HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Review: Pros, Cons & More

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HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


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  • Productivity is good
  • Long and lovely battery life
  • Inexpensive
  • Colors are good.
  • Light weight


  • Keyboard is not good
  • Touchpad is not worthy
  • On board storage capacity
  • Display is not good
  • It becomes hot with time


HP Stream 14 may be a budget-friendly laptop to be discussed, but its high-end features are not irresistible. It will be a colorful choice with a 14 inch excellent display. With all requisite ports and upgraded Intel processor, the laptop is typically a beast for the price.

It helps you type on several papers and browse a number of websites in no time. Its brilliant build quality can be a reason to go for this HP notebook variant.

It is designed for all, even those who are amateur in computing. Besides, longer battery life of 10 hours is really an attribute to take into account.

HP Stream 14 Inch & Variant Laptops Price


If you are one of those buyers or tech geeks who seek for an excellent laptop design apart from checking the technical features of the device, you will fall in love with HP Stream 14” Laptop without a second thought.

Available in three distinct colors – blue, purple and black, the chassis of the laptop is having a unique texture to grab your eyes in no time.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Exterior View

It is an affordable cloudbook too, as it gives you cloud-assisted operation, deriving the power from Intel Celeron processor.

Like other variants under HP Stream series, this laptop has been gradually updated by time.

With a long-lasting battery life and HD matte display, this HP Stream notebook is going to make you a star in your world.

Equipped with advanced Intel processor, superior RAM and eMMC storage, the device runs on Windows 10 operating system to provide you innovative ideas and have your activities done without any hassle.

Moreover, you will avail Office 365 Personal installed in the device for one year to step into the latest digital world.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop

Buy for: Light weight, good productivity, quite good battery life

Beware of: Average keyboard and touchpad, storage capacity

Best uses for: Internet browsing, DJing, beginners, students and other purposes.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:

  • Brand: HP
  • Hard Drive: 32 GB
  • Hard Drive Type: eMMC
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • RAM Type: DDR3
  • Processor: Intel Celeron N3060
  • Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel
  • Screen Size: 14 in
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 13.3 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight: 3.17 pounds
  • Operating System: Windows 10


HP Stream notebooks help you stay up-to-the-minute and connected in the latest approach. Each of them is designed so meticulously to double up your career routine and minimize your work time to a great extent.

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HP Stream laptops provide you essential flexibility and capability of working whenever or wherever you need to do.

They are perfect for all business persons, corporate employees as well as students for this reason.

While you are working on the laptop, you can relax your mind by enjoying a favourite movie in vivacious HD display at the same time.

These particular HP laptops motivate you to continue with new inventions in this fast-paced globe.

You can avail the absolute performance power from different HP Stream laptop variants which are packed with higher connection speed and leading features to take you to the next level.

Their slim design and exciting color can be more than enough to reflect your personality among the crowd.

Furthermore, HP Stream notebooks come in a group of display variants in terms of size such as 11inch, 13inch, 14inch etc.

So you have the option to pick up the right choice from the collection according to your exact needs & profession.

Overall, HP Stream laptops are able to create an impression upon you and others. Find out HP Stream 14 Inch laptop manual.


HP Stream 14 notebook comes with Intel Celeron N3060 which is a standard dual-core processor to deliver ample power to handle several multimedia works.

Powered by Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the processor has the speed of 1.60 GHz with 2.48 GHz Max Turbo Speed to assure faster performance all time without any lag.

With Intel Celeron processors, every laptop becomes powerful and reliable to give you quality performance, which helps you maintain your official deadline and work schedule.

At the same time, the laptop is loaded with all necessary apps which perform a variety of tasks like editing photo or video, chatting with friends & colleagues via Office 365.

This Laptop PC is definitely showing you a perfect level of expertise in every formality. You can say that it is a chrome book competitor.

If someone wants to take the fun of a chromebook then you can check out its specs which will necessarily offer the ultimate composer in the best aspects.

You can take its value with the real value of this PC which is no doubt giving you a better work ability.



1. According to CPU Benchmarks, the Intel Celeron N3060 scored an average of 669. It has a single thread rating of 632. The margin of error for this dual-core processor is low.

In terms of overall rank, this chip ranks 3199. It is not so efficient or powerful. Nowadays, this processor can only be found in some elementary portable devices. Processors like it can’t deliver very promising results.

2. Based on UserBenchmark’s benchmark results, Intel Celeron N3060 has an average bench score of 22.1%. This chip has occupied the 1333rd position out of 1357 processors that this website has tested.

3. Intel Celeron N3060 is a budget-friendly, mid-range processor mainly found in ultra-portable devices. This Celeron processor may not have as much horsepower as other processors. But it draws less power when woorking and it is considerably less expensive.

Celeron N3060 is an entry-level processor that is more affordable than Pentium N3700. Benchmarks show that the N3060 trails its more expensive counterpart by a small score.

CPU-money provides detailed information about this processor as well as some benchmark results of it. In comparison with the Intel Celeron J3060, the Intel Celeron N3060 scores higher, i.e. 170. And the Celeron J1800 scores 183.

They are all basic-level processors and are very rarely used in the laptops of this generation. The Celeron N3060 is a trustworthy entry-level processor. For basic tasks and light gaming, this power-efficient processor is a good choice.

4. CPU-Z Benchmark has given Intel Celeron N3060 a score of 93 based on its performance in single-thread, and 167 based on its performance in multi-thread. The scores are very low.


N3000 series processors come with Intel HD Graphics 400 integrated graphics. This GPU was introduced in 2016. But now there are many powerful GPU options available. This GPU is very rare now.

And finding a benchmark for the integrated Intel HD Graphics 400 is another challenge. For this GPU, we did not find any separate benchmark results. But, under the Intel Celeron N3060 benchmark, on CPU-monkey, one can get the benchmark of the Intel HD Graphics 400.

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On this website, this GPU has scored 126. Compared to the scores of the other GPUs, this score is very low. It cannot even handle casual games at high settings. As a whole, it is not a good GPU.


HP Stream 14 is extremely lightweight, measuring 8.9 x 13.3 x 0.7 inches. Therefore, it is clear that the device is having slim, plastic chassis to weigh entirely 3.17 pounds.

Its plastic structure is combined with textured pattern, white keyboard and effective trackpad.

HP Stream range has often been acclaimed for introducing bright iconic colors and the present unit is not an exception at all.

In vibrant blue, this HP notebook appears incredibly glamorous to suit your personality and style.

Made of premium quality plastic, the laptop ensures sturdy build and the ability to survive any minor hit or sudden drop as well.

It provides utmost reliability with the latest connectivity technology and personality-rich appearance to win your heart.


HP Stream 14 laptop sports a 14 inch HD display with a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. And this is a finest feature available in an ultra budget laptop.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Display

The BrightView display offers crystal-clear visuals and utmost brightness while you are scrolling images, streaming movies or videos and playing your favourite games.

The device is able to produce maximum sRGB color gamut and the color accuracy of the display is average as well.

For the high-tech features and attributes of its screen, you can easily work on the laptop in low light area and in the daylight too.


In storage features, HP Stream 14 laptop is technically powerful. It sports 4GB DDR3L SDRAM device memory and 32 GB eMMC drive to ensure speedier and lag-free performance every time you work or use the system for entertainment.

The RAM has superb speed to handle all the power-consuming applications and manage multiple activities simultaneously without any interruption.

It enables you to open multiple browsers, while assuring the fastest loading of software at the single time.

Its 32 GB eMMC Solid State Drive gives you ample space to store innumerable files as per your convenience. The device can hoard up to 9000 audio files, 21000 images and HD videos of 16 hours along with many other essential documents.

In the era of video streaming as well as cloud storage, its solid-state drive is the thing you require the most.

Laptop with SSD feature becomes truly beneficial because it consumes comparatively less power, offering you longer battery life.

Moreover, SSD has little number of moving parts which means less can fail to work.

Additional Features

HP Stream 14 gives you sufficient port selection for all basic purposes. The left array of its chassis is the home to dual USB 3.0 ports, full-size HDMI port, single USB 2.0 port, a slot for SD card, a headset jack and a Kensington lock slot as well.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Ports

The right side of the device packs a power connector only. The laptop lacks an Ethernet port, meaning you can only depend on Wi-Fi for internet access.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Power Connector

The keyboard of HP Stream 14 consists of white tile smooth-to-touch keys, which are truly light to feel but quite flimsy as well.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Keyboard

But the keyboard is highly standard to meet up to expectation and it is able to improve your typing speed to a great extent.

It offers an unforgettable typing experience to quicken your official tasks like preparing report, presentation etc. with much comfort.

The touchpad measuring 3.7 x 2.5 inches with plastic matte finish registers every gesture and click without any hassle.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Trackpad

The laptop packs a couple of premium speakers and you can also connect headphone to it for more enjoyable audio experience.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Speaker

The speakers ensure clear sound without any distortion and offer wonderful bass effect. They are effective enough to create an immersive ambience all around with their advanced technology.

As for webcam, HP Stream 14 with a low price tag can beat other variants with similar features.

HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop Webcam

Its webcam is good though not the best. It can capture the image color rightly but if you find the details, the images will appear quite hazy. Check out HP Stream 14 Inch laptop manual.


You can check out its three variants which are making this species a perfect piece for every home. You can take this piece with you as it is having something for everyone.

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SL.NO Processor RAM Storage
1 Intel Turbo Boost 4 GB DDR3 32 GB eMMC
2 Dual-Core N3060 4 GB DDR3 32 GB
3 Dual-Core N3060 4 GB DDR3 32 GB eMMC

Other Expert Views

Being a low-range laptop, HP Stream 14 has innumerable followers and users all across the world as suggested by PC MAG.

As Tech Radder thinks that most of them stated that this notebook is incredibly user-friendly and user-ready too.

Because of its lightweight and sleek design, the laptop is portable to anywhere and that is the reason why students love it so much.

With gradient keyboard and vivid display, it allows every user to finish his or her task in time.

For all sorts of basic work, HP Stream line units are the ideal choice, according CNET experts and critics.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Moreover, the laptop comes with Office 365 and Windows 10 installed to help you explore the trendy apps and download the latest software.

But there are some critical reviews too. For many, 4 GB RAM is the small amount of memory, inadequate for heavy loading and multiple browsing.

It has also some noticeable bloatware issues to take into consideration before purchase.

The young users of this laptop will generally boost on the feature   and also on the colors. As this pepy blue color will excite and encourage them to work spontaneously.

This lappy is highly portable and its true that you can take this to anywhere and enjoy it to a larger level.

So as per all the users you can definitely take a look for the highest level of customer satisfactory for this laptop.

You can also ask for other variants which are equally giving you a best support. According to the maximum users you can take this laptop and use it as per workstation need.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

On the CPU Benchmarks, the Intel Celeron N3060 processor of our HP Stream 14 review model scored 669 points on average. With little margin of error, its single core performance score was 669 points.

We further tested its power on UserBenchmark’s benchmark results, which were found to be 22.1% and 96 points on the CPU-Z Benchmark for single-thread performance and 167 points for its multi-thread performance.

All these scores ad pretty low and therefore we concluded that the processor of this laptop is good but not powerful

The integrated GPU had little to do to improve its performance with its limited capabilities. We found that it could render images at a frame rate much lower than 60 fps, the required standard today.

It supports playing simple games such as Candy Crush Soda Saga and running YouTube and Netflix videos having a 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited score of little more than 19,000.

The screen of the laptop is just OK. When we watched the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, the colors seemed to be reasonably good.

Based on our colorimeter, the screen covered more than 80% of the sRGB color gamut, which is quite good.

However, the color accuracy is not good. On our Delta E color accuracy test, it was rated 3.86, where 0 is ideal. The display is also quite dim with an average brightness of under 200 nits.

The keyboard and touchpad of the system are its strong points. The keys have good travel distance but we found that they needed a bit more actuation force to register the keypresses.

On the 10FastFingers.com typing test, we could type around 65 words per minute, well short of our average of 80 wpm.

The touchpad is relatively better at responding to multi-gestures without any issues.

Questions & Answers:

When did HP Stream laptop 14 come out?

It was launched in September 2016.

Is the HP Stream worth buying?

The HP stream is a light basic-level portable device. The users can’t expect very high-end processing from this type of product. But those who need an ultra-portable device with Windows operating system can use it to perform some basic multitasking tasks. On the other hand, these types of devices are not very costly.

How long does an HP Stream laptop last?

You can use this device for at least 8 hours on a single charge.

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