre 13.3 Laptop review, performance and various prices.

There is no denying the point that many people still feel comfortable to play games or do multimedia works on the large-sized desktop models.

Still, the laptops are becoming a favorite with the computer users at a rapid pace. The fact that they are lightweight and easy to carry on a go may be a strong reason for their rising popularity.

Added to this rage are the high-end models that the elite brands are introducing every now and then. You can check the HP Spectre 13.3 Laptop Review from our blog.

There are multiple reasons why laptops are enjoying favor of the computer-addicted and professionals from every walk of life.

If a desktop and laptop share the same features, most users will prefer buying the latter and we have already mentioned two obvious reasons for such a preference.

Now the question is what to choose? A plethora of options is enough to leave you at a loss.

First ask yourself why you need a computer system and how much you are ready to shell out. The right choice is the meeting point of your affordability and requirements.

If you need a machine to play top-end games, it is better to spend on a high-end system. The same holds true if you are a multimedia professional.

However, if you need a system just to do simple computing, buying a top-notch system will be waste of your money.

HP is one of the leading names in the computer-manufacturing industry and they bring out the best desktop and laptop systems at different price ranges.

HP Spectre 13.3 & Related Laptops Price

HP Spectre 13.3 Laptop Review

HP Spectre Laptop Review2

“It is the thinnest laptop ever built”, claimed the company while launching this beautiful model. This laptop is a real beauty to open your wallet for.

Despite being super thin, it is brilliantly designed to offer performance per excellence. It has all the right elements in the place to deliver the best user experience.

With an i7 Intel core processor tossed up into the box, it is way ahead of its compatriots and competitors. The model packs in the ‘best in class’ components in every compartment.

The chassis is made strong to survive daily wear and tear for a long time. With a combination of brilliant design and speedy performance, the HP laptop system towers over many of the latest entries in the market. Read more about 10 best laptops.

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HP Spectre Laptop Brand Reliability

The laptops in HP Spectre series are slim, stylish and speedy. They are excellent in terms of design and performance.

The laptop, which makes the subject for our reviews, is claimed to be the thinnest one in the globe. HP is a reputed brand.

The name itself is enough to revoke trust and respect into everyone. The laptop system is equipped with the latest and sophisticated elements for absolute visual satisfaction and ultra convenience for the end-users.

HP has put its faith in i7 Intel Quad Core processor and premium quality RAM to ensure reliable and speedy performance.

If we come to other features on the spec chart, the HP Spectre laptop model does not fail to fascinate others.

They are designed ultra user-friendly. Each in the series encourages you to get engaged with surfeit of activities. Check out best HP laptop list.

The multi-tasking versions are perfect for entertainment, gaming and creative tasks.

Performance – Processing Power

HP Spectre Laptop Performance

For any system to deliver power-packed performance, it needs to have a solid stepping-stone in the shape of an amazingly speedy processor.

If you have heard a lot about performance of HD Spectre full HD display laptop (it’s most likely), it’s mostly due to its Quad Core i7 6500U processor.

Powered by outstanding support, this model continues delivering excellent performance even when it is loaded with multiple tasks.

The feature makes it a top-notch system. Every time you use it, you will feel it is just made for you.

The processor is impressively fast and that explains why the system offers amazing performance even during peak hours.

The processor with 4 MB cache can run at a speed of 2.7 GHz. We won’t blame those expecting overwhelming performance from this laptop.


HP Spectre Laptop Design

Being thin never means any compromise on design!

The super thin body comes bundled with high-end elements and accessories to offer competitive performance.

The design is so smart and stylish that it will leave you surprised about how an array of awesome features can be housed in the same body claimed to be the thinnest laptop in the world.

The laptop model sports a 13.3” real estate area. The body feels strong and durable.

Corning Gorilla Glass adds to its sleek and smooth look while making the display area stand up to daily use and abuse.

Classy aesthetics and extraordinary build materials create an impression on the users. The vibrant finishing is done perfect and it makes the model a beauty to admire.

The design includes WLED backlighting. Crafted from a single block of premium aluminum, it is intelligently designed by using precisely controlled process to put every millimeter to work.

That leaves you with a sleek, lightweight and slim powerhouse.

The display area is scratch-resistant, strong and durable. The laptop features a full-size backlit and edge-to-edge keyboard and home row keys sporting a narrow-edge panel.

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HP Spectre Laptop Display

The HP Spectre model offers Ultra HD display. The narrow bezel perfectly fits the Corning Gorilla Glass protected screen, thereby offering jaw-dropping quality of all contents.

The high-end technology that has gone into making of the multi-tasking system is behind the scene for extraordinary brightness and exceptional visual clarity.

The display owes its clarity and quality to standard resolutions of 1920×1080. It will allow you to enjoy gaming, movies, videos and many more.

However, that much resolution is not enough to experience a thrilling gaming experience and watch high-resolution movies.

Bang and Olufsen Quad speakers add to your experience of watching movies and playing games.

Graphics Power

HP Spectre Laptop Graphics Power

The HP Spectre laptop model has undergone a series of tests to prove its graphics potentials. The laptop comes packed with the latest elements to rise higher above the average models.

Spectre 13.3 has done a great job in the display segment. Graphics benchmark is an important yardstick to identify thermal issues (if any).

In the heat-sensitive laptops, performance drops up to 50 percent or even more.

In this Spectre model, performance initially drops by 10 percent. However, during our testing, the manufacturer introduced a new BIOS to address the problem of fan noise.

With that improved BIOS in the slot, no drop in performance was experienced. It indicates no or negligible thermal issues even if the machine is run for hours.

Storage Parts

HP Spectre Laptop Storage Parts

Any laptop fitted with faster memory speed and massive storage house will definitely be the darling of the end-users.

On that front, this HP Spectre device is not a disappointment. It contains a 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD hard drive in the box.

The device also comes with an 8 GB LPDDR3-1866 SDRAM. The combinations ensures boot and reboot within seconds.

It also offers ultra convenience for multitasking. Even if the system is loaded with several byte-hungry applications at the same time, the RAM size will never allow the laptop to go slow.

Power Consumption

HP Spectre Laptop Power Consumption

Fanciness and performance aside, battery life is most probably the most crucial feature of any laptop system.

On this ground, it will justify your investment. While assessing its battery life performance, we found out that it consumed less amount of power.

A series of tests performed by us has established it beyond doubt that the laptop is extremely power efficient.

Thanks to 38-watt-hour lithium polymer battery, the device will continue running for a long time without any lag.

Being an energy-effective system, this HP device is extremely environment-friendly. With liberating battery life, the system offers cutting-edge performance. Well done, HP!

Additional Specs

HP Spectre Laptop Additional Specs

HP Spectre Full HD display laptop is rich with an array of high-tech features. Its slim body houses multiple ports to fulfill your needs.

The system features multi-purpose Type-C ports to enable the users to charge the system. Use it to connect several gadgets and experience high-speed data transfer.

The device comes with 1USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-C, HP USB Boost) and 2USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C, HP USB Boost, Thunderbolt).

The system features 1 headphone/microphone combo. In addition, the system comes bundled with a Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac (2×2) combo.

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Front facing HP TrueVision HD Webcam is housed on the laptop and it comes with integrated dual array digital microphone.

It is equipped with HP Imagepad featuring multi-touch gesture support.

You definitely need the highest level of security for your laptop. With smart use of the new-age technology, the manufacturer has made it extremely safe for your personal use.

The integrated privacy screen makes the screen appear dark to hide your confidential personal and professional details. The machine allows you to log in with just your fingerprints.

It has already been mentioned that the system won’t feel too hot to touch even after being run for a long stretch of time.

What Do Users Think?

HP Spectre Laptop User Reviews

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

The customers expect a lot from HP. After the HP Spectre Full HD Display laptop descended into the market, they hoped for a master combination of enticing look, enviable features and excellent performance. To put it frankly, the manufacturer did not let them down.

Being super stylish and lightweight, it has created good impression on the users. Many users feel that it is love at first sight for them and that made them to go for this extremely lightweight beauty.

With weight of only 2.5 lbs, the system looks ultra slim. Its amazingly lightweight allows you to carry the machine wherever you go.

The system features a strong build. That gives you a strong clue if the machine will survive for a long time.

The aluminium-built body feels sturdy despite its being lightweight. If you decide to make a purchase, it will be worthy of your hard-earned money.

Coming to display, the users find it immersive and inspiring. The scratch-resistant screen offers brilliant display quality and image clarity beyond your expectation.

For the customers, the resolution feels high but not exceptional if compared with the new-age machines.

The customers have expressed their satisfaction with its battery life and overall battery performance.

Many users had complaints about its being noisy but HP addressed the problem by introducing the latest BIOS chip.

Even after working on the laptop for hours, the body won’t feel hot. The laptop does not produce noise even while dealing with heavy amount of workloads simultaneously.

The versatile beauty has won hearts of thousands for its multitasking ability, fast processor, amazing graphics power and other specs.


HP Spectre Laptop Review Verdict

We appreciate its thin and smart look. But it is HP’s ‘no compromise’ attitude that we like most.

They have tossed the best things into the box at this price. We are in awe of its striking look, slim body and flawless performance.

However, that never means it is perfect but it is definitely a class apart from its competitions. In this Spectre model, performance initially drops by 10 percent.

During our testing, the manufacturer introduced a new BIOS to address the problem of fan noise. It also offers ultra convenience for multitasking.

With liberating battery life, the system offers cutting-edge performance.