HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation Review – Pros & Cons

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  • Mini
  • Processor is good
  • It is giving the power edits
  • Good compatibility
  • Saves a loads of space


  • Not enough space for upgrade
  • Expansion compartments are absent
  • Not always available
  • Large external power brick
  • Dumb bloatware & loud fan

Almost all consumers of modern era look for product as well as solutions that can be easily operated, managed and maintained for several years. Check out HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation review.

Therefore, evolution has taken place in the domain of computing devices too and the result is we now have varied devices like desktops, laptops and tablets within our reach.

Today, PCs are mostly sought after by corporate hubs and business areas because of their seamless manageability to offer advanced features and ultimate power. You can get the details of it by reading the HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation review.

Apart from tower workstations to small form factor desktops, we now have mini personal computers which can be easily mounted to the back of a PC monitor, occupying no place at all.

This special kind of tiny desktop performs just like a standard PC and competes with other forms of PC in performance. Check out best desktops.

At the start, it was believed that mini workstation systems could not meet the expectations of various enterprises.

Later, this form of computer has been powered by more improvements to qualify for the extensive corporate sector.

They can handle the workloads you throw at them on a daily basis. They are the killer business performers, though having mini appearance.

The present blog explores the features and review of such a powerful mini workstation system – HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation.

HP is one of the giant manufactures of standard mini PCs available on the market. Take a look at Top 10 Desktop Brands.

HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation & Variants Price

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HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation Review

Buy for: Good compatibility and saves a loads of space.

Beware of: Not enough space for upgrade

Best uses for: 3D modeling software, Solidworks and other purposes.

HP Z2 Mini G4 is probably the first mini workstation exclusively designed for professional CAD (computer-aided design) users in the world.

The ground-breaking Z2 G4 Mini provides you both reliability and top notch functionality in a compact, elegant box, ensuring unforgettable and competition-level CAD experience.

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Its size appears almost 90% smaller than that of traditional tower business computers. It is wisely designed for all professionals – architects, multimedia specialists, film makers and other types of PC based designers.

The PC is loaded with 256 GB Solid State Drive storage which often lives up to the large corporate expectations.

This storage option is more striking than HDD (hard disk drive) storage form because SSD takes up small area and assures faster performance as well.

The internal design optimizes airflow through the entire system while keeping the components silent and cool. Check out Best Computers for Small Business Owners.

Specs Details:


With HP workstations, your business or professional career will definitely reach the topmost level within least possible time.

They are absolutely synonymous to uncompromising reliability, business-class flexibility and versatility.

The brand has emerged as the largest-seller for their high-performance workstations and mini desktops, especially designed for CAD users.

Each of the popular HP workstations has been the point of discussion among tech geeks and critics worldwide.

They are highly powerful to manage your everyday tasks related to business or other workplace.

So it will not be a decision only to experience miserable computing jobs if you choose to buy any of the HP workstations at least once in your professional line of business.


The rate of performance of any workstation PC is counted by assessing the power of CPU and GPU.

The system has got 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8700K processor to derive all the necessary power for varied activities.

The chipset has the base speed of 3.70 GHz to provide you the best memorable performance. It performs efficiently to tackle the huge pressure of business workloads without any noticeable lag.

Since it is a special workstation for professional CAD designers, it must feature a powerful graphics card.

Yes, you are right in your assumption as the system is packed with a dedicated graphics card from world-class brand, NVIDIA.

The NVIDIA Quadra P1000 GPU has its own 4GB of memory. It is one of the greatest options for making enterprise-level creative designs and accomplishing several multimedia jobs.

This compact device has been engineered for running several programs like Solidworks and AutoCAD.

Therefore, it is undeniably potent to handle such graphics-intensive jobs with complete ease and convenience.

Its powerful hardware configuration ensures impressive results by making you open multiple browsers and streaming 4K video at a single time.


The Z2 Mini workstation system is having a killer design in a compact, space-saving box.

Most of the mini computers appear in such tiny design, but this workstation model from HP is quite exceptional.

It has got a polygonal shape to steal your heart at first sight. Moreover, its tool-less design helps you easily remove and upgrade the internal components if needed in future.

Its chassis made of premium gray plastic measures about 2 x 4 x 8 inches and weighs just 4.5 pounds to be conveniently carried in hands.

The system box may be compact to such extent, but its internal space is equally powerful & sufficient as compared to larger business desktop towers. It boasts of having a workstation-level hardware configuration.

The small chassis separated by corner-mounted vents assures more than sufficient space for cooling and ventilation.

Its uppermost lid can be removed without the help of tools while the internal components are highly accessible for any reason.

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The Z2 Mini G4 is truly elegant and spectacular in terms of design. It adds a professional exclusivity to your own sense of style.


As far as RAM or system memory is concerned, the Z2 Mini comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM to give you a complete multitasking and hassle-free computing experience.

The size is somewhat decent for a CAD machine, although it could have been bigger for handling day to day graphically rich activities and opening heavy software or applications faster than ever.

However, the system provides the convenience of upgrading its RAM up to 32GB in the years to come.

Moreover, the workstation features 256GB SSD that is solid state drive storage, to provide you ample space for creating your own library of presentations, designs, high-resolution media files, videos, movies etc.

This immense size of SSD also influences the overall workstation performance to a great extent.

The system proves to be a complete manageability kit for all IT professionals due to such potent configuration.


You will find dedicated NVIDIA Quadra P1000 graphics processor in the box for the task of professional design.

All the industry-leading CAD software and applications smoothly run on this workstation.

This is more impossible owing to the PC’s powerful configuration and state-of-the-art features.

The system packs one latest processor which is 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8700K, accompanied by 16 GB standard DDR4 memory.

Additional Features

Ports: The Z2 Mini workstation has enough ports and I/O connectivity slots to suit your day to day professional needs. Its decent selection of connectors is powered by HP’s own customizable Flex I/O add-ons. One side of the box houses a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a combined audio headset jack and a Gen 2 USB 3.1 Type-C port.

On the other hand, the side adjacent to it is a home to lots of ports. These include one more USB Type-C port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, 3 DisplayPort connectors and dual USB 3.0 ports for faster file transfer rate. It is evident from the selection of ports & connectivity channels found on the system that the tiny box has made no compromise to this significant feature of a workstation.

Connectivity: The system runs on Windows 10 Professional operating system – the advanced version of OS which supports all the trendy applications and recently-launched software for utmost user convenience.

As A Workstation

Needless to say, such dominating arrangement of powerful internal components and features in a compact, lightweight & portable box is not for general home usage.

The Z2 Mini G4 is definitely a workstation and a professional CAD performer in every aspect. It encourages you to expect high-end performance, though being an insanely small and all-round corporate device.

The system takes your varied 3D design projects and other forms of business activity immediately to the next level.

It is wisely engineered to explore the creative sense in you. It enables you to work on multiple professional applications with utmost ease.

No matter wherever you are placed to work, it will suit your environment while occupying no area at all. The system is an obvious choice for any modern corporate hub or business place.

It is loaded with latest security features such as HP’s own Client Security Suite Gen3 and Sure Start Gen4. With these industry-leading BIOS – means, your system can be tightly locked down to prevent unauthorized access and reveal of your data & identity.

What Do Users Think? 

Professional designers, architects, multimedia experts, IT professionals and several other CAD users have found the Z2 Mini G4 workstation an ideal system to accomplish their projects and brighten up their future.

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In order to mainstream BIM, 3D CAD and other rendering software, this system is a versatile choice. Check out HP Z2 Mini G4 Manual.

Despite having a tiny box-like structure, it does make no compromise to all the essential workstation features and selection of ports, according to many users.

Other Experts View

According to Toms Guide, it can stow everywhere as it is having a great compact chassis of your own. You have a class parks and packing which is definitely giving it a name of small wonder.

This is simply a small wonder for everyone and us. It is definitely giving you the best output that you can ask here. You can get the best of HP mini from this store though this one is not out of any cons. It includes a dumb bloatware and Fan is very loud here.

PC Mag on the other hand it is saying that it is definitely having ISV certifications and Xeon processor options with complete specification to deliver a larger level of performance.

However, the large external power brick is simply an eye sore. This could a major backdrop in case of this mini. You can definitely get to understand this with it.

Zdnet says that it is having all the good qualities of MAC. In fact, the makers and users of Apple’s will be stunned after seeing this mini model of HP. It is having all the video editing applications and more.

In fact it is seen that Cad, video applications and more is actually seen here. But on the other hand it is having no expansion slots which is definitely a back draw that means it cannot giving you the benefit of high end up-gradation.

There was a time when this was necessary to house such a powerhouse, but the HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation is living proofIrish Examiner

Our Verdict 

Being a great successor to the HP G3 edition, the Z2 Mini G4 workstation comes with a trendy, space-saving design at a reasonable price point.

Its potent chipset cores at higher frequencies allow you to work freely in CAD/BIM software with single thread as well as multi-threaded representation software.

This mini workstation can be considered one of the fastest systems available on market.

This is a mini workstation, which is no doubt giving you a better subjugation in every way.

If you check the power and concepts will definitely be in the top. This is the small and space saving workstation that will definitely be your choice for the day.

It certainly offers equal performance levels as you expect from a tower workstation or SFF (small form factor) desktop.

Thermal management inside the device is appreciable as it keeps all the internal components cool and silent.

Its high-end hardware configuration has made the system a versatile mini workstation which is able to cope up with time and high volume workloads.

If you are in pursuit of the right tiniest form of workstation to carry on your CAD projects, the Z2 Mini G4 from the giant computer brand HP will be the finest choice.

Backed with solid security and fastest processing power, the system can have little to no rivals in terms of superiority.